My First Affair, True Story Part Two

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I arrived in the office as usual and resolved to talk to her as soon as she arrived.  As soon as she arrived I called her to my office and shut the door.  She sat on the chair in front of my desk and I sat on the edge of the desk right in front of her.  I talked low just in case anyone outside the office might hear.  I had never done anything like this before so I didn’t know what to say, so I just continued with my normal straightforward always professional demeanor, while the words coming out of my mouth betrayed something much less professional and much more primal.  I told her that I was very attracted to her and I wanted her desperately and that I thought she felt the same, but if I had somehow misunderstood she should please forgive me and we will say nothing more about it.  By this time I already knew the answer but I was still so relieved when she told me YES, that was absolutely what she wanted as well!  She stood up and I took her in my arms.  I put my arms around her waist, just enjoying the feel of her body in my fingertips which I had been waiting for so long.  I ran my fingers up her back and came to her face – it was time for our first kiss.  Those full lips were all mine and I touched them tenderly at first and then a little more passionate, but still mindful that she would have to leave the office soon and I didn’t want to mess up her makeup and make anything look obvious to anyone else.  I told her we had waited too long already, and that I wanted her as soon as possible and she agreed.  We agreed that I would get a hotel room soon after work and she would join me.


Unfortunately, timing was against us once more.  I had only a couple of days before I was scheduled to take two weeks off and travel out of town for my sister’s wedding.  And try as we might we could not find the time to get together before I left.  We would write notes to each other and meet in the stairwell where we would steal kisses here and there, but we just couldn’t get together before I left town.  Either I was working or my family had something going on or she had night school or something with her family.  Finally, on the day I was due to fly out I had planned to work until lunchtime as we had an evening flight.  This day happened to be her birthday so I had a reasonable excuse to take her to lunch and fortunately the couple of other people in the office that day were too busy to join us, so it ended up being just the two of us.


I took her to a quite restaurant within walking distance of the warehouse district where our office is based.  It was a really strange place which I hadn’t been to before and it turned out not to be very good.  It was only open a short time and there was practically no one in it.  It was in the upper floor of an old warehouse which was dark and not otherwise occupied and you had to walk up the steps and around different corridors to get to the restaurant.  But it turned out to be the perfect location for the two of us.  We had a lovely lunch where I told her in great detail all the things I wanted to do to her and she did the same.  Turns out she really wanted to suck me off.  She said that she wasn’t that experienced as her husband wasn’t that into it (weird right, who wouldn’t be in this day and age?) and she really wanted to perform it.  I told her that I wanted to make love to her and I also wanted to fuck her.  I told her they were two different things and I wanted to do both excessively.  By the end of the lunch we were both so turned on and still couldn’t do anything about it.  As we left the restaurant through all of the steps and corridors we had come through earlier, I noticed an unoccupied dark corner of the building and I pulled her aside.  I pinned her up against the wall and urgently assaulted her lips with mine.


We spent the next twenty minutes up against the wall and we explored every inch of each other’s bodies without removing any clothes.  I held her tight and then moved first down to caress that beautiful ass of hers, God it felt so good.  Then I moved up to caress her back, arms, shoulder, neck, head and face.  Then my hands traveled down the front of her shirt and I was caressing her breasts, gently at first but then more urgently.  After all this time it felt so good to touch every part of her, well almost.  Finally we both moved down and I felt her pussy through her pants, while she started rubbing my dick through mine.  I was harder than I can ever remember being.  We carried on like this for a long time but we were both worried about being discovered and I had to start getting ready to leave for my flight.  And so we promised each other that this would give us something to remember over the next two weeks while I was away and that we would get together properly as soon as I got back.  Walking away at that point was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do but we had painted ourselves into a corner and really had no way out.  I guess I could have tried a quickie in the back corridor but we just wanted the first time to be special and not rushed.  So I somehow managed to pull away and get my erection to withdraw and we walked back to the office behaving like two professionals who had just had lunch together.


I came back to the office, said goodbye to everyone and left to meet my family and catch my flight.  I called her from the road and reminded her of the promise we had made and that I would hold her to it.  She said she expected me to hold up my end of the bargain as well and would be waiting for me to get back.  I had the worst case of blue balls ever.  Because of the timing I didn’t even have any time to masturbate.  When I got to the airport all the water I had drunk at lunchtime had gone through me and I needed to pee, but because everything was still so inflamed and I had not had any release it felt like I was trying to pee through a pinhole.  Agony, and yet just another reminder of the excitement waiting for me when I got back.


The two weeks passed very slowly.  It was so weird.  You plan your vacation for months and are looking forward to it.  And then just as you leave you find yourself in a situation where you don’t give a damn about your vacation anymore and you just want it to be over so you can get back home as quickly as possible and finish what you have started.  Just one of many new feelings I was experiencing.  Another strange feeling was attending my sister’s wedding and joining in all of the celebrations while at the same time thinking constantly about nothing else but breaking my own wedding vows as soon as I get back home.  I also found that I loved having this wonderful secret.  Something that would shock all my friends and family if they knew – I would be the last person they would suspect of something like this.  I called when I could to check in with my new women, and the tension continued to build.  We knew what would happen when I got home and finally my vacation was over.


I called her as soon as I got back and we agreed to meet after work on my first day back.  I came into work that day, acted professional to everyone, and told everyone it was good to be back.  Then I left ostensibly to use the bathroom but I looked at her and motioned her to meet me in the stairwell.  After a few minutes she followed me out.  We met and embraced and we were all over each other again, but we tried not to get carried away because we had all day to wait again.  She asked me if anything had changed while I was away and I assured her it had not.  She asked me again if I was certain I wanted to go through with this and I told her yes, absolutely, 100%.  She said good, she had brought a change of clothes.  She told me to get a hotel room between our office and our parking lot and slip her the key and she would slip away after work and get a shower and be ready for me.  I went out at lunchtime and did as I was told, brought her back the key and then tried to settle in to some work while the hours passed slowly.  Finally the day ended and she left, and after the agreed interval I followed.

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