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Hi, Sailor Dougal here again.
I felt that I had to tell you all about my latest adventure, through E-Bay no less.
You already know that I have a satin and silk fetish, well Angela and I skim through the underwear section of E-Bay sites around the world, looking for the latest offers on sensational undies. However, there is a lovely lady, in the UK, who frequently offers sexy wear on her site; she’s been selling here for a long time. She always models her items for the prospective purchaser, and Wow! is she a stunner. She never shows her face, just her magnificent figure and legs, and usually tantalises by being in front of a window or open door, so that you can see her fine shape through the items, and then there’s the pictures where she lifts the hem of her nighties or slips, showing off some great stocking tops.
Angie and I have bid for her stuff before, but never won. We did win one item, and the address she gave for me to send a cheque wasn’t too far away, so, thinking I could save on the postage, and not having to write out the cheque and wait for it to clear, I asked her if I might pick up the item. She agreed, specifying a time, a few days later. This was fine by me, as it enabled me to continue my daily work without interruption.
On the appointed day, I arrived at the house; a lovely 4 bed detached in its own grounds. Cost a bob or two, I know! She opened the door in a summer dress made in what I now know to be cotton lawn; just sheer enough to see her magnificent underwear. I went into her front parlour, and there laid across the back of the sofa was the Jade coloured satin nighty and peignoir set. I handled it, getting a tingle in the loin area as I thought of either Angie or me, or even Laura, Angie’s Mum, wearing them. I commented that I had been entranced with the pictures of her wearing them on E-Bay, and she thanked me. She said that her husband doesn’t know of her selling on the site, and the pictures are taken by remote camera. She then edits them to remove her face and hair. Her hair is marvellous. It isn’t red, it isn’t brown, it’s that magnificent lovely red chestnut, down to just below her shoulders, and wavy. I wanted, there and then to run my hands through it; it looked just like silk. She asked if I would like her to model the nighty and peignoir there, in the parlour. Of course, only an idiot would say no, so she went into what I know now to be her dining area, and slipped them on, over her stockings. When she came back, she went in front of the patio doors, allowing me to ogle her body, only in the flesh this time. She had a sly little smile at the corners of her mouth, and I was wondering what was passing through her mind! She walked towards me. Slipping the peignoir from her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. It was then I noticed that she had remover her bra when she went into the dining area. Her nipples were very proud, as was my prick by this time. Coming right up to me, she placed her hand on the front of my trousers, rubbing up and down for a minute or so, causing John Thomas to stand more to attention than for a long time.
I put my arms around her, pulling her close enough for me to smell the sweetness of her breath. She tilted her head to the side, and licked her luscious red lips; invitation, or what! I kissed those lips so gently; I did not want to smudge her perfect lip-gloss. She pulled back, unzipping my fly, seeing I was Commando, she pulled John Thomas from his hidey-hole and started to rub him gently back and forth. I was by now feeling her magnificent tits, causing the nipples to swell even more. They were like the proverbial organ stops or hat pegs. I was now imagining my Angie wearing this

set, and me fucking her solid for the night. This fine lady had her own ideas. She took me by a hand, leading me into the large hall, towards a circular staircase. Her bedroom was very feminine. I asked about her husband, and she said they did not sleep together, as he was away most of the time, and when he was home, he very often had very early mornings, and so as not to disturb her, her slept in a back bedroom, overlooking the pond in the garden.
Her duvet was a bright ‘Barbie’ pink satin; I almost came then in her hand. We got undressed quite quickly, and moved onto the duvet, and the feel of the satin on my body was electric. You see over the past few weeks, Laura and Angela have been waxing my body, so that the satin clothes I wear, slip and slide over my body when we make love. This lovely lady admired my smooth tanned skin, smothering it with kisses. She moved down to my prick and took the whole 8′ into her mouth, and I could feel the helmet touching her tonsils! I lay there running my fingers through her delicious hair, enjoying the sensuous way she was sucking me off, and gently stroking my ball sack. I could feel her saliva running between the cracks of my arse cheeks, and then felt her moving a finger towards my arse hole. Tremendous feelings going through me at this moment. She gradually eased a finger or two into my anus, moving in towards my prostate gland, stimulating me almost to a climax. But no, she stopped, moved onto the bed, straddling my head. She really was a natural redhead, her pubes being the same rich colour of her hair. I glimpsed her fanny in the bushy growth. Moving my hands there, I parted the undergrowth seeing her soft wet lips for the first time. Her love juices were flowing alright, dripping onto my face and neck. I moved forward taking them into my mouth, and they were as sweet as her breath. She continued to massage both my prick and prostate. I don’t think my prick has been this hard since my first ‘jump’ with Laura, Angela’s mum. She pushed her cunt lips down onto my mouth, and I was so close to her rosebud anus, that I was tempted to lick it. I did, and she squealed a little, showing that she liked it. More of her cum was arriving, so much in fact that I wondered if she would have enough left for us to fuck, well lubricated. I needn’t have worried, for almost immediately she moved around so that she was astride my body, facing me. ‘I want that boy inside me’, she moaned in a dead sexy voice. Who was I to deny her the pleasure of my ‘love rod’? She guided me into her cunt, and slowly lowered herself onto me. She stayed still for a while, while her climax subsided. When her breathing was again something like normal, she kissed me full on the mouth whilst moving up and down on me. By now my balls were rock hard, and they wanted to eject all the contents into this fine lady. ‘Don’t cum just yet’, she said. ‘I want to take it all in my mouth, and I can’t afford to get pregnant’. Being the ever considerate lover I agreed to this and seconds later withdrew my shaft from her love hole, giving her just enough time to move down to John Thomas and receive his present to her.
Luckily for me this wonderful lady took all the spunk I had without getting any on the nighty: How would I have explained this to Angie?
We showered together, with her liberally powdering her body and putting the nighty and peignoir on again, to give it a sensual smell that I would remember when Angie was wearing it!
We managed to buy more stuff from her, either through E-Bay, or when she wanted us to have it. Thereby hangs another tale, as Angie and I went together to collect some sexy wear and ended up in a threesome!!!

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