Flashing turns into a wife swap

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It was a couple years ago and my wife and I were with our other married friends Ryan and Ali. We had all met in wine country for a little weekend trip. After a day of wine tasting (and drinking) and a booze filled dinner, the four of us are walking back to the hotel. Ali starts to act like the exhibitionist she love to be and starts to flash people as we pass them on the street. Ali is 26, a natural blond with the biggest perky natural tits I have ever seen on a girl with a good body. It is no wonder she enjoyed showing off her DDD’s that sat up perfectly like they were fake, but I promise you they are all natural. I have seen them several times before that night as this was not uncommon, she liked to get naked every time she got drunk. So I enjoyed the show during our five minute walk home with each flash getting longer and longer until she was just walking down the street topless. The attention from the other people on the street was making me a little nervous, but Ali seemed to love it. We got her to put her shirt back on so they would let back into the hotel and we quickly went up to the room. There had been some reservation issues and unexpectedly the four of us had to share a room. When we got to the room Ali went to change in the bathroom and came out quickly wearing black lace panties and bra, saying coyly “I didn’t bring anything else, we were supposed to have separate rooms….” She looked incredible, perfect creamy skin, her huge tits bouncing as she walked over and laid down on the bed next to me. I looked at my wife as neither of us had been with anyone else since we had been together and she gave me the ‘I don’t know whats going on look’. This was not a ‘no’ so I didn’t pull away as Ali pushed her tight ass back to me and grabbed my hand and pulled it over her. We were now essentially spooning and my dick got rock hard immediately as it was softly being rubbed against Ali’s ass. Ryan needed no encouragement and stripped his clothes off and climbed on top of my wife, his cock hard and rubbing against her. I decided that fucking Ali would be worth seeing my wife get fucked and apparently she made the same decision as she reached down and starting stroking Ryan’s cock as I looked on. While I couldn’t believe my wife had another man’s cock in her hand and was letting him take her clothes off, I turned my attention back to Ali. I reached one hand toward her perfect tits and the other undid the bra that was keeping them from me. I loved those tits, so firm, yet so big – a perfect pink nipple that responded to me as I rubbed and licked her breasts. She had reached down and unleashed my cock that was as hard as it had ever been in my life. She guided herself down, letting my cock rub her flat stomach and then slide between her heavy tits and finally into her waiting mouth. I laid on the bed as she sucked and licked, her tits hanging, the perfect scenery to her wonderful blowjob. I looked over and saw that my wife and Ryan were completely naked and she was riding him, her smaller tits bouncing as he fucked her, hands holding tightly on here hips as he buried his cock in my wife. I flipped Ali over to her hand as knees and tore off her panties, driving my cock into her very wet pussy. I could see my wife being fucked as I pounded Ali both with joy and anger. Ali’s tits bounced wildly as I rammed her from behind. My wife got off of Ryan just before he came and swallowed his dick and then his cum as he exploded in her mouth (my wife had sucked my dick after we had fucked). She swallowed every drop and continued to lick his still hard cock. I was getting close to cumming and I wanted to see that cum on Ali’s perfect tits, so I turned her again and slid my cock between her tits, pushed them against my cock as a fucked her tits. I could feel the rush of my biggest ever load, the first shot hitting Ali on the chin, spreading to her mouth; the rest I directed onto her tits. The white streams of my cum covered her tits as she grabbed them with her hands and then licked her fingers clean.

We slept as we fell, all four of us naked covered in cum and the smell of sex heavy in the air.

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