Free At Last

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I am not really John Holmes Junior. I’m not related to the famous porn star. I do, however have a 14 inch cock. That is why I’m using his name for this story. You would think that I’ve had all kinds of sexual adventures but you would be wrong. I was a virgin when I got married seven years ago and so was my wife Susan. We both came from strict upbringings and went to the same church. In the beginning our sex life was okay but a few years later it just kind of faded away. We have sex maybe once a week, if that. It is always a struggle and I’m tired of it. She complains that my cock is too big and it makes her sore but she won’t even go for 69ing or even a hand job. In fact, we haven’t 69ed since two years ago I got carried away and didn’t tell her and came in her face and hair. She got so pissed! She acts like cum is battery acid. Sometimes, I would like to see her with my cum on her face or tits or whatever. Well, it had been 3 weeks since we last fucked and I couldn’t take it anymore. You see, I refuse to masturbate. I shouldn’t have to. I went to a local massage parlor and for the first time cheated on my wife. The girls name was Destiny and she gave me the breakdown.” It’s $30 for a half hour and $60 for an hour.” she said after I was on the table naked and covered by a sheet. ” Do you know about our tipping policy?” she smiled sweetly. I said I didn’t. “$50 for a hand job,$75 for a blow job, $100 to fuck and $250 for anything you want.” I gave her $250 and she stripped and pulled the shhet back. “Holy fuck thats a big cock!!!” She said as she saw my 14 inch boner. She smiled and placed a rubber on it.”What’ll it be cowboy?” She asked. I told her I wanted to buttfuck. I have always wantwed to do that but Susan would never let me. “Okay baby but be gentle and go slow until I tell you. That is by far the biggest cock I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot!” She rubbed some extra lube on the rubber(Which by the way only covered about half of my cock) and got on her hands and knees. I eased my greased up cock slowly up her ass until the rubber disapeared. I slowly moved in and out and after a few minutes she said to fuck her hard. It seemed like it hurt her but she said that I paid for it so I should fuck it. I came hard into the rubber and pulled out. That night I tried to fuck my wife. Struck out again. I went back to Destiny off and on for the next few months. I quit asking Susan for sex and she didn’t seem to mind. I couldn’t live like this anymore so I demanded that Susan start putting out or I would leave. She seemed to respond but a few weeks later the same old pattern. I devised a plan to make her divorce me. I asked Destiny If she wanted to make an extra thousand dollars and when I told her what she would have to do she was all over it. Destiny is about 21 or so with very short bleached hair. She is petite and has a rock hard body with pert little titties. My wife is a little overweight and has big saggy tits. In fact I know that she weighs 180 pounds and is 36dd-32-40. She is turning into her mother. Leota, my mother in law is probably 250 pounds or more with big tits, a big fat stomach and a huge ass. It’s funny because my father in law is a good two inches shorter than her and weighs maybe 150. Anyway my plan was to have Susan catch me with Destiny and get so pissed of that she would divorce me. I had Destiny come over one Saturday while Susan was shopping with her mother. We kind of fooled around for a while and I was nice and hard. I wanted to time this just right. We had plenty of massage oil and she would periodically stroke my cock to keep it hard. I heard Susan’s car pull up. Leota was with her! This would be better than I had planned. We were in the bedroom with the door opened and Destiny really started stroking my cock now. They came in the door and Destiny started to say very loudly,”Oh yeah baby shoot that cum on me! Make a big mess for me baby!!!” Susan and Leota walked into the hall and I saw them and that sent me over the edge. I blasted my cum on Destiny as my wife and mother in law watched. Susan screamed at the top of her lungs and Leota just stared at my 14 inch cock spurting hot cum on a young whore. Destiny Got up and walked over to Susan and said, “I don’t know why you don’t fuck him, 14 inches is a mighty nice cock. It feels good up your ass too.” She left and Susan cried uncontrolably Leota just kept staring at my cock. “I bet you wish your old man had a dick like this,huh Leota?” I asked her and she turned away and comforted her daughter. I just walked around the house naked and after a few minutes Susan and Leota left. The next day Susan told me she wanted a divorce. THANK GOD!!!!!

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