Halloween Party Surprise

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It all started around 6pm when I was getting ready to attend a family Halloween Party. I finished work early and jumped in the shower as soon as I was in the door. I don’t know what I did but reaching out for my dressing gown, I heard a loud click and a searing pain shot up my spine. The pain was very intense. I hobbled to the bedroom and gently lowered myself on the bed. I laid there for about 10 minutes until the paid eased slightly. I had to get to this party or I was not going to Mr Popular if didn’t turn up.
I slowly got dressed in my costume, except for the white and black face makeup. I thought I would leave this until I arrived, in case I scared other road users on my journey there!
Having popped a couple of pain killers just as I was leaving, I made my way on the forty mile journey. Every bump and turn was agony and on several occasions I felt like turning round but I persevered and after about forty five minutes I duly arrived.
Easing myself out of the driver’s seat, I hobbled to the front door, completely forgetting my makeup wasn’t applied. My wife’s sister answered the door in full black witch regalia and asked if I was ok as my face with showing I was in pain. I explained what happened and she suggested I go and lay on her bed for a while until the pain eased. She said she’d get someone to pop up in a while to see if I was feeling better and to apply my face makeup. This seemed to be a great plan so I hobbled upstairs and within five minutes of lying down, I was fast asleep.
Something disturbed me after what seemed to be an eternity but having looked at my watch was in fact only twenty minutes. A fully masked female vampire was watching over me. She uttered for me to lay on my front so that she could massage my sore back. I eagerly obliged and she began to gently rub my pain away. I sensed she was young as her hands were so soft and her thin exposed bare legs were blemish free, tanned and very smooth. I began to enjoy the feeling of her hands in a way that was more than pain relief. Something was stiffening round my front. I must say that at this point I had no idea who this person was and quite frankly, I didn’t care!
She beckoned for me to turn over. I carefully rolled over, noticing that the pain had considerably eased now but I had another pain, my aching erection. Dirty Little Miss Vampire saw the bulge and put her finger to her masked face. She leant over me and with her young hands, unzipped my trousers. Putting her hand inside, she released my solid cock and it sprung upwards like a coiled spring. The helmet was purple swollen and ready. She placed her face over my cock and eased it into her mouth through the mask. Her mouth was soft and warm and she gently began to fellate me. She squeezed my heavy balls with her hand, whilst completely deep throating my seven inch penis. The helmet was really fat by now and couple of times in the down stroke she gagged. I held the back of head down and pushed gently until I was up to my ball sac in her mouth. I held it there while she sucked. A couple of times I nearly shot in her mouth but eased her off at the last moment.
I slid my hand under her little red and black dress and felt her bald pussy. She had no panties on and her lips were soaking with juice. I eased a finger insider her, rubbing her little clitty on the way in. She sucked really hard at this point and I knew my sweet clear precum was oozing into her mouth. I didn’t take long until I felt her pussy hole tighten and she let out a muffled moan as an intense orgasm rode through her young body. I fucked her mouth with my cock now until I was about to empty everything down her throat.
She lifted her head of my soaking aching cock and without a word, sat astride me a rammed my fat cock straight into her tight young pussy. It felt like heaven, so tight yet so wet and smooth. It was on the fifth or sixth stroke that she cum again, this time flooding my trousers with her sweet cummy juice. I couldn’t hold back any more and my weeks’ worth of salty sperm emptied deep inside her like a fountain. All that sticky white spunk was coating the inside of her love tube and coating her cervix. She really did take it deep. She rode my until I was dry and slowly got off. My cock was a real mess of my thick sperm and her glistening juice. Once again she popped my cock into her vampire mouth and with her tongue licked all the spunk and juice off, occasionally darting her tongue in my slit. Eventually, she took it out and licked her mask. A very odd site I have to say.
She never said a word and reached for my face make up and expertly applied it. Without a single word, she waved and left the room. I put my flaccid cock away and eased up of the bed. My back while still sore was so much better now.
I went to the kitchen and was greeted by my sister in law who asked if I felt better to which I relied yes. I asked her who the vampire girl was but she said there was no vampire girl at the party at all. I must have looked astonished as she asked why. I said because she was the one who applied the make-up, obviously not mentioning the other things! Well there is definitely no vampire girl here she repeated. I wandered around looking for her but no one was as petite in build as vampire girl. TO this day I have no idea who it was that made my back better and sucked and fucked me dry!

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