Finally at Christmas we get together

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It finally happened after our office Christmas Party. There were only a few of us that went as we are only a small organisation. Mary and I had fancied each other for months. We’d indulged in a bit of heavy petting usually during our lunch break when no-one else was around. However it wasn’t until Christmas that we finally managed to get together.

It was the end of the night, the few people who were left ended up in a nightclub in town. Soon most people had gone, so we just slipped away into the night. I’d booked hotel room not far from where we were and we were there in a flash.

No sooner had we entered the room, her hands were all over me. I quickly undid her blouse and bra to reveal her enourmous tits. They were fantastic, I’d never seen them released before and I quickly went to work fondling, kissing and sucking them. Mary moaned and began to unbuckle my belt and release my hard cock from my pants. My cock was hard and bursting for some action.

She put her hand around the shaft and gently massaged me up and down. It felt fantastic, even better when she’d done it to me in the car on previous occasions. Tonight was going to be sweet.

I quickly took the rest of my clothes off whilsts she took off her blouse and skirt followed by her panties. A freshly shaved cunt with only the vaguest amount of hair around her already moist lips.

‘Do you want to fuck me’, Mary said. ‘You bet’ I replied, ‘but lets have some fun first.’

We moved over to the bed, where she sat down and still holding my shaft, started to slide her mouth over the tip of my cock. Soon she had the whole length inside her mouth and was moving up and down the length of the shaft. I moaned with pleasure.

‘You enjoy sucking my cock, don’t you?’ I said. She paused for breath, ‘Yes it tastes so much nicer than my husbands’

she continued until I instructed her to stop. ‘I want you to sit on my face’ I said. She did just that, as I lay on the bed and licked and sucked the juices from her gorgeous pussy. She was starting to get really turned on now and was moaning and squirming around on my face. Pretty soon her moans grew louder and louder as the cunt juice filled by mouth and went all over my face.

‘Im cumming you bastard’ she said ‘this is never like this at home’ An then she came. Wave after wave hit her as she fell off my face and lay on the bed.

I quickly manouvered my self to between her legs and shoved my cock in her up to the hilt, grabbing both her legs to get maximum purchase. I fucked her hard for 10 minutes whilst she bucked and moaned and I grunted that ‘I would fuck her so hard she wouldn’t be able to walk’ Pretty soon I could feel my cum rise in my cock and taking out and straddling her face, unleashed by spunk all over her face and tits.

We then moved to the bathroom to clean up, but it never happended, before I new it she was down on her hands and knees holding my now thickening cock in her hands. Once her again her large painted lips encircled by bell end and she began to deep throat me porn star style whilst looking in the bathroom mirror.

We moved back to the bed where she lay on her back and told me to lick her cunt again. I obliged of course, this girl would be easy to get off again and again and again. She told me she liked to have he cunt patted gently inbetween licks and very soon she was gasping again with please. I eased a finger up her ass just as she started to come which sent her into orbit.

She soon came down and began to stroke my cock and balls and slowly worked her way down my body and eventually ended up licking my balls whilst stroking my shaft. My cum again began to rise and soon she had her mouth over me just in time to take my second load right down her throat.

It was time to go home soon after or we would both be missed. Can’t wait for this Christmas

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