In Public Places

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Should I call it “exploits” of my older man and I? Passions of lust?
Passions of raw sex? Passions of a wicked wizard and his beautiful sexy
witch? Or, passions of love in sophisticated crime? He and I make love
like in love and lust porn stars. There are so many stories of erotic
adventures between him and I that we could easily fill a six hundred
page novel, with at least three sequels. He has 56″ shoulders and a 48″
chest, “sigh” that is what I love the best his chest moving against my
breasts in syncopated time. The thought just popped into my head and
here I am stuck in a New England state of being doing my blue blood
duties. I am a perfect “Town and Country” wife and mom with that song
of higher erudition and womanly intuition that belong to an older man in
lascivious shadows. “Town and Country” girl naturally, with a trashy
“Cosmopolitan” header that states “how to make the most of your wizard’s
eight and half inch wand.” “Average thickness?” It all depends on the
witch. “Hermione, you don’t know what you are missing,.” “Is Severus
Your Type of Wizard?” “Is your seasoned wizard screwing some other 24
year old witch?” “The Potion That Will Help You Find Out.” Well, that is what
happens when you are three thousand miles apart, and I wouldn’t
blame him, after all, I am a married lady and a kept woman with kids.
I– we have a vacation home on Vashon Island so, I am thinking of summer but
for now just a little page to a story that most of us girls do in
public places…. We would rendezvous for coffee at his favorite place and
most of the time I was with my husband and kids (I do love them,
but, I love my passions too) or in-laws or parents, or all of the said
so always we are incognito lovers sinfully exciting. I could get off
every so often by watching him, crossing my strong legs and rocking them
while flexing my thighs against my clit (I have a rather large clitoris and very
sensitive.) What helped in my public incognito masturbating
endeavors is the other young women, most of them university girls that
noticed him or just plainly gazed at him. He is a striking man and
commands attention just by his persona but only I know so well his eight and
half inch wicked wand of pleasure, so I smile and sip my coffee as
he looks at me. . “Eat your heart out girls,” I murmured to myself.
“What was that dear?” “Oh, nothing sweetheart, I was just thinking it
would me nice to have lunch at the Heat– er, The Heart of Asia.” Damn,
through me off track, no public orgasm today. So the young women like
him but I am the one that takes that magic wand of his all the way down
my mouth– throat and then some. I have a long jaw line like the ancient Egyptians
aristocratic babes, or like Angelina Jolie, she is a perfect
example of my jaw line. He loves it, just loves it when I go all the way down on him
and cause him to lose his load, he usually erupts four
times, sometimes five. Did you know that sperm is 98 percent protein,
very healthy and no fat or calories. I love the taste of his hot liquid
manliness. I smile at him as I wet my lips and rim the edge of my
coffee cup. “Shall we go?” My husband always asks a question when he makes a
statement. So, we gather kids and his parents and off to the Heat, er
“Heart of Asia.” As we left that coffeehouse I noticed a girl no more
than nineteen, probably a university student staring at my older man
while she rocked and scissoring her legs. Her face slightly red and
heated. I just smiled a smile to whomever was watching, a smile that
said “he is mine, long magic wand and all.”

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