gettig my cousin kelly pregnant

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me and my cousin kelly always have sex around six months ago me and her was out drinking like always when she wanted to have sex with me again i think she likes my nine inch cock

but this time i was ready and not drunk like all the time before so we get undress and she start sucking me off and my cock get hard then i get down and lick her redhair pussy till she squirt her cum in my mouth like always she a squirter so then i stick my cock in her cunt and i fuck the shit out of her pussy for a good hour she came about ten times that day as i had cum about five times filling her sweet pussy full of my hot cum we fuck at her house for four days that week and then i left and i didn’t see her for around two months because i had to leave town for work when i got back she call me and said that she was pregnant i said is it mine yes she said im the last one to fuck her pussy oh but how good her pussy is i love her redhair pussy and i still fuck her to this day what a family affair me her my sister and are cousin carrie that story commng soon about carie and us three

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