I Did a Terrible Thing

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I am a terrible person. Me and my friends were at the beach all day and headed to the bar to get drunk. There was a great live band and we ended up staying a lot longer than planned. Because of this change of plan, we were kind of underdressed. We all had on bikinis and some kind of sheer wrap around our waist and I had some wedge sandals. We all had that suntanned, windswept, drunk look about us and the guys were circling like hawks. I danced all night with hot guys and hot girls. Here is the terrible part. My uncle was also there. He is my mother’s much younger 27 year old brother. He is very good looking and I had to beat my friends off with a stick all night. He is very protective of me and I felt very safe in the packed bar with a bikini on with very aggressive men near by. One by one my friends left for home leaving just me and my uncle. At this point I was on the floor with left over tequila shooters more than I was on my feet. When the lights came up I could not walk. He threw me over his shoulder and while walking to the truck I could not help enjoying his hands on my nice, smooth, tanned legs. This was the first time he ever touched me. When we got to his truck I threw up big time. He stood there shaking his head. I climbed into his big 4×4 and he started on the speech how I really should be more careful and I should not drink so much and blah, blah, blah. So I took off my top. Now I am pretty sure uncle or not, men cannot resist two perky, tanned tits that are 19 years old. He just sat there and stared and I am sure he was thinking yes or no. So I did what most horny young chicks might do. I jiggled them, jiggled them again and then jiggled them some more. Still nothing so I climbed on his lap, arched my back and presented them up close. A second or so later, they were in his mouth. He pulled down his pants and I moved my bikini aside and bounced up and down on his dick. I am pretty sure at least one nipple did not leave his mouth the whole time. I am positive he has lusted after my body for a few years and now he was finally getting a taste. I have since drove him crazy at family gatherings and he wants back inside so bad. More on that later.

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