Full Moon Night, Cold and Bright

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I wonder what the magic is, I mean what do women, girls and ladies all, see in a man? I really don’t think that I am a “real” handsome man, on a scale of one to ten I guess that I would be a seven, maybe even a six, a little above average looks I would say. One affair she said “you look so much like Tom Selleck.” When I was in Hollywood a few weeks ago a group of Asian tourists said as I walked by “Steven Seagal, Steven Seagal” ponytail and all. So there you have it, for better or worse the man and now the story. We were part time lovers, have been for about two years and what moves her more than anything is a full moon, she is kind of a full moon loony with high intelligence. A bright girl, degree in physiology, minor in fine arts about five feet and two inches of tallness or shortness from my perspective (I’m 6’2″). She has awesome breasts, narrow waist and one of those bubble butts, she is a short Marilyn Monroe with 36Ds-21-34, and 116 pounds of sex on the move. How did we meet? Well, it doesn’t really matter, what does matter is the mystical magical exchange of sensual energy from eyes to eyes and then she stalked me. Quite a compliment to have a young babe stalk a man like me, she is now 28 years of age. Anyway, it was a full moon cold and bright night in Seattle. My home phone rings (no caller ID) “hello.” “Hey.” “Hey yourself little girl.” She giggled, she has this sweet little giggle that I love. “My husband it gone for the week, business venture type thing and I am putting my kids down to sleep at about 7pm and I was like wondering if you want to come over, spend the night, I will treat you right.” “You always treat me right babe, getting a little on the edge though, for me to come to your mansion.” “It is a beautiful night Sailor (she always calls me Sailor after the character in Wild at Heart) and I am standing on the veranda overlooking Lake Washington, it is cold, very cold, my nipples are hard with the cold because I am standing here nude.” “Well young lady, I would love to warm you up but I don’t know where you live.” So she gave me directions and said “park about two blocks away at (such and such place) then walk here and use the back gate, it will be unlocked, the security system will be off and use the stairway to the right, that will take you to the master bedroom via the veranda.” It was a beautiful but cold walk to the access of her back yard, huge yard, I bet it is a two million dollar place. I made my way across her back yard, everything in perfect order, the three leaf clover shaped swimming pool was empty, the built-in 12 person hot tub was steaming. I made my way up the spiral stair way (one of three,) the veranda was dark and the French doors were unlocked. Once in I was greeted with “what took you so long? It’s 7:15 and I am hungry.” She walked over to me in her nude beauty, placed her arms around my neck and we kissed our usual deep kisses and my right hand found her clit and fingered it. She started taking my clothes off slowly, shirt first with kisses as skin was revealed. Her large breasts where hot, I mean hot with temperature and rubbed them against my hairless belly. She stood up and “said I want you to do the rest, I want to watch” as she laid on her back of the huge bed with her beautiful head hanging over the edge facing me. She watched and smiled, played with herself, pinched her nipples all while she was looking up at me. I got my Kline shorts off and she said, “only a semi? Oh baby have I lost my magic?” Even with only a semi it was larger than her husband’s. “Well sweets, this is your house, this is a strange place to me, your kids are asleep?” “Yes, big man they are asleep.” “This is your husband bed, all of this is a little strange to me and besides, I know that you are a sucker for a soft dick anyway.” She laughed and I moved to her face and slipped my semi into her hungry mouth. So she sucked, sucked all they way down, she would pull it out, stroke it while taking my balls into her mouth and it grew… “I love it.” She said, “such a strange thing and it keeps growing Sailor, my weather sailor you are and I want your seaman.” (She loves to play with words) Of course I played with her as she played with me. Not long ago I won the battle over her pussy hairs. Her husband likes her bald, I love a full bush, so she is slightly trimmed, very diplomatic she is. She is really built but also petite, so much so that the first week of your encounter I thought that I was going to hurt her, I mean she was so hungry for ravenous sex that she just went at it, for three days we just went at it with reckless abandon. Her husband was gone again so she came over to my place and for three days we just fucked and fucked and fucked again. The fact is, I did hurt her, the following week she was very sick, when to her doctor and she said “girl, you need to slow down a bit or tell your husband to ease up; you have Honeymoon Disease.” She said “all I could do is smile and think of you seasoned sailor.” Again, she was now masturbating as she swallowed, tongued and lipped my now eight inch dick and loving it, she once said “you help me get rid of all this unusual energy that I have.” I took her fingers from her pussy and placed them in my mouth pulled my dick out of her mouth then spun her around on the bed and slowly eased the head of my rod into her pussy lips and then backed it out. I did this again and again slow penetration of just my head and then a quick pull out and every time her eyes would double in size. I am the kind of man that just like to play with a girl, to bring her to the edge of climax and then make her wait another 10 to 20 minutes. “You wicked man, stick it in!!!!! All the way!!!!!” I just laughed as she grabbed my love handles (very sparse) and plummeted me in, deep in and then she said “I am so glad that you arrrrrre bigggggg! Big Sailor, Big Sailor!” She climaxed, she always climaxed before me but this time she said “I said that I would treat you right.” So she pushed me to the deep carpeted floor with real teak wooden trim and deep throated me until I didn’t have anything left after the fourth eruption, then she lipped my swollen but shrinking sensitive head that cause me to spasm. She loves that, it is kind of a control thing for her.. She always swallowed, never spit it out “semen is good for lustrous hair” she said an epoch ago with a impish smile, whether it is true or not I do not know, but there is something special about a girl that loves to swallow a man of the sea. That week with her husband gone (he called several times when I was there) we make love, had sex, we fucked, sucked, fingered in every room of her large house with like I say “reckless abandonment,” and her little kids were just angels. Of course I was up and gone by 4am before her neighborhood was rousting. You see, what it is friends, she wanted a vision of me and our love making in every room of her home This was not the first time with a young married women and me making sensual memories in her home. There may come a time that our affair will end and she wants memories of the season sailor that could love her like no other.

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