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I strolled up the driveway following my parents, realizing that the next three hours of my life would be a waste. My baby cousin Rohan was having his first birthday, I wondered what the point was. The kid surely wouldn’t remember any of this. I had no problem with kids, I enjoy them in non-overly large doses, it was just the idea of spending my sunday afternoon with my family that seemed like a waste of time. I walked inside and looked around before grabbing some chips and dip and sitting down to watch the football game. Unfortunately when I sat down I noticed that my uncle was already watching some nascar race, which had no interest of mine. So instead I walked into the back room and found my cousin’s guitar. I hadn’t played in weeks but I remembered a good amount so I figured I would pass the time by remembering some songs.
“Rohan, get in here, we’re opening presents,” I heard my aunt call. I sighed and set down the guitar before heading back into the thick of people, some of whom I didn’t even know. One of these people was a good friend of the mother of the birthday boy. As I squeezed by her to get a coke from the fridge I noticed that she was pretty cute. Her name, I heard, was Zabia. I subtly examined her more closely, her husband was sitting on the couch watching nascar, a beer in his hand. Zabia’s breasts, despite her 2 children had not sagged greatly, they stood firm under her orange top, she was about 5’5″. I estimated she was in her early 30’s. The upper-midwest was experiencing a heat wave over the weekend, temperatures. Because of this, Zabia was wearing some extremely sexy short jean shorts. As my eyes made it up to her face and her cute brown eyes, she glanced at me and smiled. I began to move over towards her.
“Hey, I’m your friends’ cousin Karmel.”
“Hi, I’m Zabia Thomas-Johnson, I’ve known your cousin since we were teenagers.” She smiled at me.
“Uh-oh,” I said jokingly, “a three-named woman.” She laughed half-heartedly, before glancing at her husband, transfixed by the cars going around and around on the screen, and frowning.
“I try to keep myself looking nice for him but he doesn’t seem to care at all, I feel like I’m 50 the way he looks at me.” I was somewhat surprised she had said such a thing to me, seeing as how I’d just met her. I wasn’t sure what to say, but she kept talking so it didn’t matter.
“I remember when I met him at college, he was so full of life, sometimes I wish I could go back to being a teenager, enjoy it while you can.” I smiled, I enjoyed where the conversation was going. “So Karmel, do you have a girlfriend?” She as asked
“Right now, no, my last girlfriend went off to college at the end of the summer, we felt it was best not to try a long-distance relationship,” I answered. She smiled in a sympathetic sort of way before she reached up and brushed my shaggy hair back from my eyes in a comforting sort of way. My heart skipped a beat at her touch, she wasn’t the best-looking girl I’d ever seen, but it gave a special sort of turn-on to have this adult married woman obviously attracted to me. I smiled, holding her hand in mine and pulling it away from my face, not wanting any of the other adults to see us flirting like this. “I’m sorry,” she said, “I didn’t mean to… it’s just you seemed…”
“It’s okay Zabia,” I said.
She looked up at me sadly before walking away. I stood there, wondering if I had just ruined something that could have been great. Slouching, I walked back to the back room again, finding the guitar where I’d left it and going back to re-learning some music. After about 10 minutes I heard someone come in the door behind me, I didn’t bother to look because I had just gotten to the solo and wanted to nail it. Besides, I figured it was just a relative coming to tell me that we were going to have cake soon or something.
“You’re pretty good,” Zabia said. Startled, the pick hit the wrong strings, causing me to hit the guitar with my palm in frustration. “Sorry!” she said.
“It’s fine, I thought you were my mom or something,” I said. I realized immediately this was the wrong thing to say to this woman who clearly was annoyed with the way her marriage was so dull. She frowned and turned to leave the room. “Wait, I didn’t mean it, I mean, I didn’t mean to…” before I knew it, I had jumped up and was holding her shoulders, trying to keep her from leaving me in solitude again. She turned and I was shocked to see that her eyelashes had teardrops clinging to them. “Oh my gosh, please, I’m sorry” I said, startled. She smiled up at me before sobbing and burying her face into my shoulder. I held her tight, whispering comforting words to her. She was incredibly beautiful right now, she tried to smile through her sobs but failed. I chuckled at the facial expression this failure caused, this caused her to break into a full laugh. We both laughed for a few moments before I looked down at my shirt and saw that her mascara had smeared all over it. I quickly looked up, not wanting her to notice, but she already had. “I’m so sorry! Oh my gosh,” she stammered. I smiled back at her.
“Not a problem,” I said, I unbuttoned it and took it off, I had a plain grey t-shirt on under it. She stared at my chiseled chest, my pectorals clearly defined through the tight t-shirt. She glanced up and saw that I had noticed her eyes wandering. She turned to go again, clearly embarassed but I grabbed her hand as she turned. I started to say something but she shook me off.
“Wait…” I said as she walked towards the door, but she didn’t walk out, she quietly shut and locked the door. She locked at me again and peeled her top off, showing me her red bra. I grinned and took a step towards her. She lunged forwards, her hand probing over my crotch, finding my cock through my jeans and rubbing it up and down through the fabric. Our tongues were wildly probing over each other, mine rolled through her mouth, down her chin and around her neck. I pulled her bra down below her breasts. Her still firm 36’s C popped out, I ran my tongue all over them, flicking her hard nipples, and running my tongue in circles around them. She moaned loudly, she brought one of her great legs, which were definitely her best feature, up and placed it on the chair behind us. I reached down with one of my hands and ran it up and down her thigh, I was a leg man, I loved touching them, licking them, just staring at them. She stepped back and looked at me, lust in her eyes. Her medium length brown hair was rumpled a bit from our wild make-out. I pulled my shirt off and started to unbutton my jeans. She leaped forward again, kissing my nipples and licking my chest, the feature that had set her over the top. I sighed as I looked down at her, smelling the great scent of her hair, taking the opportunity to remove her bra. She ran her tongue back up my body, and I embraced her in another wild make-out session “Oh fuck!” she yelled with every thrust, “oh! oh!! OHHHH MY GAWWD!” I pulled her off of me, and stood up. I positioned her in front of the chair, lifting one of her legs up onto it and moving behind her. She turned to look at me and I ran my tongue along her lips again, pulling back before she opened them. She looked at me longingly as I pulled away, her face quickly changed from one of longing to one of pain and pleasure as without warning I slammed my cock into her from behind. “AHHHHHHHHH! OHHH FUCK!” she shrieked louder than a schoolgirl having her first orgasm. I spanked her over and over while slamming myself deeper and deeper into her pussy. She may have had 2 kids but her sexual experiences had been limited for years and her pussy had become just as tight as 15 years ago. It was milking my cock better than any I’d ever had. “Oh fuck Zabia! your pussy is so fucking tight!” I shouted to her. She seemed to take on another gear hearing me say this as she started to slam herself back into me, harder and harder, yelling louder and louder.
CKK IM CUMMING! IM CUMMING! IM FUCKING CUMMMMIIING! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” she was absolutely shrieking at the top of her lungs as I felt a waterfall flow out of her. I pulled out to allow all of it to stream down her legs, god those legs. I lowered myself down and started to lick her thighs up and down wildly, my tongue wandered up to her pussy and I began to eat her out. She screamed and shouted, yelled and shook. I felt her collapse, legs lost all their strength. She collapsed onto my waist, I picked her up and slammed her back down onto my cock again. “FUUUUUUCK!” she yelled with the first thrust, I rolled over to get on top and wrapped one of her cum-soaked legs around my waist before hitting my 2nd gear, pumping wildly in and out of her. “oh fuck yes! fuck yeah! FUUUCK YESSS! FUCKING GOD GIVE IT TO ME! OHHHHHHH! IM CUMMING AGAIN! OH MY FUCKKKIIING SHIT! AHHH SHIT!” I felt another orgasm shake through her. I pulled out, sat down again and lowered herself, this time with her facing away from me, onto my cock again. I started pumping up into her wildly, she bounced, screaming with every thrust, rubbing her cliterus and my balls. She started to shake again, another orgasm was coming. I grabbed her hips, pulled her down all the way to the hilt, and with her shouting at the top of her lungs, I turned both of us over, clutching her close to me as I rolled us over into the doggy style.
I reached another gear, pounding her sore pussy like there was no tomorrow. She looked back at me, yelling and moaning, her eyes looked glazed over, she hadn’t come like this since her teen years. I felt her shaking violently. “FUCK YES! FUCK YES! FUUUUUCK YESSS! OH MY GOD IM GOING TO FUCKING CUM AGAIN! OHHHH MY GOD I JUST CAME ALL OVER YOUR FUCKING COCK! HOLY FUCK YOUR COCK OH I LOVE IT!!!”
“Oh fuck, yes, Zabia, ahhh you’re so tight.” I yelled to her. She was still screaming at the top of her lungs, most of it had become impossible to understand, it was just moans and shrieks of pleasure. She started to shake again, I couldn’t believe how much cum she had built up, she was trembling, her legs shook violently as she collapsed onto her face, her ass raised high in the air, I had her hips in my hands and was pulling her back down my shaft and slamming into her.

She slid herself back down my body, running her hands over my pecs and her tongue straight down my chest, before reaching my half-unzipped jeans. She moaned at my 7″ cock as it popped out. She began to jack me off, she tried to fit her mouth around it but had trouble with its girth. She looked up at me, slightly embarassed, I just smiled and nodded. She tried again and got her lips around the head this time, I lightly pulled her head further down the shaft. I heard her gag and I released her. She stayed there she was though, gagging as she ran her tongue around my dick head, running her lips up and down the shaft. Despite the fact that she probably hadn’t engaged in a sexual act for awhile she was pretty damn good. I leaned back, holding her lead gently, adding a light thrust here and there as she slurped all over my cock. After a few minutes my light thrusts had added up, she nearly had 6 inches in her mouth, her tongue was working incredible stuff though, she would actually try to thrust it up my dick hole. Every time she did this I gasped in both surprise and pleasure.
I wanted to save my whole load for her pussy so I pushed her head back and off. She looked up at me grinning, pleased with herself. I pulled her back up to me and slapped her ass. She pushed me onto the chair and started seductively lowering her shorts. I smiled as her red-lace panties were revealed. She started dancing like a slut, hooking her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties before pulling them down and stepping out of them. She strode over to me. “Let me take that pussy,” I told her, trying to maneuver myself into a position to eat her out. “no, we don’t know how much time we’ll have in here, I need to be fucked, I have a few weeks of cum to unload for you. She said
I grinned and slammed my tongue into her, she moaned loudly. She slowly lowered herself down onto my cock. She gasped with every centimeter. “Oh my god Karmel cock isn’t nearly this thick,” she yelled. I shoved my tongue back into her mouth, worried someone would hear her yelling. While doing that, I grabbed her hips and slammed her down my whole shaft in one motion. She broke away from my kiss, “FUCKING SHIT! THAT’S HUGE, OH MY FUCKING GOD.” I didn’t care, hearing her yell that just made me wild. I started to slam up into her, she began bouncing, slowly at first but getting exponentially faster. She screamed in pleasure as thousands of tingling pleasures ripped through her with every thrust. “FUCK Zabia! FUCKKKK OH MY GOD YOU’RE SOOOO FUCKING GOOD! AHHHH I’M CUMMMMIINNNG, DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP! AHHHHHHHHH! THAT’S IT! RIGHT THERE! THAT’S IT! THAT’S IT!! THAT’S IIIITT FUUUUCK YEAHHHHH!” I slammed 2 fingers up her asshole as I felt her about to orgasm, she shrieked in both pain and pleasure as I felt her cum, hard. I picked her up and sat her down in the chair, laying on top of her.
She was in another world, yelling in pleasure even when I wasn’t in her. I slammed my cock in again, all the way to the hilt in one thrust. I felt her shaking again, her legs hooked around my waist and pulled me into her. I was pumping her up and down, moaning at how good her pussy was milking my cock. “Fuck yes Zabia!” I shouted into her ear. “OHHHH YEAHHH!” she yelled back to me, thrusting against me. Our mid-sections crashed against one another over and over, I felt more of her cum exploding out of her pussy, seeping out past my cock and dribbling down her ass and onto the chair.
I felt myself about to explode and started to drill my cock into her, faster than ever. “AHHHHH FUCK! YES! ZABIA! OHHH MY FUCKKING GOD! YES FUCK ME! FUCKKKKK AHHH FUCK YES! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! IM CUMMING! OH FUCKKKK RIGHT THERE! THAT’S IT! FUCKK! OH MY GOD I WANT IT! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK!” she shrieked wildly, she was licking me everywhere her tongue could reach, her legs were shaking violently again, my mouth was exploring her tits, I felt myself reaching my limit. I grabbed her cum-covered ass and pulled her even further down my shaft “Oh im gonna cum!” I yelled to her.
“CUM ALL OVER ME! FUCKKKK! OHHHHHH IM CUMMING AGAIN! AHHHHHHHHH” She was shaking uncontrollably, I pulled out and, she reached up and started to jack me off furiously, her hand was a blur on my cock. I yelled out in pleasure as I felt my semen pour out and onto her. I had never cum this hard, my cock felt like a fucking hose, my cum was pulsing through it and spraying all over her. She moaned, screamed and gasped as she tried to catch as much in her mouth as she could. I helped her with this, without warning my lust went crazy, I grabbed the sides of her head and jammed my cock deep into her throat, fucking her mouth as hard as I had been fucking her pussy moments earlier. She was screaming and moaning as my cock was shoved down her throat. I was still cumming and I sprayed ounces and ounces of semen into her. She coughed, before spitting my cock out, jumping up and impaling herself on my cock again. I couldn’t believe how wild she was I slammed her up against the wall and kept pumping her, I had recovered quickly. “FUCKKKKK YES! MAKE ME CUM AGAIN! ONE MORE! OHHHHHHHH GODD I COULD FUCK YOU FOREVER! FUCKKK ME PLEEASE!” I was pounding her harder than ever, her ass was being rammed up against the wall, her legs wrapped around my back, I shoved 4 fingers into her asshole and she shrieked wildly as she shook violently again, falling down to the floor, I stayed in her on the way down and pounded her wildly on the floor. I felt myself cum again, spraying an incredible amount of cum into her just as she had her final orgasm. I pulled out, she was shrieking in pleasure as she shot cum up into the air. My cum was still exploding out of my cock all over her tits and the rest of her body. She moaned, rubbing my seed all over her. I jammed my
tongue into her ag
ain, before lowering myself and eating her out wildly, my tongue flicking her clit and tongue fucking her for what seemed like hours. After about 15 minutes of me relentlessly attacking her pussy she shrieked wildly one last time, shouting, writhing, her legs flailing around, thrusting her pussy into my face and pressing the back of my head down into her with both hands. She screamed, and screamed and screamed as I felt her squirt cum into my mouth, an incredible amount. Then she yelled, moaned and sighed before passing out. I made out with her while she was semi-conscious before collapsing next to her and drifting off.

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