I Love Los Angeles

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A couple of winters ago I was sent to Los Angeles on a temporary assignment to resolve some business issues with the company that I work for. The assignment was targeted for 90 days, then extended another 90 days due to the positive results that I was able to accomplish. Just prior to taking on this temporary duty, I had broken up with a year long relationship with a girl that had become the love of my life. 6 months in southern California can really help a guy get over those kind of broken heart feelings. It was the time of my life.
The lease on my apartment was expiring so I put everything except my clothes, my guitar and my golf clubs into storage. I told Maryann, my ex-girlfriend, out of courtesy, that I was leaving and I admit wanting to make her a little jealous. Amazingly, she wanted to get back together because her dream was to get into the film industry. So for a couple of weeks we were back together for some of the most incredible sex. Maryann is built like a brick shit house and I have never seen another woman have orgasms like her. She gushed when she came from stimulating her g-spot, and it would last a very long time. I loved it when she came in my face and just looking at her big tits or shapely ass would get me hard. After those 2 weeks though, I think we both felt that it wouldn’t last. After being in L.A. for a week, I told her a wanted to be by myself.
Once I was in the L.A. office, it seemed that everyone was looking for me to save their jobs. I would take the staff out for lunch and it was a ritual for them to have cocktails after work. I was also pretty popular with the female staff being a single, good looking guy. It didn’t take long for me to bring a few of them back to my hotel after an evening of consuming adult beverages. Brenda, Belinda and Stephanie were all really good looking and a bit on the wild side. All three of them had large breasts which, I admit, is my weakness. Then my boss, Steve, said he wanted to have a talk with me. We met at a dive bar after work, and he told me that I had to quit fucking woman in the office. He came right out and said, “There are a lot of fuckable women here, you just can’t do it with company employees.” He pointed out the bartender, Carla, a gorgeous blonde, whom he was dating. And the waitresses were equally beautiful. He set me up with Nikki, an Italian bombshell and Carla’s roommate, for a double date on Friday night. We had a great time, Nikki and I were getting along really well. We ended up going back to Carla and Nikki’s, where my car was. Steve and Carla went back to his place, and Nikki invited up to her apartment. We had a drink, smoked a joint, and when I moved forward to give Nikki a kiss, she was all over me. We didn’t leave her apartment for the entire weekend. I was sore and spent from all of the sex and Christ could she ever give a blow job. On Sunday I had to leave her apartment to recover and get ready for the work week. She told me to make sure that I came to see her at work.
My boss left Tuesday for a meeting at corporate headquarters and would stop and see his family in Minnesota for the weekend. That evening I went to the bar where Nikki worked and she was pretty glad to see me. As I sat at the bar, Carla took very good care of me. After a while I got the impression that Nikki had told Carla about our weekend. She was all smiles and her nipples were really hard, poking out from her flimsy white top. Her big boobs were almost falling out and she made no effort to hide them. Nikki had to work until 2am, but she said that she would have a hour break around 10. At 10, we made a fast dash to my hotel only a few blocks away with Nikki blowing my cock the whole way. She almost raped me in the elevator, and less than 3 steps into my hotel room we were naked and eating each other out. Nikki came twice, then fucked me with her tits and told me to cum all over them. Man, did that look so good and turn me on. I blew a huge load all over them. Nikki put on her bra to get ready to go back to work and she didn’t even clean up the cum. She said she want to be able to smell me the rest of the night. I took her back to the bar and told her I’d be over to her place after work on Friday night. I had to jack off the next morning just thinking about those lovely tits.
I took off a little early on Friday, went to my hotel, changed clothes, and packed a bag for the weekend. On Friday night, Nikki, Carla and myself went out for dinner and to see some live music. When we got back to their apartment, Nikki dragged me in the bedroom and fucked my brains out, and she was really vocal. I knew Carla heard us and Nikki said she didn’t care. “Carla is probably using her dildo anyway.” Fuck, that turned me on and we went at it until really late. The next day, we all had coffee and Carla didn’t say a word. Nikki and I went back into her bedroom where she jacked me off, then I fucked her in the shower. I know Carla heard every bit of it. After the shower, Nikki and I put on some underwear and lay on the bed with the door wide open. A saw Carla prance to the bathroom totally naked and I know my jaw hit the mattress. When she was finished, came out with her bra and panties on, and that looked just as incredible. Nikki went to Carla’s room and came back with Carla behind her. We were still all in our underwear as Nikki said, “I hope it’s ok if the three of us just hang out here.” Nikki plopped on the bed next to me. I was lying on my side in my briefs, and I saw Carla looking at the obvious bulge in my crotch. Her nipples got hard as she sat on the edge of the bed, smiling very happily. The girls talked about work, and I know they could tell I was staring at Carla. Her boobs filled up her bra so fully, and she had outstanding curves to her body. Carla then mentioned that we must have had fun last night because we had kept her awake. We started to talk about sex, and before I knew it Nikki had pulled her panties aside and asked me to tell them who had a bigger clit. As she spread her cunt lips apart, she urged Carla to do the same. Carla didn’t hesitate. She got on her knees next to Nikki and as nonchalant as I tried to act, I could feel the boner rising in my shorts. Finally I had to tell them that Nikki’s was definitely bigger. Nikki reached for my waist and said, “Here, I want to show Carla your cock.” She pulled down at the hem and out sprang my semi-erect cock, flopping on the bed. Carla’s eyes opened wide and Nikki straddled my lap. She rubbed her crotch against my balls, took my cock in her hand and stroked me to a full erection. “God, Nikki. You were right, that is a nice one.” Nikki looked down at me, “I told Carla what a good pussy eater you are, she wants to try you. That is, if you don’t mind doing it.” I got the distinct impression that they had done this before, and I’m sure that Steve had been in the same position that I was now in. I mumbled, “Sure, I don’t mind if you don’t.” At that, Carla squirmed out of her panties and said, “Just stay right there, I’m going to sit on you face.” She spread her lips and lowered herself down. I took a few laps at her little bud while grabbing her hips. Her huge tits where obstructing her view so Carla was leaning over so she could see me. At first it awkward, but once I got over the shock I was determined to give Carla the best tongue lapping she ever had. I reached up for her tits and grabbed on to them, they felt just so fine in her silky bra. I could feel Nikki going down on me, and I pulled Carla’s bra down to expose her tits. Then I went to town on Carla, pretty soon she was riding my mouth as I twirled my tongue all over her clit. It didn’t take long, maybe 10 minutes max. I kneaded Carla’s ass and sucked on her clit, moaning in her vulva, and she started to rub her tits and tug on her rosy nipples. And she exploded, groaning and groaning, her eyes shut tight, her hips thrashing against my face. God, she tasted so good. I kept sucking on her cunt until she couldn’t take it any longer. She rolled off of my face and catching her breath, she said, “Jesus fucking Christ. I’ve got to fuck him Nikki, I need his cock inside of me.” Nikki held my ever hard cock as Carla sat down on me. Once she eased all 8 inches in, she leaned over and started to pump herself up and down on me. Her tits were in my face and I had to have to lovely babies in my mouth. Nikki kept urging me on. I looked over and she was sitting beside us playing with herself saying how much it turned her on. I spread Carla’s tits apart so I could see my cock disappearing inside of her over and over. As much as I tried to hold back, I announced that I was going to cum. Carla yelled, “Oh yes you mother fucker, cum in me. I’m going to get off again.” As I pulsed the first load deep inside of Carla, I could feel her cunt muscles squeeze tight and we got off together. Without a doubt, it was one of the best orgasms I ever had. When I came back to my senses, I looked at Nikki who was now getting off, rubbing her clit really fast. Carla just kept rocking on me, my cock still hard and sensitive, and I never felt anything better. Nikki finished cumming, Carla got off me and kissed me as if to thank me. Then Nikki kissed me in the same manner. Then she kissed Carla and I had to get my mouth in there somewhere. For the next half hour we just lay there, panting and breathing hard, and all I could say was, “Wow.”
On Sunday, Nikki had to work at noon and I was going to go back to my hotel. As Nikki left I jumped in the shower and Carla came in the bathroom saying she had to pee. I really didn’t think anything of it. I heard the toilet flush and, thinking that she left, I pulled open the shower curtain and she was still sitting on the stool totally naked. She had a towel in her hand and said, “Allow me.” She dried me off saving my cock for last, which by that time was totally erect. I don’t know why she even dried it off because seconds later it was wet with her saliva. She drug me into her bedroom and we got into a 69 position. As I sucked on her cunt, Carla made love to my cock, taking it as far into her throat as she could and rubbing it all over her heavy boobs. I made her cum pretty fast and kept slurping on her pussy until she couldn’t take it any long. Carla rolled off of me and I spread her legs, easing a little bit of my cock into her and fucking her with just the head. Carla thrashed wildly trying to get more of me inside of her, but I kept using just the first inch or so. Finally Carla screamed out, “Fuck me you bastard, I need that fucking cock inside me.” The look on her face went for torment to total surprise as I rammed all of myself into her in one powerful motion. Her eyes looked like they would pop out of her head and I held myself as far into her as I could. Once she got used to the intrusion, she moved her hips around and I just watched her tits dance all over her chest. It didn’t take long for us to pick up the rhythm, and then I started slamming her for all I was worth. Carla was loving it, her head tossed from side to side and she exploded on me. Gush after gush of clear fluid expelled all over my cock and balls, and it was really turning me on. I held on until she finished her orgasm, then told her I was going to get off. Carla pushed her tits together and told me to cum all over her tits, and 5 seconds after hearing that I pulled out and streaked a huge load all over her torso. Carla rubbed it into her skin and licked her fingers. Then I fell on top of her and again she kissed me so soulfully for making her cum so good. She told me that I was a wonderful lover and that she hadn’t had an orgasm like that in years. When I told her I was going to leave, she begged me to stay. I told her I would be back before Nikki got home, to which she reluctantly agreed.
Maybe it was because I felt guilty about fucking my boss’ girlfriend, but I never went back there. Another reason may have been the desk clerk at the hotel who had been making passes at me while I stayed there. Her name was Karen and she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. That’s another story.

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