fucked in car

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Hi my name is ciara, Im 21 with a slim figure and my best feature is my bum,well so iv been told.I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years and have just been concentrating on college work. the other day i got a text from a bloke i use to be kissing,his name is colm. He texted me asking me to go on a drive,i wasnt sure if i wanted to or not because colm is friends with my x boyfriend of 5 years,but i said i might aswell.
Colm collected me about half an hour later and off we went on a drive,we pulled over a while later and got chatting,he was being really nice and asked me for a kiss and i said yes ok.
we got kissing and the kiss was very passionate,i could feel myself getting wetter as the kiss went on,his hand started rubbing up my thigh and he started feeling my ass,he said he always wanted to get his hand on my ass,he was rubbing it harder and harder,and i was getting wetter and wetter,he undid his zipe and took out his cock,it was rock solid about 8 inch and pritty thick,it was much bigger than my old boyfriends cock,i reached over to it and started stroking it,i was rubbing his balls and wanking him.
Colm took his hand away from my ass an put it down my trouser and started slowly rubbing my clit,i was dripping by this stage,we got into the back seats of the car and he took my jeans off,and turned me around so that i was on all 4s,he grabbed both my ass cheeks and spread them and started licking my ass hole it felt sooo good,he kept saying i love this ass,about 5 minutes of heaven later he put his big cock inside me doing me doggy style,it was so good,he started off slowly and was getting faster,he was fucking me and had 1 finger on my ass hole,i was moaning so hard i could feel myself about to cum,i kept saying,harder harder,i came everywere and he just kept going while i was cumming,i cud tell from his breathing he was getting closer and closer i told him to tell me when he was cummin so i could turn around and let him cum in my mouth,with that he said IM CUMMING so i turned around real quick and he shot his hot warm load in my mouth and i swallowed it,we both sat for a while after it tired from it all an colm then dropped me home,i asked him not to tell my x and that we should defo go on another drive soon.

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