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i couldnt bring myself to walk on through the door quick enough to stop anything from happening.just as i was beginning to feel guilty for not stopping it before it got started i heard him say…well well i guess ur gonna end up being nothun more than a little tease slut,huh?i really was nervouse because i neverheard that before,but i knew it was bad,but i also knew somehow it was more wrong on his part,but he was gonna blame it all on her 18 year old self who had been teasing her way with him half the past summer.we had just finished what we thought was a succsseful campaign of getting rid of her services without havin to make to awfully public,but we had,had to make enough remarks arounfd that everbody knew we knew.so i never forget that first time at a ballgame she came and said so hay i heard ur stepmom thinks ur me and ur dad had an affair,i said affair? naw ,he’s just always fuckin round somewhere,u just never know for sure where all.she kinda giggled then the next thing i knew she was coming by the house with kfs…then before u could sneeze she was going to caraway ballgames with daddy and brenda when i was always going to monette games.i seemed to get home before them the first time and so i made sure i rode with them to take her home,to the same place way out in the country,anything was possible to slow u down..i thouht good thing im going..well,we only got down the street when he said linda u wanna drive.sissy can only drive on gravel,think i cussed he giggled as he scooted me over tp the passenger window him in middle as she walked around and got in on drivers side i was so pissed i really didnt notice how close he was to her till we were leaving twn and i wanted to make sure he was ready for my turn.thats when i looked over and saw her shirt undone bra pulled up and his hand in her pants and panties.so when we did get on gravel he made ,e go aroud on driver side her in middle way toward him and him on passenger side said u can do it all by yourself cant ya i said well hell yes he laughed and i was pissed cauwholese i knew where his hands were and no tellin what all he got away with doin that nite.anyway this storie is about the nite i got home last and she was asleep in my bed with holly when i got home.so i got in my bunk and went to sleep,determined to get up in time to make sure nothin happened.i knew brenda had to work and him to but it had rained some so he would probably go in later and sure enough he had actually driven brrenda to work im sure her thinkin he would go straight to work,,but thats what thru me off too.so here i stand listening to him call her a slut tease,or whatever.and now im hearing her kinda whining and saying no dont take my panties off too dawn will hear how loud,he says no she wont and if she does ill just send her litttle ass back to bed.i was determined he would somehow know that i knew everthing that morning but i had to make sure i waited long enough that i wouldnt be able to get in trouble.so i waited till i heard himt smack her naked ass 4 tiimes ,i mean really what gall of him to expect anybody to sleep thru that,thats why i think i waited to the absolute perfect time to interupt cause i waited till i heard him say now get up and turn ar ound so i can see the rest of your nasty teasing body,,i counted to 4 then opened the door slipped rite in the end of the couch that faced the tv picked up remote without actually lookin at em,cause i had seen enought to scare me pretty good,he actually had his [pants and underware around his ankles ,and i didnt look long enough or he did a good job of keeping his hand over most of his naked dick,but hell,he had gotton her completly naked and she was so far away from her cloths all she could do was run away to bathroom showing me her glowin hot ass from the beatin he had just given her,now i think im just glad i had a good enough bluff over him that he didnt decide to just beat my ass and do whatever the hell he wanted to do to whoever the hell he got ready to do it to.it took me a little while to realize it was my jealousy that was pissin me off the most..so i decided i had to start competin with him at his own game,same as i had always done.but now it was sex or i was thinking at least i was gonna get more attention paid to me because how sexy and lirrestable i was,compared to him anyway..i wasnt thinking about i was actually gonna handle all that attention ya know and i sure hadnt known how hot i was gonna be getting too.so i was always catchin him and he was always tring to not pay attention to me doing whatever,catching him or gettin caught he always took up for me if anybody questioned what i was up to,and he always gave me lots of freedom with reassurences of how much he trust me.he didnt know how hard it was becomin for me to not actually start fucking,,,so once i caught him deb straight up with hands in her panties and pushi her head down to his naked cock that he suggested that i go uptown with kenny my step cousin 4 years older tham me…two weeks later my other cousin helped me with my mom get birthcontrol.

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