How my uncle's girlfriends son seduced me

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(To tell you about me, i am a 20 year old female, long dark brown hair, brown eyes, light complected spainrd, with 38D tits, i am not thick nor am i skinny, i stand at 5’8″ with long legs.)

I hadnt seen my uncle in 5 years, so when he came over to a bbq at my moms, i left with him and his girlfriend to stay the night at their place. His girl friend has 2 sons. Roy is 20 and his brother, John, is 16. I hadnt seen either one in years. It turns out that Roy left to live with his father leaving John with is mother and my uncle. Well, i walk in their house and jump on him to wrestle (we always did that). I had on really short shorts with a black t-shirt. I wont lie either, he is hot. John is 5’6″ or 5’7″, short and spikey brown hair, brown eyes and very muscular. Since it was so late, my uncle and his chick went to sleep whle me and John stayed up wrestling and watching tv. We got a little tired so we just layed on the couch together. All of a sudden he started nibbling on my neck and ear. I asked him to stop because he is too young for me to do anything with. He said he didnt care that i was older than him so he continued to nibble. John moved his hand under my shirt and bra, massaging my breasts and nipples. He then moved his hand inside my shorts, rubbing my clit. I couldnt take it, i gave in. He put 2 fingers inside my love hole slowly moving them out and then jamming them back in. I couldnt help but moan. I face him and he started kissing me passionately. As i orgasmed he had to shove his tongue in my mouth because i was moaning so loudly. After words we layed ont he couch holding eachother. I told him i was going to lie down. I went to his room and changed in to my sleeping shorts (that barely covered my pussy and ass) and a speghetti stapped shirt. I layed down under the covers and closed my eyes thinking that the night was over but boy was i wrong. A few minutes later, he came into his room and got under the covers. He grabbed me and pulled me closer to him. He started to finger fuck me again and played with my clit. I got so horny that i grabbed his dick and started to jack him off. we both reached an orgasm at the same time. He begged me to let him fuck me. I was never able to tell him no for anything, he knew that, so he got on top of me. He spread my legs open and slowly put is dick inside, as his head inserted my hot pussy he gasped and said it felt so good. Before he got fully inside me i asked him how big his cock was, he replied 8 inches. He was going too slow entering me, so i thrust my hips up to meet him with a force and we both moaned. He said that i am tight, i replied with “duh, i’m not a hoe i dont sleep around”. I am a biter so the more i bit him the harder and deeper he thrusted. I started saying “yeah honey fuck me harder yes, make me come for you, Oh gawwwdddd yessssssss”. He went faster and harder till we both were in complete exctasy. we layed there on the bed holding each other quietly, he then admitted to me that i was his first. i then told him that he is one of the best i ever had. we both enjoyed our time together very much. needless to say i stayed there for 3 weeks.

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