Finally Taken

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Standing in her large bathroom Storm thought life couldn’t get any better. She had a great job as a secretary, many friends and endless men she could control.
Storm was beautiful and she new it. She stood 5ft 7in and had the perfect curves. Her hair was like black silk that fell to her nicely rounded bottom. Her eyes were unusual, they were silver blue. She thought they were her best feature.
She was yanked out of her mussings when the doorbell rang. She had just gotten out of the shower so she threw on her red silk robe and walked to her door.
“Who is it?” she calls.
What was her boss doing here? She couldn’t imagine why he would showup.
Opening the door she asked “What can I do for you Galen.”
“May I come in?”
“Sure, but you’ll have to tell me what’s going on while I brush my hair.”
She led him to the bathroom where she started finishing cleaning up.
“So what is it”
“You like having control of men don’t you” he asked.
“Absolutly, I don’t want it any other way.”
Suddenly he was behind her. He looked into her eyes through the mirror and said”you will learn what it feels like to be taken.”
“In your dreams.”
He lifted his hand and spanked her.”No,in reality.”
She was stunned. She could nothing but stare at him. He undid her robe and let it fall to her feet. That did it she started to fight. But when he spanked her hard again she started to settle down.
“Fight me if you wish, but I will have you.”
“Now put your knee on the sink.
He spanked her again. When she still didn’t do as he said he spanked her harder and then harder until she finally did.
By this time she was crying, her bottom was stinging and she was humiliated.
“I know you have never had a man here before, have you.” He was touching her anus and she reialized she liked it.
“I’m going to be the first here and you will not allow anyone else to until I am through with you, understand?
He unzipped his pants and pulled out his extremly hard shaft. He was huge, she told him to stop, that there was no way. He spanked her and told her to never tell him to stop again.
Storm was scared. She didn’t like not having control.Suddenly he shoved his fingers into her mouth and told her to get them nice and wet.
He used those same fingers to prepare her anus. He shoved first one finger in then two till finally he had three in. He started moving them in and out.Whenever she tried to squirm away Galen wold spank her.
Galen slid his fingers out only to replace them with his large dick. He kept a steady pressure until he slid all the way in.
Storm tried to get away from the pain but he just held her in place and spanked her again. Tears were slipping down her face and dripping ont sink.
Galen grabbed her hair and pulled slightly. “You’ve been asking for this, you needed to be taken, to be shown what no control felt like.” He started moving then. The pressure had lessened and the pain was bearable.
“You are going to save this sweet little ass only for me. If I find out any other man has been here you will find out what a true spanking feels like.” Galen was now pounding in and out so hard Storm forgot about everything except that she was enjoying this.
Galen’s shaft slapped into her so hard and fast. She couldn’t help it she moaned and began moving in rythem with him.
“Tell me what belongs to me.”
“My ass” she panted.
“And what will happen if you give it to anyone else?”
“I’ll get spanked real hard.”
Storm felt her body tighten and knew she was about to come. Galen pounded harder, she exploded and he rode her through it untill she felt him grow even larger and shoot his load into her.
Galen withdrew and zipped up his pants, cought her eyes in the mirror and said,”Tomarrow after everyone leaves work you will come into my office,strip and present your ass to me. If you are a good girl I’ll give you much pleasure but if you don’t please me either on or off the job I’ll discipline you untill you get it right. Understood?”
“Then I’ll see you tomarrow”
After Galen left she admitted to herself that she did need to be taken and tought how to submit. Storm couldn’t wait to find out what tomarrow would bring.

Will Storm please or dissapoint Galen? Find out soon.

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