having a good time with my step mom

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It was summer. My dad was divorced to my mom and had recently got remarried. one day i walked in on my step mom taking off her clothes. It made me so hard. The week after that my dad was out of town for the week doing work. I could not get the thought of my step mom out of my head. I wanted to fuck her so bad! so i thought this would be the perfect time. i heard her masturbating in her bed room. I went and watched her. she was useing a dildo. I thought to my self. This is the best shot im going to have. so i took off my cloths and enterd her room and said i wanna fuck you so bad.she stood up and looked at my 9″ cock. then she got down and gave me the best blowjob ive ever had. then she put me on the bed. she ripped off her shirt and said suck on my tits. so i did. After that she wanted me to shove my cock in her. I hesitated because i had no condom. she pulled me right in when she noticed. i pumped it in out out of her as she groaned. I was about to take my cock out when she said no leave it in and keep pumping. That whole week we had sex every day. every time my dad goes on a buiness trip she calls me and has me fuck her.

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