Good Goo

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I was 26 when we first met, it was in a mall of all places so I stalked him for a bit. It wasn’t that difficult he being about 6′ 2″ and really built. It was like I was compelled to follow him, “sigh, so sexy, oh well he is to old anyway, come on kids it is time to leave.” “But mom…” A few weeks later we happened on each other in a coffeehouse, I tried not to stare at him and his chest but he has such a sexy well developed chest I couldn’t help it, I would say that I am an attractive woman in a country girl fashion but I do have a body built at 5′ 8″ 36Ds. At the age of 23 I could still pass the pencil test, two kids later the pencil barely stays in place. 24″ waist and 35″ hard bubble butt, yes I have lots of boys that hit on me, before and after marriage. In high school and university I could have had a date every night if I wished to, but you know, a girl gets tired of boys and she looks for a man that can do things to a girl and yet I married a boy with money or I should say his family’s money. Like Angelina Jolie I lost my virginity at the age of 14 to a stupid football jock of fame but no fortune. Once was enough of him small dick and all, very disappointing. So standing in this coffee line trying not to stare at a man handsome, sexy and almost twice my age, well, I was anxious, I looked back to his table and he was gone! His book and papers were there but… “did you like what you saw in the mall the other day?” I turned around and there he was looking sweetly down at me. “Oh, you a, err noticed.” “How could I not notice, you are a beautiful woman, I was honored that you, shall I say, stalked me, where are your kids?” “With grand parents.” “Where is your husband?” “Making his money, his first love in life.” “Well then, we can spend the rest of the day together, if you would like, I am at your service.” He got my latte, took it to his table and I followed like I was helpless and “I really need to go to the restroom, I will be right back.” My panties we almost saturated, not the light stuff but that gooey sticky semi white stuff, “good lord” I said out loud, and my clit was hard as well as my nipples, hard and sensitive. “It has been a long time my three friends” so I played with myself for just a couple minutes and every time I brushed passed my clit slight spasms would start, “It has been a long– long time my friends.”, Wiped myself as best I could without going into sexual limo and when back to the “man!” We talked for an hour and then met at the “lake,” for some lunch and we were quite alone and he kissed me and I kissed him back with such hunger I think I almost pulled his tongue out with my lips and my thick goo just kept coming, I loved it. A man that can make me goo up like this is awesome. He just smiled and said “you are perfect, passions and all.” Three days and many cell phone calls in transition (I had to call him because of my complications, he love me calling) latter I went to his house and the things he did to me, well, it was an awakening. Well this is just the start of “my older man and me.” I will say that he has swallowed and wore (he called it facial glaze) just as much of my vaginal goo as I have of his sperm, is that true love? When a girl is wet all the time around him? He is my sex drug, a story begun.

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