I Finnally Fuck My Girlfriend and Her Sister

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Let me just re-cap. I was fucking my girlfriend’s

sister, Jacquelyn. Then my girlfriend, Rebecca, walked in

the door. Then I fucked both of them. Damn that was a

fine day. But after we all fucked. They wanted drinks so I

went and got them some beer. But without them knowing

I spiked their drinks. Now that you’re all caught up lets


After about a minute they both started to fade a bit

but were still conscious. “What the hell did you do to out

drinks?” murmured Jackie. I just ignored them. I walked

over to Becca and opened her mouth. I shoved my dick

into her mouth and pull her in and out. I could tell she

was enjoying it because she started to suck by herself. I

dragged her with my cock in her mouth near Jackie. I

made Jackie make out with me and she was kissing back. I

stopped making out, I started to lick Jackie all the way

down to her tits. Then I started to suck her tits. And I bit

her and she gave out a little moan. I felt a little bite on my


“You trying to help your sister. Well, you can’t

because you both are all mine” I told them both. I took

out my cock from Becca’s mouth and shoved it into her

pussy. I started to fuck her and HARD. I went down to

Jackie’s pussy and started to suck it. In about half an hour

later I started to cum. And I sucked up all of Jackie’s

juices. It was amazing. I then shoved Becca on to Jackie

and made them suck each other’s pussy. I watched and

masturbated. I pulled them off each other in about half an

hour. I made them both tack turns sucking my cock. I

cummed in their faces and then their pussies. I then

picked up Jackie fully naked and literally threw her

outside. Now I had Becca all to myself.

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