"Honey! I'm home…"

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Two long months away from me. Thats how long my dear boyfriend, Ryan was gone. When he called the day before to let me know he would be home tommorow evening i hastily began to prepare for his arrival. I brought a very sexy red little number from Victoria’s Secret. Complete with red thong, and bra, both silky soft and smooth, just the way my Ryan loves them.

Once he pulled up in the drive way, i had everything ready, the phones unpluged and the candles lit to set the mood. I had on some stilletoes his favorite chocolate covered fruits were ready and next thing i know, he announces his arrival… “Honey! I’m home dar-“

His sentence cut short due to my fabulous outfit outlined by my wide hips, small waist, and D cup chest. He looked at me, and i started to walk up to him slowly, pulling him to me by the tie as he dropped his bags at the door. I had a armless chair ready for him, and a blindfold just to excite his senses. I kissed him hard, pulled his lips, sucked his tounge and moaned in joy. Pushing him down into the chair, and blindfolding him. I started to strip him down, kissing his chest, right above his cock, then to his glorious cum sac. I pulled it, then sucked it into my mouth moaning on it, remebering how good it smells and tastes. His hands go on my head pushing my head lower on his sac.
I get up, unable to handle his touch just yet, and loosly tie his wrists together with some tape. Making him unable to touch me, but able to just feel my wet hot tounge go up, and down his growing cock. I reached under him, and grabbed his ass, pulling his cock deeper into my hot mouth, sucking and pulling his shaft with full force.. making sure he knows that i am SO glad he is finally home.

I loved his cock in my mouth, so i took him deeper, making his cock head go down my throat, so i can squeeze his cock head, and make my throat vibrate on his cock making his toes curl. His moans grow louder. His hips thrusting into my mouth, so he can fuck my hot mouth. I suck his cock harder, moaning louder, pulling his shaft so hard and long, making sure he can feel my tounge swirling up, and down his length. Gripping his ass in both hands loving his moans, his groans, his cries for more so he can cum. He tells me not to stop, so i do. Then lick up, and down his cock.. sucking his cock head into my mouth only. Then letting the tip of my tounge twirl around the head of his cock. Just slowly easing my wet sultry tounge twirl around and around his cum hole. Making him twist and moan. Needing me to take his cock again in my hot mouth so he can cum… I blow my hot breath up and down his wet cock… making his senses take control of his body. Feeling him turn pink in the face, loving how he is so hot and throbbing for my mouth…
I teasingly lick down his cock to his cum sac. The suck it in, and twirl it around my tounge, pulling it as it gets tighter, feeling him fill with cum for me.

Able to let his desires be fullfilled i devour his cock in my mouth again. Pulling his shaft, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out…. He screams my name… LILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

I suck down all his cum, then let his cock explode on my face and chest, licking and stroking his cock, needing all of his cum out of his sac…. and this will not be the last time he will explode on my face… will it?

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