Hottie that i got pregnant

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Hottie that I got pregnant.
At the mall my best friend and her best friend, Jenny went to watch a blow over movie and got bored at the mall. My best friend left and it was just Jenny and Me left. I was 5 foot 11 and had an athletic body and a 9 inch cock. Jenny was an asian babe with a tight ass and perfect 36 D breasts. She was real cute I noticed she was wearing a black thong and was braless. That got me going. We went out for a drink and struck up a interesting conversation.

She knew I wanted her badly, teasing me when she dropped her napkin. We were talking about our first time, and she only did it once with her ex, while I told her ive done it a few times. Then she asked if I was interested in doing it with me. I agreed and we were off in my car to a motel.

When we got there she went to the bathroom to get ready while I sat on the bed naked stroking my cock. I wanted to do many things with her. Jenny came out nothing but a thong, and she was surprised my my huge dick. She jumped on top of me, we made out, and I sucked her hardened tits. She kept teasing my cock by rubbing her ass around it.

Then I told her to lay down and spread her legs. I went down and smelled and tasted her sweet thighs, and breathing on top of her drenched thong. I rubbed my face against her wet thong, which drove her pussy wild. I even tickled her sensitive clit and then I slid her thong off to reveal her shaven pussy. I then started to eat her out from the bottom to her clit. I bit and sucked her clit and stuck my tongue in her pussy until she came. I put my middle and index finger in her warm tight cunt and finger fucked her while sucking her clit. She was going nuts. I increased my pace with every thrust finding her g spot and hitting it every time. She grabbed her tits and yelled OH YEAH FASTER FASTER!!!!!!!!!!! Then I added a third finger and increased my pace even further. She then told me she was about to squirt and then I quickly turned her on her stomach while still finger sucking her and spread her ass open and licked her hole. She then screamed and yelled FUCK!!!!!!! YEA AGAIN! As she came all over the bed. Then I layed down and then she put her pussy to my mouth and I gave her best oral ever. I had my tongue and one finger in her pussy and two finger in her arse. She came quickly on my body and passed out.

An hour later she woke up and her and I took a shower kissing and caressing each other bodies. She insisted on me fucking her so she got in doggy style in the shower and I entered through her ass and fucked it like no tomorrow. She screamed and yelled. She yelled HARDER!!!! GOD UR DICK FEELS SO GOOD!!!!!! MY ASS IS URS!!!!! I spanked her many times each with a rush of pleasure through her body . I was about ready to come until she proposed to fuck on the bed missionary. I tossed her onto the bed and fucked her fast and hard mission. SHE WAS moaning like a whore and then I felt like cumming I increased my pace and she felt it too and told me not to cum in her, but I did anyways. All my seeds were in her now and she now hornier than ever. She then sucked my cock for what seemed like hours and then I was fully erect and then fucked her doggy in her warm tight cunt. I fucked hard and fast. After the 20th hump I knocked her head into the wall and kept fucking her. I pulled her hair and fucked her even more. She wasn’t at all conscious. Then as I as ready to cum I turned her over and cummed all over her cute face and tits.

2 months later she was pregnant with my child.

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