From My Dorm Room to Paradise

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What do you do when you have a head full of blissful filled orgasms? I’ve wondered what to do with them and I have decided to share them with those willing to read them. My first memory comes from my college days, boy was that a night to remember.
It was a normal day as they all where. My friends and I would go to class for the day which meant a little after two, then meet up sometime in the cafeteria for lunch and then hook back up again in my dorm room to hangout. See everybody came to my room because I had my own room. that’s right no god damn roommate, do you know how luck you are in college to have your own room? Well shit in my dorm I was considered lucky cause that meant no body could stop me. Ha-ha, well kind of. Well anyway back to the story, this day I decided I was going to do something special for my boyfriend Xavier. I was in a romantic mood for some reason. So while in class I decided that I was going to take a page out the romantic novellas that I love to read so much. When I left class my plan was about to be put into motion.
Once I got there it was already past five thirty and it started getting dark outside. That was even better because it was working in my favor and Xavier didn’t get out of class until seven. So I had plenty of time to get everything ready. Just thinking how his face is going to look had me excited. I cleaned the room up of our clothes and stuff from everywhere. I took a shower and lotioned up just nice. Just as I finished getting dressed the gang all started to get together in my room to roll up and to go smoke some good yurba. Xavier didn’t know what was in store for his ass but heaven almighty knows I was ready for his ass with or without that yurba. After we finished smoking I was definitely in full swing for Xavier. As we went back into the dorms Xavier decided to go to his homeboy room to play 2K9 for a little while. Excited as I was I ran to my room and finished setting the mood. I turned on Seduction by Usher, open the drapes so the full moon can shine in and turned all the lights off but a small lamp just enough light to see his face when he walks in. So, I went to Xavier’s friend room and told him I need him to come to my room for a second, he said “Aight, babe I’ll be there in a second cause I’m getting my ass spanked anyway” (umm, I thought what a nice choice of words).
As usual it took Xavier a few minutes to move from in front of that game. So I ran back to my room slipped out of my clothes and slipped on the only thing I was going to wear my black suede pumps. Just as I finished putting on the music and my pumps Xavier knocked at the door. I strutted to the door with such confidence and sexual hunger I had to beg myself to slow down. When I opened the door he walked in and looked at me standing there completely naked with only my pumps on. Now this had always been a fantasy for him so decided to tend to his every need. But right now my mouth had a need of its own to kiss his sexy mouth. I pushed him up against the door so he couldn’t move and took my fill of his mouth. See to me Xavier had lips of gold, with every touch of his lips on mine turned me on. He kissed me like nothing else mattered. His tongue was everywhere in my mouth pure intoxicating was his kiss. I broke the kiss because if I kept letting it go on I knew the night would be a short frenzied one. So I turned the remaining lights off and told him to “relax, just feel and let the sensations take over” he quickly agreed.
So slowly I took his shirt off kissing every piece of flesh as it was exposed. Xavier was the color of coal but had skin as soft as a newborns’ and as sweet as the richest chocolate. He was addictive and I was ready to get started eating so I started at his neck. I sucked and bit him in all his favorite spots. I dragged my tongue down and across his collar bone I wanted to taste every part of him. I slowly moved down to attack his nipples, they tasted like Hershey Kisses fresh from the mold. So I sucked, licked and bit them until they where little pebbles. Once that was done I slowly kept dragging my tongue down his smooth stomach kissing, biting, sucking and licking in various places. I continued my oral assault until I got to the top of his pants. Here I decided to slow it down even more I slowly removed his belt licking and biting the top of his “happy trail”. I can tell that this was turning him on even more because he kept trying to get to me but I wouldn’t let him. Next came his pant but just as I started to unzip him I decided that I wanted him to be laying down for this part. So I walked him over to the bed and lowered his pants kissing every part his body around his prize he calls “Junior”. Xavier named his dick the right name because it was just as sexy as its owner. Jr. was my favorite part of Xavier not because of the size but because of how beautiful Jr. looked.
Jr. is like the thickest, longest and widest cucumber that someone can find at a supermarket and trust me I was happy to have found it and brought it home. Jr. was long and dark with the softest touch you’ll ever feel. When it was hard he got this shiny coat to it that made it look like a Tootsie Roll lollipop waiting to be devoured, and boy was I ready to see how many licks it took until I got to the center of his Tootsie Roll lollipop.

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