Heated Insomnia

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It was 2 a.m., freezing, and Brianna was horny as hell. She couldn’t catch a wink of sleep while sleeping next to her gorgeous boyfriend Taylor. She couldn’t help but gaze at his lean, taught body, spiked black hair, and his full, moistened lips as he slept. Brianna couldn’t take the burning blood-flow much longer, but she knew how to ease him out of his slumber and into her soft, wet, tight pussy.

She began to lift his shirt and gently closed her hot mouth over one of his nipples, gently licking and biting. As she worked, she could hear Taylor softly moan while his eyes were still closed. She grew even wetter as she continued to work her plump lips and talented tongue down his tight, long body. Brianna finaly reached Taylor’s massive hard-on and began to lick graciously but slowly up and down his shaft. Taylor’s groans grew louder, thicker. She looked up from her mouthful to see his eyes were slightly open and watching his temptress carefully. He lifted a hand to a fistful of her silky red hair and yanked viciously. Brianna obliged as she continued to suck harder, swallow deeper, until he pulled her head from his throbbing cock and kissed her violently. She loved it when Taylor was aggressive, she got off on anger, being his nasty little bitch.

No sooner did he yank off her short little black shorts and white t-shirt and thrust into her while she was on top. One thing Taylor loved to see was her body moving up and down on his cock, watching her giant breasts bounce and slap his chest. Her full, soft hips rolling and grinding her tight sopping pussy all over his thick, pulsating dick. He grabbed her hips and began to pull her down on him, harder, faster, making her body jiggle with each upward thrust. Brianna threw her head back and continued to roll her hips back and forwarth, up and down, in circles teasing him to no end. She quickly gained control and slid up slowly then sliding back down only over the head and did so over and over again. Taylor couldn’t hold back and ordered her to go to the floor. Brianna loved it when she was ordered by him so she did what he said like his good litle slut was supposed to.

Taylor joined his submissive minx on the hard cold floor and told her to get on all fours. She did just that and arched her back, her big, round ass up in the air right in front of him. He had to stand back and look on for a moment at how beautiful and desirable she was, even now more than ever. The deep curve of her back rounding out to the gian spherical shape of her ass to her plush, supple breasts quivering with pleasure and anticipation, wating for his hard dick to slam into her to the point of pain. He couldn’t look at her much longer without exploding, so he grabbed her thick hips once more and slammed his hot dick sraght into her now soaking pussy over and over again, watching her creamy body ripple with each of his thrusts. Brianna screamed his name loudly, to the point of screaming, and violently rocked her ass back into him. The sound of his body slapping her ass drover her over the edge, along with his labored breathing and his fingers digging into her soft flesh. She begged him to call her a bitch, and he did, over and over again. “Oh yeah you bitch! You dirty little bitch! Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuuck!!!!” He dug his nails into her hips and back, almost drawing blood and with one final slam of his cock into her steaming pussy, he came. He came in spasms that made her scream out as well, making her pussy tighten around his cumming dick, she quivered so hard her moans became loud chatters from the depths of her throat.

He slowly pulled out of her body, disposed of the condom, and curled up with her on the floor. “Feel better sweetheart?” he asked. “Oh yeah, maybe now I can get some sleep!”

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