First Meeting PT One

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I think the most devastating thing about my divorce was the fact that I did not see it coming. In retrospect I take all of the blame. I was lost in my work and to be honest I never loved her. I married Katherine because our families expected it. At the end of our 17 years of marriage we had both tuned out.
There was no sex or intimacy so during the last two years I got by with phone sex with ladies I met in online chat rooms. Was that cheating? I never thought so. I was never unfaithful during the 19 years we were together (unless you count that phone sex).
I had a lot of positive feedback on the stories I told during phone sex so I began writing them down. I’m not very good at spelling and I’m not very good at grammar so I just typed them in a stream of consciousness fashion the last year of the marriage and my first year of being single. I can tell you that being single at age 54 is no fun so I sought refuge in my stories and telling them to the ladies I met in the chat rooms.
I had often wondered if there was a forum for sharing erotic stories so I Google’d it and found a great site. I quickly completed the registration process and downloaded one of my first stories. I can’t tell you how proud I was when I saw it printed online. I know it may sound lame but I really felt a freedom when I sent in that first story.
A few days after that I noticed a comment by someone – I hoped it was a female! And it was! She said the story really turned her on. So, this was all the encouragement I needed. The next day I received an e-mail from her. WOW! I was so excited. We exchanged a few e-mails with what I call the “preliminaries,” i.e. where do you live, how many times have you been married, children, ya da, ya da. I actually began to look forward to getting home in the afternoon to see if I had received an e-mail from THANK YOU!!! Tracy.
One night she asked me if I wanted to call her. Absofuckinglutely I want to call you! I wanted to take my time and not rush into anything “online,” so I had not asked about calling her before. That first night we talked for 2 hours. Tracy was funny, extremely intelligent and with the innuendos and double-entendres I found her very sexy. We began talking almost every night and one night she asked me if we could do phone sex. Absofuckinglutely I want to have phone sex with you.
Please don’t think me lame, but I have to say that phone sex with Tracy was better than the real sex I had been having. How is that possible you may ask. All I can tell you is that it was 100% mental. I’d always heard people say that you have to “…fuck them in the mind first…” and we did this quite literally.
I remember having an imaginary friend, “Captain Rapid” when I was 4 years old! HA! So, it sort of seemed like Tracy was my new, adult, imaginary friend. Please don’t judge me – I’m in therapy for all of this! LOL! (Not really).

One night I summoned up the courage and I asked Tracy if she would like to meet. Absofuckinglutely she wanted to meet me! I cannot tell you how joyous that call was. So we began making our plans. She lived in Detroit and I lived in Nashville so I invited her down here for the weekend. The time seemed to pass at a snail’s pace waiting for her visit.
Finally the day came. I had tried to get off on Friday but I had to attend several meetings that were important so I could not get off. To make matters worse one of the meetings was from 3:00 to 5:30 – On Friday afternoon of all times. So, at lunch, I went to the hotel and checked Tracy in. I left flowers and a bottle of wine and a note that was so corny I hoped she would not puke.
Needless to say, I was not of much value in those meetings that Friday. I was thinking about what Tracy looked like. What type of body she had. I was thinking about touching her and fondling her and having her to myself for the entire weekend.
I texted her a few times during the afternoon. She had gotten to the hotel and had gotten settled. Then I read this on the screen of my phone, “I have spent the entire afternoon getting my body ready for you.” WOW and double wow! Of course the meeting went over – doesn’t anyone know it’s Friday? I texted her that I was on my way. She asked me to meet her in the bar just off the lobby of the hotel. I’m sure I broke a few land speed records getting over there.
The bar was magnificent. It was a very classy place with muted lighting and comfortable booths. There was a pianist playing softly up front. I ordered a single malt scotch and waited to meet my new best friend.

To be continued…

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