Getting Ready for You

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This evening I am going to run a nice hot bubble bath, I’m going to lay in it for a long time, letting the sweet scented water just wash over me, soaking into all my pours, making my body smell fresh and clean. I’m going shave my whole body, making sure that every part of me is soft and smooth for Your touch, I want to feel Your tongue tasting every inch of my body, I want to feel Your strong hands massaging and stroking me, taking my body over and making it Yours. I’m going to shave my Pussy, taking good care to make sure that it looks clean and pure, so that when You slide my little panties across, You will want to eat me like never before.

After my bath I will have a hot shower, the water will come crashing down on me good and hard, I will wash my hair and the I will start cleansing my body, I will wash my face, my arms my legs and body, I will make sure that I wash my titties, they will be so clean, I love it when You tease my nipples gently, playing with them between Your lips and tongue, losing Yourself in my breasts, tasting me and then becoming more urgent, biting my tittles gently, just nipping at them and then biting harder and harder, sending sharp pains through my whole body, bringing me on the brink of a frenzied orgasm. Then I will wash my bottom, I will finger wash my hole, making sure it so clean, for You tease my tight little bum hole with Your fingers, once in while inserting a finger inside of me, playing around inside of me and then withdraw it making me cry out for more. Then You will want to eat me, You will want to taste me, tease my back passage with Your tongue, flicking it in and out, till I am grinding my arse on Your whole face, begging You to put Your tongue deep inside me, pulling me down onto You until I can take it no more and that is when I will cum for the first time this evening, my whole body shaking from the pure ecstasy. Next I will wash my perfect pink Pussy, I will wash it over and over, making it lather up, I will wash inside, over and over and then use the head of the shower putting it right inside my slit, so that when You sit me on the chair and lowers it just to the right height for, to just slide Your tongue inside of me, breathing in the freshness of my juicy wet little pussy, it will drive You crazy, so hungry with lust, You will then clench Your teeth hard on my clit, pulling away, stretching my clit and then releasing it, only to grab it again, making me cry out in pain, but not wanting You to stop, Pure Filth making me cum over and over, biting and not stopping, not letting me rest, just making me have multiple orgasms over and over again.

When I get out of the shower, I am going to put oil all over me, making sure that when You bend me over the banister my buttocks are glistening in front of You. You will push me so hard over the banister and then put your big hard shaft deep into to my tight pussy, I’ll clench my muscles tight around Your whole girth, feeling the pain as You release Your cock inch by inch deeper and deeper inside of me, I will bite down on my tongue, so that I release no sound, making You want to hurt me more, making me suffer the pain as each thrust of Your cock goes harder and deeper inside of me. The pure pleasure will be to much for me when without any warning You’ll put a finger hard into my crack and with one last thrust put Your cock so deep into my pussy , I’ll cry out, every bit of energy being released into the most mind blowing orgasm I have ever had in my whole life. You will then lie down on the stairs and make me pull Your cock, just how you like it, nibbling and tasting Your testicles, tickling them and teasing the crack of Your arse. I will lick Your bottom, and then insert my tongue just how You like it, at an angle aiming for Your belly button, teasing the prostrate like never before. And then You will pull me up and swallow up my pussy biting as hard as You can on my clit, whilst I tugs at Your cock, hard and firm bringing both of us to a mind shattering climax, You will release Yourself all over me. I will then dry my hair, apply my makeup, put on something nice and see you at our usual secret meeting point.

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