Hot Tub and Friend’s Fiance

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A few years ago some of my friends and I were hanging out
and drinking. It was the weekend before my fried Ryan’s
bachelor party and I was the best man. So, we were
hanging out in the hot tub, all pretty drunk. Ryan’s
fiance Allie decided to join the 3 of us that were
already in the water. She had to borrow a bikini from a
girl whose house we were at. Allie had very big tits and
loved to show them off. The bikini she was wearing was
considerably too small for her and barely covered her
nipples. She had always been a little on the friendly
side, and her tits (she was very proud) usually came out
on the nights she was drinking). Anyway we were talking
about the bachelor party the next week and she came over
too me to make sure Ryan behaved himself. She came over
and straddled me and put her arms on my shoulders. This
pushed together her already large and perky tits and left
them within inches of my face. She started talking about
how I had to make sure Ryan didn’t do anything too bad
with the bachelor party strippers in a soft teasing
voice. Now, my cock went hard pretty quickly as she sat
on my lap, Ryan only a foot or two away. As soon as she
felt it she smiled and reached one of her hands down
grabbed my now rock hard cock. She released it from my
pants (good thing the jets were on to disguise what was
going on) and quickly slid her bikini bottom to the side
so my cock could enter her. My eyes went wide as I
realized what was going on, but it felt too good to stop,
and besides I was already inside her. She continued now
in very graphic detail to describe what was and wasn’t
allowed the next weekend as I fucked her as hard as
possible without drawing attention to what was going on.
I couldn’t talk, and just tried not to look in Ryan’s
direction as his fiance rode me. She could feel me get
ready to cum and just as it happened pushed hard down
with her entire body so that the head of cock hit the
back of her pussy as I exploded inside her. Just then,
the jets turned off and she slid slowly off as I
attempted to conceal my still hard dick. She then went
over and gave Ryan a deep long kiss. As far as I know
the other people didn’t know what happened….

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