Having Fun With Lyne

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one saturday afternoon dee and i were out on the screened in back porch sipping on a few beers and toking some pot. we talked about a new porn dvd we

watched the night before that made us so horny we screwed all night long. the movie had a big boobed brunette that resembled dee and a blond haired dude

with a big cock which dee said that he looked like me. then enters an equally endowed blond woman and the 3-way that ensued reminded of us of the beach

house we rented a couple of months ago. dee’s good friend lyne had just broken up with her boyfriend and she went with us to the ocean that weekend. we

had gotten pretty drunk that night and thought dee had gone to her room and passed out. we put on some music to cover the sounds of our love making

because dee had that wanton look and i was horny as hell. i barely had my shirt off only to see dee completely naked. she started taking off my pants as fast

as she could. as i sat on the sofa dee kneeled beside me went down on me with a passion taking as much of me into her mouth as she could. she is very

sexual and gives the best head i’ve ever experienced by far. i massaged her ass with one hand and grabbed as much of her massive tits in the other, leaning

my head back with my eyes closed and enjoying every loving second. when dee suddenly stopped i wondered why. i only wanted to grab her head and get her

mouth back around my cock. when i looked up, there was lyne standing in her white bra and panties watching us in awe. almost as if she wanted to show off,

dee went back down on me. in a few minutes, dee sat in the chair across from us and continued watching. it was turning us both on to have an audience, and

lyne looked so freaking sexy in her underwear. dee was slurping and sucking, i was moaning and groaning, and all of a sudden lyne gets up, takes off

everything and walked naked over to us. she grabbed dee by the shoulders and said, “dee, i have to have some of that cock. right now!” dee willingly moved

out of the way saying, “go for it baby, you’re going to like this big prick.” lyne pushed me on my back, straddled my crotch, and proceeded to fuck the living

daylights out of me. dee seemed to enjoy the show as she rubbed her twat seeing my hard on disapearing inside of her. i sucked on lyne’s large firm tits,

feeling her clit pop out and rubbing against my pelvic bone. she rapidly bucked her hips back and forth and came quickly. as she slowed down, still rocking on

me with my dick as far inside of her as it could get. when she was completely satisfied, she rose up off of me and grabbed my cock. “wow, that is one nice

dick.” she gave me a kiss then picked up her bra and panties and went back to bed. dee and i hardly got any sleep that night at all. dee lost count of how

many times she got her rocks off and i came in buckets.

as we talked about that night on the porch, dee said to me, “take it out and let me see you play with it. i want to see you get it hard.” i replied to her, “take

off your clothes and let me see you play with yourself at the same time.” in no time at all dee was totally nude, standing with on foot on the chair and her legs

spread wide. her massive breasts swung to and fro while she frigged her pussy and i was slowly stroking my erection. we were just getting into watching each

other, neither of us wanting to cum just yet. qwell, we must not have heard the doorbell ring because lyne came around the corner and caught us in the act nce

more. when we saw lyne, neither dee hesitated for a moment. neither one of us made any effort to cover ourselves up and dee said, “lyne, we’re just playing

around. why don’t you take your clothes off and join us?” i think that was all that lyne needed to hear. we positioned the chairs in a triangled and watched

each other masturbate. lyne and dee got off about the same time, both of them urging me to shoot my sperm. i really wanted to hold out as long as i could,

but when dee kneeled beside me and taking her hand in place of mine lyne came over and kneeled on the other side of me massaging my balls. both of their

tits were pressed into me, dee spit all over my cock and pumped her fist up and down as fast as she could. lyne said, “i want to see that mother fucker cum.”

cum i did. i know my load shot up three feet in the air, a dozen sperts landing randomly all over them. when i stopped cumming, dee went down on me and i

thought i was going to go through the roof. when i was finally flacid, dee spit my cock out and licked her lips. lyne remarked she had never seen so much cum.

dee suggested that i go to the liquor store and when i got back, dee was going down on lyne in the bedrom and lyne was really enjoying it. lyne told me to

take off my clothes because she wanted my cock in her mouth. dee scissored her legs between lyne’s, their pussies rubbing together. lyne had a powerfull

orgasm as she groaned on my cock. we partied well into the night and the part i most enjoyed was watching one of the girls masturbate while i fucked the

other. seeing both of them make love to each other will forever be etched into my memory banks.

dee and lyne are planning on meeting for happy hout this friday night after work. all dee said to me was you better be ready when we get back.

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