I Did His best Friend

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I love to blow guys and maybe have sex right under my boyfriends nose. I guess if he was not so jealous, sometimes violent jealous, I would not get such a thrill out of it. His best friend is really hot and I think I have drove him insane. When my BF is not looking I will brush against him and let him smell my perfume. Once I showed him a little bruise high up on my thigh and asked him where he thought I got it from. He sat there tongue tied not knowing what to say. This is the game I play all of the time. Show him but act like I mean nothing by it. Once I asked him to fasten the strap on my heels because I said I had a sore back. I had on a denim mini and the poor guy had to keep his hands off. Well I finally gave him a taste. I knew he could not resist if I gave him the go ahead. He usually walks around with a hard on around me and guys being guys could not turn me down. My BF had to leave a small party of friends early because he had to work and wanted me to leave too. I said I wanted to stay a lttle longer, and not feeling threatened by anyone there, he agreed. I whispered in his friends ear, ” how would you like to be inside of me”? He drove me to a bush road and as soon as we slowed down because the road was to rough I had him stop and take his pants off. When he continued on down the road I straddled his cock and banged him hard while he was still driving. When we stopped, I took off naked down a path and he chased me down and fucked me up against a tree. Of course after he blew his load he begged me not to say anything. He was terrified. I said don’t worry, I was after the thrill, not the violence. Fun sexy stuff!

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