I saw my wife being fucked

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I always thought that my wife Sunita is very faithful to me. But one day that myth was shattered. One day I went to the other city and I was expected to return the next day. But I unexpectedly returned at 11 pm. I wanted to give my wife a pleasant surprise. But when I reached home, I found my best friend Mohit’s car parked outside. I became curious and entered my house silently with the second key withe me. I went to the bed room and found that Mohit and my wife Sunita were together. Mohit had apparently come just then. He said to my wife, “Bhabhiji your eyes are beautiful.” She blushed and then Mohit said “Your breasts are also beautiful. At this my wife said, “How can you say? You have not seen them.” Mohit said, “I have not seen them fully but whenever you lean forward, I can see your milky boobs to a great extent.” At this Sunita blushed. Mohit became bold and touched her boobs. She objected feebly.Now Mohit embraced her and kissed her. I thought that she would object. But she too embraced him tightly and kissed him. Now Mohit started unbuttoning her blouse. She did nto object and her blouse fell on the floor. Then Mohit removed her saree and also her petticoat. Now she was in bra and panties. By now Mohit’s cock was visibly aroused. She saw it and caught hold of her cock. Mohit took off her clothes. when she saw his long, hard and thick cock, she exclaimed, “Mohit, your cock is very long. It is at least four inches longer than my husband’s thing. She sat on the edge of the bed and started sucking his rod. In the meantime, Mohit freed her of her bra and was pressing her boobs. Then lowered her panties also. Then he made her lie on the bed, spread her legs and put his cock into her cunt. My wife cried with pleasure and said, “Oh fuck me hard.” Surprisingly, I was not getting angry. On the other hand, I was gettinig a strange pleasure out of this. Rather I was saying silent, “Oh, fuck my wife hard.”
Mohit continued fucking her for an hour in different poses and then kissed her and took leave.
It was only after he had gone that I went out and rang the bell. My wife opend the door and expressed surprise on my having come earlier than promised. I did not tell her anything about my have seen her getting fucked. But I was very aroused and that night I derived a great pleasure in fucking my wife.

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