first encounter

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First encounter
Part one

After chatting on the Internet for so long tensions where high, because their conversations were perfect, no expectations, no inhibitions and no imperfections, could the real thing possibly match this experience. Still a relationship can only continue that way for so long and tonight was the night to take things further. Initially it was the two hour drive that dictated how things where, but as their conversations became more intense there was a certain element of excitement associated with the fact that they had never met face to face. The months of explicit conversations had another advantage; they had taken the time to learn each others deepest desires as well as the smallest likes and dislikes.
The long drive gave Jay the opportunity to go through the mental list of what Lisa liked, clean shaven, no aftershave, the overalls were in a bag with a few of the other items she had requested, massage oil, bubble bath and a silk scarf. Jay had of course added a few things for his own pleasure, a DVD, a Mars bar and two boxes of condoms. He reconsidered this last item and placed one of the boxes in the glove box, not wanting to seem too keen, but keeping them handy if needed. Just ten minutes away Jay thought to himself how he could really do with that aftershave about now, as small drips of sweat began to form on his brow, never before had he been so nervous about meeting a woman. Just five minutes away the nervousness turned to excitement, as it occurred to him that like he, she too would be remembering their conversations, just how much would she remember? And what would she be wearing?
In the mean time, Lisa had some anguish of her own to deal with, should she have the house candle lit for when Jay arrives, or wait until things start to heat up, and ooh, what to wear, she considered answering the door naked, but dismissed this idea very quickly. Despite the intensity of their conversations, and the number of photos they had exchanged, the concept that he may not be attracted to her in person was constantly bouncing around her head. She decided to dress so as to entice, but not scare, they had decided that there would still be no expectations, just in case someone didn’t feel comfortable in person. She laid the clothes out on the bed before grabbing her waterproof vibrator and climbing into the shower, feeling a little sneaky, but knowing that if they did end up having sex it would be so much better if she had already climaxed. Not being an easy women to please she often feared making a man feel inadequate by not orgasming, but still refused to fake one.

Slowly running her hands over her body while soaping herself up, she imagined his voice as he described the way he longed to touch her, then she placed one finger between her lips as she gently slid it up and down her freshly waxed slit, then she slowly penetrated herself. With the other hand she reached for her vibrator, set it on low and held it against her clit, while increasing the motion of the other hand using two fingers now. She then swapped the vibrator into her right hand; she didn’t bother starting slowly as she just wanted to come now. She leaned back against the cool tiles letting out a small gasp, and began to pound herself harder and faster, arching her back and tilting her hips to take her entire tool in, she felt her muscles tighten around the vibrator forcing her to thrust harder. Almost immediately she felt the muscles in her entire body tense as the warmth of her orgasm rushed over her body and her juices began to flow out. Then all of a sudden, with much more ease, the vibrator slid in deeply for the climax had passed and she slumped back. She quickly washed herself off again and jumped out, unsure of how much time she had spent in the shower.

Once in the bedroom she looked at the clock and saw that she only had twenty minutes until Jay arrived. Glad that the clothes were already laid out, she quickly dried herself off and proceeded to dress. She pulled on her little black bra and matching G, followed by a pair of shiny silky stay up stockings, a short suede skirt and a seventies styled top with large sleeves that is cut low at the front to emphasise her generous cleavage. This was chosen so that her knee-high boots would not look too out of place. Practically running to the bathroom, to splash on her makeup and do her hair, she felt her heart beating rapidly in her chest, ‘oh please god let this be as good as the phone calls.’
Just as Lisa returned her things to the cupboard there was a knock at the front door. She glanced around for a quick last inspection, everything seemed to be how she wanted it, and so she went to answer the door. Although she had seen photos she never imagined he was so tall, and he had the warmest smile she had ever seen. That was all she had the time to process before he leant in and kissed her, deeply, passionately, in that instant all of Lisa’s fears where swept away. He held her close to him, and she could feel him slowly hardening against her as they kissed, he seemed neither ashamed nor embarrassed by this and that started to excite her. She pushed her pelvis up against his to show her approval and he gently slid his hand up her back, sending a small shiver down her spine. Glad now that she decided after all to have the house lit entirely by candles, she led him to the lounge where it would be warmest. Then with a cheeky grin she gestured to the bag that he had brought with him.
“You can put the things on the coffee table, for when we need them”.
Lisa sat back on a beanbag arching her back to put her breasts on display and leaving her legs slightly apart rather invitingly. Jay turned around to view this display and smiled approvingly. As he was kneeling down to her he removed his shirt to reveal a very toned torso and two nipple rings, Lisa could not remember him mentioning this but it was a nice surprise. She too started to remove her top, but Jay placed his hands over hers, stopping her.
“Allow me,” he said through a smile.
He began to kiss her on the small part of her stomach that was revealed, and slowly trailed upward as he lifted her top. Lisa sunk back into the beanbag to give Jay full access to her body. He worked his way up to her breasts and began to gently nibble at her nipples through her bra, first one then the other. Now Lisa could reach his body and ran her hands down his chest briefly pausing at his nipple rings causing Jay to momentarily stop what he was doing, seemingly out of pleasure and he soon resumed removing her shirt, this time entirely.
Lisa moved her right hand down to his waist and then gently began stroking his very firm member through his pants; Jay let out a small sigh that Lisa thought was quite cute. She undid the top button, and Jay began to nibble on her neck, trying to distract her, but she had waited so long for this moment and nothing would prevent her from getting what she wanted now. She undid the zip and pulled his pants down just slightly, then to her surprise, he was bare underneath, Lisa herself preferred not to wear underwear but this was the first time she had encountered a man who liked to fly free. This excited her even more and she griped her hand firmly around his cock wanting to pull him into her, but knowing how much sweeter it would be if she made him wait.
Jay sensing her enthusiasm decided to first remove her skirt before the playing got too much for him. He undid the zip with ease and griped the skirt around the hem sliding it down over her hips, her legs and boots and onto the floor. He sat up for a moment just taking in the view of her laying back wearing a small black bra, a tiny G-string, stay up stockings and her knee high boots. He wished he had a camera then to keep that image for ever, but she didn’t stay that way for long, she got up onto her knees and gestured him to stand which he obediently did. She slid each of his shoes off. Then with one swift tug, his pants were around
his ankles so he stepped out of th
Still on her knees, Lisa ran her hands up his thighs, dragging her nails as she worked her way up, then worked her way over his testicles, at this point she followed her nails with her tongue, running it all over his balls taking in his taste. She looked up, straight into his eyes as she then turned her attention to his cock. Taking him into her mouth, nibbling, licking, and sucking on his knob, then without any warning took him wholly into her throat, so that he could feel her lips around the very base of his shaft.
This was not how Jay intended it to be, he wanted to woo her with his skill, not for a second did he expect that Lisa herself would posses such mastery, but it was too much for him to make her stop. Just then her enthusiasm increased and she started ramming him harder and faster down her throat letting out small moans as she did implying that she was enjoying this almost as much as him. He could feel the gentle vibrations on his genitals and it became more than he could handle.
“Stop,” he moaned he didn’t want to come just yet.
Lisa payed no attention to him, instead she griped her hands around his hips, pulling him closer to her so that he was unable to pull away, with that he let go, squirting his load down her throat, she it swallowed too, every last drop.
Slightly embarrassed that he had come so quickly, Jay decided to return his attention to Lisa, laying her back against the beanbag, he began by removing her boots one at a time, running his hands over her silky smooth stocking covered calves and thighs. Then he slid his hands up her back, as he leant in to kiss her, unclipping her bra with such ease she barley noticed, too encased in the kiss. Then his lips moved over to her neck and began to work their way down, kissing and softly nibbling on her neck, her shoulders, now bare of any straps, down her chest, lingering at each nipple in turn and finally down to her stomach. As he began to lower her G-string he could easily feel how aroused she was; it was saturated. He then nibbled on her inner thigh, working his way up. Taking his left hand he gently massages her breast and rotates the nipple between thumb and forefinger. Then just as Lisa thinks she is in ecstasy, Jay begins to lick. With his right hand he runs one finger down her slit to gently part her smooth lips, then as the finger works it way back up, it is closely followed by his tongue, he repeats this gesture while each time his tongue moves in deeper and deeper. He then uses two fingers to seperating her lips allowing his tongue to penetrate even further, licking up and down, sliding in and out bringing Lisa on the verge of her second orgasm for the evening. Only Lisa doesn’t want to come yet and she tries to hold it back, she does this successfully for sometime savouring the pleasure until Jay takes just one finger and slides it into her moistness, aiming the pressure up and sucking on her clitoris he notices her breathing not quicken, but stop, as she gasps in and her muscles tighten around his finger, he pushes deeper into her until he feels her fluid flow out over his hand. Then she lets out the breath she had violently been holding in and that’s when her breathing changes to quick deep breaths.
Jay fully aroused once again from this display, reaches over to the coffee table and takes one of the condoms, without removing his lips from hers, the slides the rubber over his erect cock and then swiftly moves up sliding himself inside of her. Lisa not expecting this tenses immediately, but then begins to relax as he kisses her, while slowly sliding himself in and out, and she embraces him, holding his taught body against hers. Once in motion together Jay starts to increase the pace and Lisa feels him getting deeper inside of her as his enthusiasm increases, lifting her legs she allows him maximum penetration and the thrusting becomes more intense. Still aroused from his earlier efforts she feels herself tightening round his shaft already, her muscles gripping him tightly within, Jay responds to her arousal, but doesn’t want the moment to end so quickly and so he withdraws, leaving her on edge.

He then gently guides her over to one of the armchairs and sits her on his lap. She mounts him instantly wanting to feel him inside her again, and begins to rock back and fourth, the back of the chair prevents her from being able to take all of him in and they stay this way for some time, kissing, caressing and getting to know each others body. The arousal is still there but this position doesn’t allow for the deep penetration that Lisa now craves, and so she lifts herself off of Jay and turns around, facing away from him. Then lowers herself once again onto his shaft this time taking him wholly into her. She lifts herself on and off of his cock repeatedly using both her arms placed on the chairs arms, and her legs, resting between his. This leaves Jays’ hands free to explore her body as he caresses her breasts, then moves one hand down to her clitoris, and begins to stimulate it, becoming rougher and rougher as Lisa’s thrusting on his cock hastens. This time they begin to climax together, Lisa leans forward giving Jay an unobscured view of their lovemaking, arousing him even more and with one final thrust he grips her hips and pulls her down forcefully onto him, and with this Lisa lets out a moan and again grips his manhood with her raging cunt muscles and as he squirts his juices inside of her, she forces hers out, running over his cock and down his testicles.

Exhausted from their playing Lisa rises and takes Jay’s hand in hers, removes the condom with her other hand and says “lets head off to bed”. Giving one momentary glance over to the bag still on the coffee table Jay says “guess we didn’t need that after all”, “but we have all night” Lisa replied, once again flashing that cheeky grin, with that they retired to bed.

(Look out for part two)

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    very wonderful encounter, sensual, erotic, and very explicit. would love to read more.

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    still waiting for the next story

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