Generation Gap, NOT

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The oldest woman that I have made love to was 33 years of age and I was pushing 46. She is about five feet and six inches tall, 120 pounds of French legs, tight butt, average waist and very nice breasts and she knew how to use them. She also has her masters degree in physiology… why is it that most of the women I have (or they have had me is more like it) had sex with have a physiology educational background? Go figure. Even though she knew how to use her breasts to please a man, for the most part she is a flat backer. And I have found that most very attractive women are flat backer because they are so lovely that her man will just do her and that is what she expects i.e., “to be serviced.”
So I serviced her, usually in my bedroom and a couple of times at her and her husbands home when of course her husband is away on business. Sharing the marriage bed of a married girl is kind of strange, I have had this type of adventure five times with five different married girls, I think you might have read one of them. “Full Moon Night, Cold and Bright.” Read it if you will and forgive the typos, my editor does not know of my back stage prose. She and her husband have a large suburban home that is difficult for covert operations, but, where there is a will there is a way. But this story is not about her, for some reason I am just ranting and raving. This story, a true story, it is about a girl that is just turned nineteen years of age, a university student very smart and very sexy.
It was in a coffeehouse not far from campus, I had my brew and was reading a book, a book with intent to change the way one perceives things and the way one thinks. Not brain washing in the least, just a book of abstract thought. Anyway I looked up from my book and there was this girl standing in line with her backpack loaded with text books, I think of those days past and just moan with relief. She looked at me and smiled, I returned the favor. She is about five feet and eight inches and 120 pounds of slenderness, awesome legs, awesome breast that stand on there own like twin Rio De Janeiro’s and a natural friendly smile, I went back to my book. “Excuse me, would you mind if I joined you? There are no vacant tables.” And she was right, the place was packed, “no problem, help yourself to whatever space you need.” “Thanks.” So I read my book, she did her studies and we drank coffee. We parted company with me leaving first and she thanked me for the table and so on. This became a habit to two weeks i.e., I came in early, got a table, she came in after her second class (only on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and by that time the place was packed and she sat at my table that became “our” table and conversations ensued which was wonderful, she could actually hold up a conversation with an older man. “Hey, do you want to get some lunch? I have no classed this afternoon and I know this place not far from Pikes Place Market with totally awesome pizza.” “Sure” said I, “do you want to meet there or go together.” “Let’s go together, I’ll drive.” “Okay.” I said with reluctance, I don’t like being driven around especially by a teenager, I like to drive. Her car (her dad’s car) was a black Mercedes Benz of about ten year aged.
We had our pizza, I with ice tea, she with diet coke, we joked, we laughed, we told stories, talked about education, the arts and literature and after we finished “I know this beautiful spot that I want to show you overlooking the sound and you can drive.” “Okay babes.” So we got into her dad’s car, and I had to adjust everything to my size. Headed north as she directed and found this little alcove overlooking the Puget Sound. It was beautiful and as I was looking she placed her right hand on my check turned my face and kissed me. It takes a lot to surprise a man like me but she did. So innocent in so many ways and yet all woman. I did the only natural thing and that was to kiss her back, to find her tongue, to find her cygnet neck and as I did this she was very active and that right hand of hers found my dick and she started stroking it through my jeans and it grew and grew some more as I placed my right hand down her grey sweatpants and found no underwear but hot wet pubic hairs and wet lips oozing, young women always ooze and I love it. Her moaning was exciting and what I really loved was her action, aggressive actions. She pulled down my jeans and boxers with a little bit of help from me “I’ve been waiting a long time for this old lover, a long time,” and she went down on me with delight.
Here I had a really built, being educated nineteen year old giving me head and I wonder what she meant by “waiting a long time?” Her dark haired pussy was so wet as I played with it that it placed me in a state of ecstasy, I cannot explain that feeling other than what I just said and she was hungry, very hungry as she reached over and grabbed the seat controls and reclined the black leather driver’s seat., She pulled her sweats off, climbed on top and as she did so her wetness rubbed off on my shirt with strings of her essence and her young womanly fragrance filled the car, strong exotic fragrance, it reminded me of someone, some thing, some place. She placed her flat belly against mine and my eight inch “perfect” dick found her sultry drenched slit and her beautiful sexually anguished face fell to my left shoulder and she bit it as she humped and humped, tilted, squeezed, gyrated and humped at a slow rate then a quick pace. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her, I kissed her with deep feelings, with deep passions, with exquisite feelings that goes beyond the flesh and gets into her heart, mind and soul. “You have gotten into me old man, you have gotten all the way into me, I know that you love me strange as it seems to me.” She could feel me swelling, growing even bigger, I was close to the end, she smiled a knowing smile pulled up her sweat top and bra and stuck her left Rio De Janeiro into my mouth. It was filled with youthful passions of heat as I tongued and lipped it. Then I bit her pronounce nipple and she climaxed “harder” she commanded, so did, “harder” so harder yet and I came and she climaxed again, three times I think that she came as three jets of my hot sperm filled her. She laughed, she giggled, her breathing was like a woman’s after a 5 mile run. “My mom was right old man, you are the best, just the best.” “What?” “My mom, you remember my mom over on the east side of the lake, big house, my dad was gone on business. Like me she had jet black hair, it is a little grey now, masters in physiology. You see, I knew something was going on, so when she put me to bed I pretended to be asleep and when she secretly to let you in I when into her walk in closet, you know, with the glass door. I saw it all, you fuck my mom’s brains out a couple of time and I took visual lessons on how to give head on the edge of a bed.” She just smiled at with a little giggle “and now you are all mine, I waited a long time old man, a long time” Then she kissed me deeply and I kissed her back in bewilderment. “The black Mercedes Benz” I thought and quickly looked over to driver’s side back door where the ashtray lid should be cracked and it was, I cracked it many years ago in one of I and her mother’s encounters. The sweet girl was still gyrating on top of me, I was in a semi hard state at the moment, she look at the ashtray and said “you did that? I wondered how that happened, but you are mine now old man, just like some divine plan. I will take care of you and you take care of me.” Then she kissed me again full and deep, like the passionate woman she is. You folks… fans? will have to figure out her age when her mom was at that sensual– sexual rage and daughter hidden in the closet taking notes.

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