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Sometimes when He thinks of her an entire scene materializes in His mind…a story…a performance. Sometimes His mind just flashes with a multitude of snap shots…freeze frames of them together…cameos.

All day today that is what had been happening. If, for a moment, He let his mind relax its grip on the business of the day, immediately she pops in. Sitting in His pickup truck waiting for the demolition crew to show up at the job site…raining outside…alone and quiet…sipping coffee…and she popped in. The image of her lying face down on the bed in front of Him…naked, arms outstretched and legs slightly spread. Standing above looking down at her…her long tapering legs, the crease of her spine down the centre of her back…gently merging, and blending with the cleft of her ass. He is a voyeur (aren’t all men?)…He loves to look and to watch.

That image stayed with Him all day…haunted Him…because of the sheer erotic beauty of it…and because of the potential.

Perhaps this is one way, He thinks, for that freeze frame to come to life.

He had told her to be completely quiet and do only as He says… and she lays very still, save for her rapid, deep breathing, knowing that He is glaring at her nakedness. He could see the slightest twitching of her hips as she hears Him begin to undress behind her…the sounds of His belt buckle unclipping…of His trousers slipping down. The soft hiss of cotton against skin and His briefs slide down His legs to the floor.

He has asked her not to move until He says, but she can’t control the slight involuntary grinding of her hips, knowing He is naked also and growing hard, just by watching her on the bed. He bends and runs His fingers like feathers up the back of her legs watching her struggle to lay still and He enjoys the mild torment. When she appears to have regained her composure, He intentionally lets His fingers slip inside her thighs, further testing her will. Fingers almost reaching her pussy, He glide them up and over her sweet round ass, letting one finger brush along the crack…and back down…her cheeks twitch again. Although she is quite still, He can tell that it is a struggle for her. ‘Raise up’, He says and she knows the position. Arms stretched in front of her. she begins to draw her knees up under her hips…her ass raising. She arches her back down in a long sensual sweep, like a cat stretching after a long nap and her ass raises higher…cheeks parting and pressing back, until she can feel His rigid cock against her ass…and there she stops…waiting. She know what will come, but she must wait.

With one hand He strokes the sensitive skin of His cock along its length and the other runs a finger tip down the centre line of her spine…across the small of her back…down her spreading cleavage and across the sensitive hole…twitching again…and lightly across her now, very wet, pussy. That trip is repeated again, and each time her asshole pulses, clenching and then relaxing. The pink lips of her pussy swell and moisten as He watches. He moves his fingers agonizingly slow, but she has learned from experience that restraint…patience will be rewarded.

His fingers lightly tease her hood smearing it with her precum…coaxing out her sharp bud…her back arches, spreading her lips further…opening herself, inviting Him in…pleading for more aggressive attention. Slowly, dipping His finger in her wet hole, He slides back up and across her asshole…painting it with her juices. Arms clenching the pillow, face buried in the satin, she watches Him through clenched eyes…sensing Him…standing naked and hard…hand sliding faster now up and down His rigid cock…devouring her with His eyes…ravishing her with His stare…for this moment, owning her totally. He leans over her and presses His lips between her shoulder blades and she can feel His cock slide against her pussy, parting her lips as His shaft lay along her slit…sliding back and forth and coating Him with her cream. She begins an involuntary rocking…milking as much sensation as possible from the touch, but sensing it…He pulls His cock away slightly. His lips kiss and bite…down the center of her back…tasting her skin. She can feel His breath blow hard against her as His own stroking gains intensity. His tongue enters the cleft of her ass and He works his tongue slowly. She arches further, spreading herself…knees apart…and His tongue glides down the centre…kissing and probing until it reaches her pink hole…twitching still harder. He runs the very tip of His tongue in small circles around the rim, flicking lightly and she jerks in anticipation.

Now on His knees on the floor, stroking Himself…long and hard…squeezing as His hand rolls across the tip. The other hand reaches under her belly and rubs back across her shaved mound and He places a thumb against her fiery clit and the second her body spasms with that touch, He stabs His tongue in the centre of her asshole…and He hears a muffled gasp as she buries her face into the pillow to maintain her silence. His light and gentle hand has turned firm and He presses her clit hard, sliding across it, fingers slipping deep into her wet pussy and back out again. His tongue stabs…opening her and probing deep, trying to force her to break her order of silence…working feverishly into her asshole…fingers violently grinding her clit. The purple veins along His shaft throb as He pounds His fist up and down drawing His cum from deep within His balls. She grunts deep into the pillow and her hips gyrate wildly against His mouth and hand…knowing that He is close and that soon she will gain her release, being freed from her command of silence.

Like a man desperate for all things, He drives fingers deep into her warm wet pussy once again and probe deep into her ass with His tongue, almost pushing her forward onto the bed…she presses hard back against Him, knowing He wants her in that position for a moment longer. Standing He finally gives her the order to cum… “cum My pet” as He lays the tip of His cock against her wet asshole and pumps hard with His fist. She at last raises her face from the pillow and her cries echo through the room as her own fingers now invade her depths. She pushes in deep and rolls her clit hard as she can feel Him pumping against her, and with long heavy groan He explodes, spraying His white hot stream against her pulsing asshole.

Like two victims of this erotic torture they scream together as their passion flies wild, carrying them outside themselves…no up or down…no words or colour or sight at all…simply electric, throbbing impulses driving them into each other with a primal rhythm handed down thru the eons…lost for the moment in the blinding white light of the orgasm coursing through their brains and their loins.

Their minds begin to slowly clear…their cries trailing off into breathy moans, the jolts of electricity subsiding into a warm glow, penetrating each corner of their beings. His cum drips down across her pussy and she applies it to her burning lips and clit…soothing the fire. Her strength sapped, she slides forward and again lay spread eagled on the bed on her belly…legs and arms spread wide…taking long, laboured breaths. As a final salute, or perhaps as a reassurance of a return visit, He runs His fingers from her pussy, across her asshole…spreading her cheeks, and up her back as He lowers Himself next to her…smearing His cum along the way.

He now lays naked beside her…leg across her ass and head propped on one arm, watching her…His fingers lightly toying with a long soft strand of her hair…pulling if from her eyes and tucking it behind her ear. Her eyes glow and sparkle…a weak smile spreading across her lips. ‘What a glorious afternoon’…she coos…as they nestle together safe within each other.



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