Dreams Do Come True

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When I was in my twenties, my wife went to visit her relatives in New Mexico, the place where she grew up. I was a bachelor again for a week and I took off a couple of days off for personal relaxation. I had been putting in a lot of hours at work and it was a much needed break in the action. On the first night alone I went to a strip club where I knew a couple of the dancers. I ended up spending too much money but having some big breasts rubbed in my face made it worth the while. Of course when I got home I masturbated a couple of times and fell fast asleep in the wee hours of the morning. On the second night, a Thursday, the local bar down the street had a wet t-shirt contest. One of the contestants, a nice looking brunette, ended up sitting next to me at the bar. We flirted for a while and went to my car to smoke a joint. It didn’t take long for us to start making out and feeling each other. But when I tried to talk her into coming home with me, she reminded me that she had to take her girlfriend home. So there I was left all hot and horny again. She did have really nice tits and I thought that she should have won the wet t-shirt contest (she came in 2nd to a bigger busted blonde). And once again I ended up jacking off that night. I intended to sleep late the next day but was woken at 8am by a phone call from Debbie wanting to speak to my wife. I told her that she was out of town and wouldn’t be back until next week. Debbie made a comment that her husband was out of town on business also. I casually replied that if she got bored she could come over and party as I didn’t have any plans.

I used to work with Debbie’s husband and we all became really good friends. Her husband was also a drummer in band and we would have some great parties when they would practice in an old warehouse downtown. We’d also go camping together and would frequent each other’s house which one time led the four of us playing strip poker. We were pretty smashed and ended up swapping partners. All I can say is that Debbie has a great body with fantastic tits and she is really good in bed. My wife must have enjoyed herself also, because a couple of weeks later she said she wanted to swap with them again. That night we went out partying and ended back at our place. My wife literally dragged Debbie’s husband into our bedroom leaving Debbie and I alone in the living room. After about 20 minutes of realizing that our better halves were having a better time that we were, we were both naked and ended up having sex until 4:30 in the morning. It was by far the best sex I ever had and although Debbie didn’t mention anything, I knew I rocked her world as well. From that time on, Debbie and I flirted a lot with each other, and when we got the chance we would get frisky. She’d flash me her fabulous tits and I’d expose my cock to her. One time she forced me into the bathroom and started to give me head, but we didn’t have time to really do anything else. And every time I fucked my wife I would fantasize about Debbie. She was that good.

Later that afternoon, there was a knock at my door and when I looked out the window I saw Debbie’s car. My initial reaction was that I hit the jackpot but when opening the door there was a blond woman with her that I did not know. However, this blond was really hot. Debbie introduced me to Jeannie and I invited them inside. She explained that her and Jeannie were in the neighborhood and thought that they would stop and keep me company. Jeannie had a big bottle of vodka with her so we all made some drinks and smoked a joint. Debbie was teasing me, she has that way about her. But my interest were focused on Jeannie. She has great tits, even bigger than Debbie’s, that protruded from the tight tank top she was wearing. I know she caught me staring at them several times and she seemed to be proud that she was getting my attention. As usual with Debbie, the conversation turned to sex. After our second drink, we were quite buzzed and you could definitely feel the electricity in the room growing with excitement from the three of us talking about sex. I could tell that Jeannie was feeling relaxed and comfortable with the bantering going around, and she remarked, “Debbie told me about you guys playing strip poker, and the two of you fucking each other. I think that is such a turn on.” Debbie immediately replied, “That would be fun, let’s play strip poker!” I got up and went to the entertainment center and pulled a deck of cards out of the drawer. All of us sat on the floor with refreshed drinks and I started dealing 5 card stud. When Debbie lost her halter top, it surprised me when Jeannie leaned over and kissed her nipples. It also got me very excited and I could feel my cock getting hard. When Jeannie lost her tank top, I was more than curious to see what she was hiding underneath. I was not disappointed, her tits were large and firm. She shook them all around and put them on display by pushing them up from the bottom. She evidently approved of my facial reaction because she started to rub them in my face, even better than the strippers from a couple of nights ago. I grabbed them in my hands and sucked on her delicate nipples for a minute and I felt that I was in tit heaven. I was the first to be totally naked, and although I wasn’t at full erection, my cock had never felt so large and full. “Oh my, that’s a nice one,” Jeannie remarked and Debbie said, “I told you so!” It didn’t take long for Debbie and Jeannie to willfully to lose the rest of the little bit of clothing that they had on. As we all bared ourselves to each other, we were moving closer to each other so that our legs were entangled. We played around and felt each other up, and at one point both women were playing with my cock while I played with their pussies. Debbie dealt the last hand and she said that the winner got to tell the losers what to do. She won with a full house, queens high, and threw her hands up in the air in victory causing her boobs to jut straight out. She gave that evil smile and, rubbing her tits in her hands said, “I want to see you two have sex.” Jeannie and I looked at each other with similar smiles and we started kissing, tentatively at first, but as our hands got busy on each other’s bodies, our tongues started to fly in each other’s open mouth. I had never been hornier in my life. It had always been a fantasy of mine to have a 3-way and although I have had several opportunities for it to happen, this would be the first time in my life.

Jeannie kissed her way down my torso and began giving some pretty expert head while I knelt on the floor. Debbie came over to me and licked my nipples, which she knows that I like. I massaged her tits for a bit, then she whispered in my ear, “Go down on Jeannie and eat her pussy.” I pulled Jeannie’s legs apart and had her on top of me in a 69 position. I pulled her cunt lips wide apart and buried my mouth on her slit with my tongue darting all around while rubbing her nice shapely ass at the same time. Debbie leaned over and put her hands on top of mine saying, “Eat that pussy baby. Suck it good.” I zeroed in on Jeannie’s clit and sucked it into my mouth. As I twirled my tongue all over her little bud, Jeannie picked up the pace of going up and down on my 8″ cock. As I lightly rubbed her ass all over, I could feel goose bumps rise on her silky smooth skin. I knew if I kept this up Jeannie would be cumming pretty soon. I intently focused bringing as much pleasure to Jeannie as I possibly could, and my instincts were right, Jeanne exploded in orgasm and she came all over my face, her juices literally gushing out of her. I could feel her shuddering all over as she clamped down tight on my cock and her moaning sent the most wonderful vibrations through every nerve in my crotch. Her orgasm lasted a long time, longer than any other woman I had been with, and I could feel her hot breathing through her nose covering my balls. Finally, she rolled off of me onto her side and released her groin from my face, but she still kept my cock firmly planted down her throat. I looked over at Debbie. She was sitting in the chair and had taken a dildo out of her purse and was using it on herself while watching us. Her legs were spread wide with her feet on the armrests, one hand rapidly driving the fake cock in and out while the other pinched and pulled at her nipples. I repositioned myself so I was laying on my back facing Debbie and Jeannie kept sucking on my cock. She was watching Debbie also while continuing to give me head. Debbie requested, “Jack off in her mouth, Joe. I want to see you pump your cum all over her.” Jeannie grabbed my hand and placed my fist around my rigid shaft and helped me stroke myself while she slurped and sucked on the bug purple, mushroom shaped head. Debbie watched intently and it got her off as she frantically rubbed her clit with the dildo shoved deep inside of her. She moaned loudly in ecstasy over and over and I announced that I was going to cum. Jeannie removed her mouth from my cock and pressed her big tits against my cock saying, “Cum all over my big tits with that big cock.” That’s all it took and just seconds after Debbie came, I let out load after load all over Jeannie’s round globes. I Iet loose of at least a dozen spurts, the sheer volume of it all amazed even myself. Jeannie got up on her hands and knees, letting her boobs dangle above my crotch as my thick white cream dripped all over. After a minute or two of hearing nothing but panting and heavy breathing, we looked at each other and burst out laughing. I glanced at the clock and it was a little over an hour since we had stated to play strip poker until all of us got off. I seemed like it only took 10 minutes.

Jeannie said she needed to take a shower and all three of us ended up in my bathroom. One good thing about my place is that I have a large tiled shower fitting the three of us with room to spare. We took turns making sure the other was clean, some parts of our bodies getting really clean. We dried each other off, went to the kitchen table, had a few more drinks and talked a lot more about sex. We ended up in the bedroom until past midnight doing just about everything that 2 woman and a man could sexually do. Our bodies were full of lust with a pretty wild imagination to go with it. One thing was evident, Debbie and Jeannie had been together before. Watching them make love was one of the most erotic sights I’ve ever witnessed. I wished later that we would have had someone there with a video camera because if we had made a porn movie out of that day we could have all been filthy rich. Saturday morning around 10am I got a call from Debbie. She had just talked to Jeannie and she asked if I wanted to go camping with them. I knew what she had in mind, there was a secluded spot on a river about 40 miles away.

I fixed something to eat, took a shower and packed up my SUV. A quick check of the weather and we would have the perfect weekend for outdoor activities. I had all the camping gear necessary and the only thing that the girls had to bring was an overnight bag. I picked up Debbie and Jeannie was already at her place. They threw their backpacks in the back and we were off. We smoked a joint and when I looked in my rearview mirror, Jeannie was in the backseat with her hands down her shorts. I asked, “Are you playing with yourself?” Jeannie just smiled and Debbie turned around to watch. Debbie jumped in the back with Jeannie and it didn’t take long for Debbie to get her off. Then Debbie got back in the front seat and pulled my shorts off, giving me head as I drove down deserted country roads. I recalled that Jeannie was pretty good at sucking cock, but Debbie was the best. After about 10 minutes I had to pull her head up off of me telling her that I didn’t want to cum yet. I had just arrived at the old lane leading to the river, and I could tell that this dirt road had not been used for quite some time. This is where my 4 wheel drive SUV comes in handy. After zigzagging the final half mile through some dense woods, we came to the clearing at the river. Jeannie exclaimed, “Wow, this is perfect.”

The first thing we did was make ourselves a drink and check out the area. Jeannie and Debbie drank vodka and I brought a bottle of scotch. We ventured down the path to the river and there was not a soul within miles. We were at a bend in the river which had a nice sandy bank and you could see down both ways for quite a distance. Debbie took off her shoes and waded into the water, then turned around and flashed her boobs. Jeannie went in after her and pretty soon they had a water fight going on. As they played around, Debbie called out to me to jump in with them. I took off my shirt and shoes, and ran in. The water was surprisingly warm and we all got soaking wet. I said that we should be setting up camp before we got too carried away and we headed back to the campsite. Jeannie went to gather some wood so we could make a fire, while Debbie and I set up the tent. Once we had everything arranged, Debbie threw her arms around me and we started making out. “Joe, that was really fun yesterday.” She reached down between my legs and continued, “I love your cock.” We kissed some more as I reached up under her damp t-shirt and rubbed her cold boobs. “Hey Debbie, if anything ever happens between you and your husband, I want the first shot at you.” Debbie melted in my arms and said, “That probably won’t happen, but it is nice to dream about. Sometimes you make me wish that we were both single again.” Debbie had said that a few times before, and just as I was about to drag her in the tent and fuck her brains out, Jeannie came back with a pile of firewood. Debbie and I made no effort to stop what we were doing. It made me think of a few times before we ever had sex, when she would go down on her husband while my wife and I were sitting right next to them. It just turned me on that Debbie was such a sexual extrovert and I knew that this would be better than last night. Jeannie cleared her throat and said, “Hey you lovers, come and help me, there’s a lot of wood back here.”

A little while later I was grilling out some burgers while Debbie and Jeannie played inside the tent. I kept peaking inside and Debbie was giving the once over to a willing Jeannie. Debbie loves giving oral sex and it doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman. Jeannie got off again when Debbie grinded their pussies together. As we munched out, Debbie made a comment that sometimes she wished she had a cock. Jeannie went for her backpack and unzipped it, pulling out a strap-on dildo. “I want to use this on you later.” Debbie eyes got wide and she remarked, “Toys! Alright, we have toys!” I asked Debbie, “Remember Kentucky Derby Day?” Debbie smiled wide and Jeannie asked, “What happened on Kentucky Derby Day?” I explained to Jeannie that the four of us were headed to Louisville and it started pouring down raining. We ended up getting a hotel room with a Jacuzzi and one king sized bed. My wife had gotten so drunk that she passed out and then Debbie started going down on her husband right in front of me. Then she fell on her back, pulled me over to her and started sucking my cock while her husband fucked her. Debbie was really enjoying herself, fulfilling one of her fantasies, and it was turning me on to see Debbie having her fun. However, it was short lived as Debbie’s husband copped a major attitude, got dressed and stormed out of the hotel room. Debbie explained to me that he thought that she was fucking around on him and that he also couldn’t keep up with her in bed. Debbie is a nymphomaniac and can’t get enough of sex. While her husband was storming mad out in the rain, and the hotel door locked behind him, Debbie went back down on me and then I started to suck on her lovely tits. My wife woke up and saw us, but then she fell right back to sleep. It was another one of those ‘quickies’ and soon her husband came back knocking on the door. I did end up fucking my wife while Debbie fucked her husband. Lying next to each other on the king-sized bed, Debbie and I kept our eyes glued on each other the whole time. I know she was wishing the same thing that I was. That it was her and I doing it together instead.

Jeannie said, “God you two. Both of you turn me on. That is so incredible.” The entire time that I told that story, Debbie was rubbing my thigh and reached her hand up under my baggy shorts. She pulled my face to hers and French kissed me. I whispered to her, “We haven’t cum yet.” Debbie replied, “I know, and I’m really fucking horny.” “I want to see Jeannie fuck you with that strap-on while you go down on me.” Debbie froze for a moment and said, “That’s exactly what I was thinking. Let’s get a blanket and lay it outside.” I stood up, and without warning, Debbie pulled down my shorts and started blowing me. I looked over at Jeannie who was watching intently, and I motioned her to come over to me. While Debbie was doing a really good blow job, I started kissing Jeannie and taking off her shirt. Then I let her in on what Debbie and I had in mind. Jeannie didn’t waste a second. She had a blanket laid out, stripped totally naked and by the time she had the strap-on adjusted around her hips, Debbie and I were on the ground taking each other’s clothes off. Jeannie fell to her knees and Debbie got on all fours, going down on the fake cock. Seeing Jeannie wearing that strap-on, with her big full tits bobbing around, really turned me on. I knelt beside Jeannie and Debbie took turns giving us head, then she took both cocks in her mouth at the same time. Jeannie and I just stared at Debbie, she was really getting into it. Jeannie and I faced each other and our mouths met. As we kissed I rubbed her ass and tits. The harness to the strap-on had an opening for her pussy and my fingers soon found her wet slit. Damn, that woman had the wettest pussy I’ve ever felt. Debbie took the cocks out of her mouth and leered at them in her fists. “Ok, fuck me Jeannie.” She turned around, wiggling her ass and spreading her cunt lips apart. Jeannie put her hands on Debbie’s ass and started to rub the plastic head around the entrance to Debbie’s pussy. As she eased it inside, Debbie exclaimed, “Oh fuck, shit that fucker is so big. Oh Christ yes. I’m going to scream. Come here Joe, I’m going to scream all over your cock.” I positioned myself so I was kneeling in front of Debbie and she went to town. Her hips were thrashing wildly, meeting every thrust that Jeannie was pumping into her. She sucked my cock like she would never suck a cock again. She took my cock out for a second and ordered me to fuck her mouth. As I did, Debbie was taking all of me down her throat and feverously rubbing her clit. Jeannie and I were really doing a number on her and Debbie was loving it. Every time the head of my cock almost escaped from between her lips, Debbie would pant with a muffled scream and I knew she was going to get her rocks off. I reached under her and rubbed on her dangling boobs. I watched Jeannie tits shake all over her chest as she fucked Debbie hard and fast. Just before she came, Debbie took my cock all the way out of her mouth and begged me to cum all over her face. “Give it to me baby, cum all over me. Oh fuck I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum. Cum on me motherfucker, shoot your cum on me you son of a bitch.” I jacked off in her mouth and then pulled out when I felt my balls being sucked up into my body. Just as Debbie started cumming I unloaded all over her mouth. As Debbie licked up my spurting semen, her body was shaking as her orgasm swept through her. I was so incredibly turned on that I just kept spewing load after load, Debbie scooped up some of my cream and rubbed it on her clit until her orgasm subsided. I collapsed and Debbie fell on top of me, the fake cock slipping out of her pussy as she soulfully kissed me, and it was turning her on as we shared my cum. Jeannie positioned herself above us and all three of us were kissing each other, smearing cum all over our faces and lapping up the juices.

Debbie and I finally rolled over on our backs, both of us trying to catch our breath, and Jeannie was looking at us with the most satisfied smile that she had gotten our rocks off. My cock was still throbbing with every heartbeat and I stayed hard. I moved on top of Debbie and spread her legs with my knees, putting the head of my cock against the lips of her pussy. Debbie thrust her hips upward and I went all the way inside of her, and in a few moments I was fucking her like a wild man possessed. Jeannie knelt and the dripping wet dildo was right in front of Debbie’s mouth. Debbie licked the head and said to me, “Mmmm. I can taste my cum. Here Joe, taste it.” She put the fake cock towards my mouth. I could tell that it was turning Debbie on. I parted my lips and sucked on the head, getting a taste of Debbie’s sweet nectar. “Suck her Joe. Suck her cock.” Debbie urged me on, her legs pointing to the sky and fucking me back with everything she had. I removed the dildo from my mouth and said to Debbie, “I don’t know if I should be sucking a cock.” Debbie grabbed the back of my head with one hand and the strap-on cock with the other. She forced the cock in my mouth saying, “Suck you motherfucking bitch. Make me cum again.” As I sucked, my eyes were focused on the expression on Debbie’s face. I could see her begin to flush red, and the thought ran through my mind that I wish I could suck the cum out of my own cock. Debbie shut her eyes and I could feel her squeezing her cunt around my cock, and she got off again just as powerful as a few minutes ago. I kept fucking her until she stopped, then I got up next to Jeannie who was fingering herself while watching us. I put my dick next to hers and I came all over the fake cock. Debbie watched and when I finished, she leapt up and started sucking my cum off of it. She grabbed my hand and pulled me down, and we both shared Jeannie’s cock, who was so turned on that she made herself cum.

When Jeannie finally stopped cumming, we all sat in a circle just looking at each other in total satisfaction. I finally said, “Fuck, I need a drink.” We all laughed, had a really strong drink, and we all agreed that not only was that the wildest and kinkiest thing we ever did, but that we all had some of the best orgasms in our lives. The sun had set and we made a fire. We lay on the blanket, smoked a joint and chilled out for the next hour or so. Debbie said that she had filled more than one of her fantasies, getting it on with two cocks and watching me suck off Jeannie’s strap-on. Jeannie loved fucking Debbie with it and I just remarked that I had never cum with so much intensity. Debbie suggested that we venture down to the river and wash off. Jeannie was about to take off the strap-on and we urged her not to because it looked so good. I know if anyone would have been canoeing down the river as we rinsed, they would have gotten a shock of their lifetime.

The rest of the night and well into the wee hours of the morning was nothing short of a total sex-fest. We got into a triangle of oral sex next to the fire. I was eating out Debbie who was eating out Jeannie and Jeannie was blowing my cock. Debbie then wore the strap-on and banged away at Jeannie while I fucked Debbie from behind. Debbie was really going wild like a true bitch in heat. I don’t think that Jeannie could walk right for a week afterwards. Debbie and I sat in front of each other and she wanted to play cock fight with me. We slapped out dicks together and she like jacking them off at the same time. Debbie then forced me to suck her cock again, and I play-acted like the reluctant one then gave in to her desires. It really turned Debbie on. Debbie and Jeannie laid on their backs next to each other and I took turns fucking them while they kissed. Then I took turns fucking their tits, cumming for the second time as they pressed their mammoth boobs together. Jeannie passed out and Debbie and I went at each other with reckless abandon. I don’t think I ever fucked anyone so fast and hard. Later, I had to pee and Debbie and I went down to the river. Debbie remarked that she wondered if she could pee while she was getting fucked. I knew it was physically impossible, but the thought was pretty stimulating. When we got to the river, Debbie had me pee all over her pussy, and then laid me down, squatted above my crotch, and gave me a golden shower all over my cock and balls. We rinsed off in the water and stood there knee deep and made out like two high school kids. As we fondled each other, Debbie pulled us over to the sandy shore and laid me down. She climbed on top of me, screwing the living daylights out of me. I was feasting on her tits which she begged me to suck harder and harder, and she came yet again. When we got back to the tent, the fire was almost out and we went into the tent with Jeannie still snoozing away. I fucked Debbie one last time until I got off and both of us drifted off. It must have been past 3am.

When I woke up, I was spooning Debbie from behind and my early morning hard on was pressing against her ass. I felt Debbie wiggle against it, but I was too sexed out to do anything. I noticed that Jeannie had already gotten up. It took me about 20 minutes to totally gain my senses, then I threw on my shorts and ventured out. There was Jeannie, topless and drinking Blood Mary’s, and I thought what a great sight to see first thing in the morning. Jeannie made me a Bloody Mary and I made some coffee. There was half a joint lying there, so we smoked it, getting a good kick start to the morning. I started staring at Jeannie’s tits. She was leaning forward with her elbows on her knees, and her big tits were hanging down from her body. Jeannie immediately noticed and started to pinch her nipples, getting them hard. I rubbed my cock through my cut-off jeans and in a few minutes I said, “Let get on the blanket.” We took a big gulp of Bloody Mary and as I took off her shorts, she undid the zipper to my shorts and once again we were totally naked. We sat on the blanket and Jeannie rubbed her hairless pussy and I stroked my hard cock. We just watched each other for awhile until Jeannie laid on her back and spread her legs. I entered her easily and we fucked for a long time. Debbie eventually came out of the tent as saw us. She started sucking on Jeannie’s tits, rubbing her clit with one hand and pinching my nipples with the other hand. Jeannie got off and seconds later I pulled out and emptied my balls all over her. What a way to start the day.

After that we just hung around for a couple of hours, tearing down the tent and packing up for the trip back home. We went down to the river and washed up, the bar of soap making suds. I looked down the river and saw canoes heading towards us. There was a canoe rental place up river. I knew that they could see us also, but they were far enough away that you couldn’t make out too many details. We headed back to the camp, got dressed and then went back and watched the canoe’ers, waving at them while drinking another Bloody Mary. One canoe came down the river, and it was two chicks who were obviously partying. They were just laughing there asses off as they passed us. Debbie and Jeannie flashed their boobs at them and they did the same. As they held those prize possessions out on display they shouted, “We want to see some dick!” Jeannie and Debbie yanked my shorts down and I threw my hands up in the air. I got some catcalls and whistles and after they passed we got ready to leave.

The trip back seemed to take forever, we were all spent. We got back to Debbie’s place and I dropped the girls off, gave them a kiss, and Jeannie got in her car and left. Debbie said she would call me later after she took a nap. I went home and immediately hit the bed with thoughts of the wildest weekend I ever had. I was never so glad that I had taken this time off, I still had two days of vacation and it would take me that long to recover. I woke up from my nap as the sun was going down, I ordered a pizza and watched some TV. I heard a knock at the door and thought to myself, that pizza delivery was really fast today. When I opened the door with cash in my hand, Debbie was standing there, looking as good as I’ve ever seen her. She was wearing a flowered button down top with all the buttons undone and tied around her midriff. Underneath was a white tank top, very shear and exposing just the right amount of cleavage. Along with a pair of cutoff jeans and sandals, Debbie looked so erotic. She came in and said, “I know your wife won’t be home until Wednesday and I just wanted to spend some more time with you while we had the chance.” Her husband wouldn’t be home until Friday night. We watched some TV, ate the pizza, and went over the events of the last two days. Sexually, we were so much alike. We concluded that out spouses were probably better together in bed as well. It explained why my wife was all for swapping the second time we did it. I asked Debbie, “Do you want to watch a movie?” I had a porn DVD already in the player, watching it after the night at the strip joint. I picked up the remote and when it started playing, Debbie got all excited. I took off my shirt and Debbie took off her top, and then got totally naked. I did the same and we sat on the floor with our backs against the couch. Our hands were in each other’s lap, just playing around while watching a scene that reminded me of Debbie and I together. The next scene was an orgy with people fucking all over the place and Debbie said that she wanted to do that some time. Then she went down on me and gave me a nice slow and easy blow job and it didn’t take long for me to get her pussy in my face at the same time. I made her cum, and then made love to her and emptied my load inside of her. She could feel each spurt inside her cunt, and her body jerked around. We had a drink, watched some more of the movie, and screwed again. Both of us got off yet another time and we headed for the bedroom where we crashed until the next morning.
It was one of the most restful slumbers I’ve had, it felt so peaceful laying with Debbie in my arms. When I woke, Debbie’s head was on my shoulder, her tit laying across my chest, and her hand stroking my hard on.

She whispered in my ear, “I want to make you cum.” and she picked up the pace. She positioned her head over my chest and started sucking my nipples. I grabbed a handful of her boob while Debbie massaged the other, rubbing it in large circles. I told her, “I want to fuck your tits, Debbie.” Debbie lay on her side and pushing her tits together with her balled up fists, and wrapped those lovely tits around my cock. As I moved my hips, Debbie used some spit for lubrication and I glided easily between them. As the head popped up between them, Debbie sucked it into her mouth. Then she just stared at my cock, it looked so fucking good. I finally blew my wad, the first few squirts landing on Debbie’s face and the rest splattering all over her tits. Debbie was proud that she got me off and we jumped in the shower. We went out to breakfast, then Debbie said she wanted to take me down by the lake. It was her secret place where she would go to get away from it all. We spent most of the morning there, talking and again telling each other what a wonderful time it was to be together. Then we hopped in the car and I took her to a park where I had my own secret place. We ventured deep into the woods and off the beaten path. There were a couple of fallen trees so we sat down and I told Debbie that sometimes I would jack off here when I was really horny.

Debbie said, “Pull it out and play with it. I want to see you masturbate.” I had my shirt off and my shorts around my ankles and Debbie urged me on as I shook my cock around to get it hard. Debbie soon had her top off and her hand down her pants. She got off pretty quick and I followed, she just turned me on so much to see her intently watching me. We drove around for a while talking about our favorite fantasies and how we had made some of them happen in the last couple of days. We shared things with each other that we hadn’t told anyone else before. It was definitely making us horny again. As it was getting late in the afternoon, we decided to go to a bar and have a couple of drinks. We had to go to a place where no one would recognize us so we could continue our tryst in confidence. Being a Monday I knew that it wouldn’t be hard, and I knew just the place to go.

I used to work downtown next to a Marriott hotel. At the top on the 40th floor was a cozy little bar that served very generous portions of alcohol. The place was empty except for the bartender who was a very attractive redhead. I knew that in a couple of hours there would be the usual traveling business crowd flowing in, but it was a safe place for us. We went to the bar and Rachel started a friendly conversation and set us up with adult beverages. When the phone rang and Rachel had to go answer it, Debbie remarked, “Wow, does she ever have nice tits. I saw you staring at them also.” I replied, “Yes she does, and I saw her checking you out was well. Did you see her nipples get hard underneath her bra?” Rachel was wearing a tuxedo shirt that was fairly transparent. You could make out the lacey bra that she wore underneath and I remarked that she must make really good tips. There was one thing that I noticed about Debbie, she brought out the sexuality of most of the people she met. If a woman had any lesbian tendencies, Debbie seemed to attract them like a magnet. I could tell Rachel was one of those women. Into our second drink, the place started to fill up with more customers. Debbie and I talked about our sexual pasts and its excited both of us as we went into detail of some of our escapades. It didn’t surprise me when Debbie said she had been with a dozen women before. However, she told me about Lynn which was surprising. Lynn was a tall blond who showed up at the warehouse and I thought she was pretty straight. I told Debbie about my old girlfriend Maryann who was built like a porn star and how she gushed when she came. This intrigued Debbie and she asked me a lot of questions about it. Debbie also told me about the time right after she graduated from high school when she swapped partners with her sister. That really turned me on. She told me that it turned her on to think of watching me with another woman, just like with Jeannie, and I told her it would turn me on to watch her bring pleasure to someone else, man or woman. It was just the openness and accepting of each other for what we were, and not what we wanted them to be, that really brought Debbie and I close together. As the night, and the drinks, wore on, we ended up talking to a couple from Florida who were in town on a vacation. It was obvious they were very well off. I could tell that Dave was attracted to Debbie and Jane was getting pretty close to me when we talked. They asked us to come up to their room and party and before I could even process the thought, Debbie accepted their invitation. Rachel remarked as Dave paid the entire tab and left a big tip “You guys have fun. Hope to see you later.” It didn’t take us long to get to their room as they had the suite just one floor below the bar.

When we entered the suite, Jane and Debbie went to the bathroom while Dave and I talked. I explained how Debbie and I weren’t married to each other, our spouses were out of town, and how Debbie was the best sex I’ve ever had. Dave kind of laughed and said that she had met Jane the same way. When he was married before, he was in town on a business trip and ran into Jane, who was also married at the time. For over a year they had a long distance affair, finally getting divorced and Jane moved to Florida. Their families disapproved and somewhat disowned them. They were in town to see Jane’s best friend, Rachel, the bartender. Rachel would be joining them when her shift was finished pretty soon. Debbie and Jane soon joined us at the table in the dining area of the suite. I could tell that Debbie was charged up and excited and I could only imagine what they were doing in the bathroom. I found out quick enough when Jane threw down a pack of cocaine on the table and said, “Get jacked up. We just did.” Dave laid out a couple of lines for himself then pushed it across the table to me. I did the same as Debbie described our camping trip, including vivid detail of the 3-way we had with Jeannie, as she rubbed my crotch underneath the table. The other couple noticed Debbie’s arm moving and stared in approval, and Debbie finished her story looking down at my lap, and saying, “And I just love this cock.” Dave got up from the table, lowered the lights, and turned on the wide screen TV and stereo. As I watched him navigate the on screen menu, he said, “Here’s what we were watching today.” An in-room porn channel came on and he muted the volume on the TV while the music played in the background. Dave sat on the sofa and we joined him. Debbie was in the middle, between Dave and I, as Jane started dancing to the music in front of the TV. Dave explained that this was how he met Jane, she was a dancer at one of the high scale men’s establishments. Jane went into a strip tease and I noticed Debbie staring at her in shear awe. Jane grabbed her hand and pulled her up, and began a slow dance with her.

This was dirty dancing at it ultimate finest. Halfway through the second song I could tell that Debbie was super horny. After a long French kiss and hands rubbing each other all over, Jane turned to look at us. She told Debbie to go dance with Dave, and she grabbed my hand pulling me to her. I just let my instincts takeover as Jane humped against my thigh. I massaged her great big tits which where fake, but I didn’t care at all. As I lowered the top of her dress, Jane undid my zipper and reached into my shorts. When Jane’s tits were exposed, all I could do was thank the plastic surgeon who operated on her because he did a fantastic job. I squeezed Jane’s mammeries together and lusted after them. Jane took off my shirt as I slid her dress down past her hips, then my shorts fell off of my waist from the force of gravity. Gravity wasn’t having any affect on my cock as it was pointing towards the heavens. As I leaned over to take Jane’s tits in my mouth, our hands were busy between each other’s legs. Jane took one hand and pressed my head tighter against her, and she moaned in pleasure as my mouth made love to her globes. In a couple of minutes, Jane lifted my head up and pushed me back on the sofa, where Debbie was already going down on Dave just a few feet away. It was turning me on watching Debbie working Dave’s big cock. It was turning me on even more watching Jane wrap her lovely boobs around mine. And in front of me was the huge TV with an equally good x-rated porn scene. Jane looked up at me and said, “You like watching that don’t you?” She got up and sat down on my cock, slowly lowering herself on my aching rod facing away from me so she could watch also. Once Dave noticed, he turned Debbie around so she was laying on the couch. He spread her legs and entered her as Debbie exclaimed “Oh Christ that feels so good.” My cock was absorbing Jane’s cunt, I was full and hard. It was the kind of hard on that could last all night as I felt the cocaine doing its work. That feeling would come in handy as the night wore on.

Only a few moments later, the door opened and in walked Rachel. The four of us didn’t miss a beat and Rachel remarked, “Didn’t take you guys too long to get going.” She leaned over and kissed Jane, rubbing her pussy and massaging my balls as we screwed. She gave Dave a shoulder rub as he kept fucking Debbie, and Jane told her to help herself to some of the coke. Rachel looked at Debbie and said, “Damn, I knew you were hot, girl.” Debbie smiled as Rachel gave her tit a squeeze and went to the table for a snort. She came back with a drink in her hand in only her bra and panties. As she stood in front us taking in the scene of 4 people fucking she said, “Looks like I have some catching up to do.” She sat on the sofa between Debbie and I, rubbing my hairy chest and Debbie’s tits. I cupped one of her boobs through the DD cups of her lacy bra and Debbie’s hand went for her panties. Rachel stood up, proceeded to get naked and went for Debbie’s tits with her ass sticking just inched from my face. I grabbed her cheeks and began devouring her. Jane got up and turned around, mounting me face to face, and started working on Jane’s asshole with her long pointed tongue.

I reached under Rachel to grab on to her tits and Debbie’s hand was already there, busily rubbing her nipples. I heard Debbie yell out, “Oh shit it’s so big. Fuck me you motherfucker. Oh God, I think I’m going to scream. Suck my tits, harder, harder. Oh yes, yes. I’m going to cum!!!” That turned me on so much I thought that I would cum myself, but luckily I had Rachel’s pussy in my face which kept my concentration on someone else instead of myself. When Debbie stopped cumming, Dave took Rachel by the legs and moved her on the floor. He started banging away at Rachel and all I could think of while watching them was that I wished it was me drilling my cock in and out of her. Jane then put her hands against my shoulders and gyrated her hips against me. Soon she was getting off as well and I thrust my cock as far inside of her as I could. Jane got off on me and sat beside Debbie and I went to the floor to join Rachel and Dave. Rachel grabbed me by my erection and pulled me to her mouth. She went to town giving me head while Dave fucked the ever loving shit out of her and Rachel was getting into it. She was furiously rubbing her clit and thrashing her hips wildly in all directions. Debbie went behind Dave and reached around to rub his nipples, then Jane did the same to me, all the while rubbing her big boobs against my back. Rachel exploded, the Dave dumped his load all over her body. As he came, Rachel jacked me off telling me to cum all over her face. When I got to my peak, I took over for her hand and pointed my pulsating dick at her open mouth. And I gave her a huge load as she lapped up as much as she could. Jane bent over and kissed her full on the mouth. Debbie grabbed Dave’s cock in her hand then went down on me to suck the last drop out of me. I thought I would go through the roof my cock was so sensitive, my body shook all over and I collapsed to the floor beside Rachel. We were all panting and breathing hard, then burst out laughing at the same time. I finally got up to use the restroom and Debbie went with me.

As I stood in front of the toilet, Debbie took my limp peter in between her fingers and aimed it, saying “Jesus that was such a freaking turn on. Dave has a really big cock. I’m still hot.” I replied that it turned me on to see her getting fucked with that big cock and we went into further detail as I leaned against the counter, watched her squat on the toilet seat and take a piss. “Fuck Debbie, even seeing you take a pee turns me on.” She wiped her pussy dry and then stood up and gave me such a soulful kiss. Feeling her naked body pressed into mine was getting me going all over again. I felt that I could fuck her for hours on end. Finally, we walked back in to the room, and it felt really good to be totally naked and feeling my cock bob back and forth between my legs as I walked.

We joined the other’s at the table, did some more coke and had another drink. Before the night was over, all of us would be on the bed, fucking and sucking in every way imaginable. I came again fucking Rachel, I know Debbie got off at least twice more, and we ended with the three girls enjoying each other while Dave and I watched. Around 4am, Debbie and I ended up getting a room because we were so wasted that we couldn’t begin to drive. We screwed yet again before going to sleep, and then when we woke up. We took another shower together and went back to my place. We hung out for a little while, both of us lamenting that my wife would be home tomorrow, but she was going to go home for the night and we agreed that we needed to recover from the events of the past week. The phone rang and it was my wife, asking me if I missed her and she couldn’t wait to get home. All the while Debbie was going down on me. When I hung up, I ripped Debbie’s clothes off of her and we had sex for three hours straight. She left as the sun began to set, and it felt good to be alone. However, I still wished that Debbie was here.

On Wednesday, I picked my wife up from the airport and it was good to get things back to normal for a while. Debbie and I still got together when we could, but nothing matched up to that week with her. I also fucked Jeannie a few times at her apartment when my wife was working the night shift. Then I ended up getting a promotion and moved to Chicago. I ended up getting a divorce from my wife, and Debbie moved to Raleigh, NC a year later. We keep in touch over the phone, not only reminiscing about our escapades, but also what we’ve been doing lately and who we’re fucking.

More often than not, we’d end up masturbating. Every once in a while, when I travel to that part of the country, we’d get together. Most of the time it was during a business trip, but a few times for pleasure just to see Debbie. This has been going on for over 10 years. Last month, Debbie told me that she is leaving her husband. We’re going to spend some time together and I’m not sure where that will lead. Except, I know we have a lot of things to explore sexually. Debbie says that I am the only man who can keep up with her in bed. And, quite frankly, no other woman has met my needs like she has. So as she’ll be flying here in a few days, we’re going to find out.


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