It's hot in the kitchen

I had just started working for a bakery in town. My duties were to make fresh bread and cakes ready for the morning so my first day at the job was really more like my first night.

I turned up at work in my chef’s uniform. I had decided not to wear any clothes underneath it as I new all the bakers ovens would make the place so hot. There were a few people already there working so I just joined in. I started by making some bread. I had put all the ingredients in a large bowl and now I was mixing them up furiously I was getting quite hot and beads of sweat started to trickle down my back and my cleavage. It was then I felt someone looking at me from behind. I casually turned around and saw the most gorgeous man working on the table behind me, he glanced up and stared at me. There was something about his eyes that sent a sensual shiver through me, they were like the eyes of a wolf with a hunger about them. An image appeared in my head at that moment of that hansom guy and I tangled together, our bodies writhing, I felt a throbbing sensation in my crotch and woke up from this daydream. I got back to work and took the dough out of the bowl. I began to knead it, pushing my hands deep into the soft dough and rolling it with my palms. It was very therapeutic and I started to imagine I was massaging that guy’s back. I wondered what his skin would feel like as he lay on to of me and I ran my fingers along him and clenched his ass as he brought me closer and closer to climax. At that moment my boss came over, “Josseline, you’ve been kneading that dough for an hour now, most of your colleagues have finished their work and are going home! You’ll have to stay later and finish, don’t let this happen again!” Then he pointed to that guy behind me and told him to stay with me as he didn’t trust me to lock up just yet.

When everyone was gone I turned to the guy and tried to apologise for getting him roped into staying late. ” It’s no problem, it’ll give me a chance to teach you some of my techniques” he said. He stared at me again with those deep grey eyes, I couldn’t help but feel a little excited and scared at the same time. He beckoned to me “Come over hear and I’ll teach you how to make a really good chocolate cake”. I obeyed and stood next to him at the central worktable. He grabbed the basic ingredients and put them all in a huge bowl. ” Now”, he said, “A good cook is never afraid to get their hands dirty” and he grabbed my hands and plunged them into the bowl. The cool stickiness ran between my fingers and it felt divine. He joined me in the bowl and we both started to squidge the mixture together. It was so relaxing, I closed my eyes and started to daydream again, it was then I felt our fingers touch and slip past each other in a sensual snake-like dance. I could hear my heart pound in my chest andI heard a quiet heavy breathing coming from his mouth. I felt my pussy getting hot and I was aware that my nipples had become hard and sensitive. I opened my eyes to find him staring at me again, he caught my gaze and then trailed his eyesight down to my cleavage. “You have some chocolate on your chest” he said slowly. “I would clean it off for you but my hands are so dirty”. A sudden thought entered my head and I wondered if I should go through with it. I took a deep breath, looked straight at him and said, ” You could use your tongue and lick it off”. He carried on staring at my chest and then ever so slowly lent towards me and gently licked my cleavage. My breasts heaved up and down, that one lick had sent the most amazing shiver down my spine. He licked again this time with the whole of his tongue and slipped it deep between my breasts. He reached up and slowly unbuttoned my chef’s shirt, covering it in chocolate. My top slid down over my shoulders and slowly revealed my round tits. He took one of my nipples in his mouth and circled it with his tongue and began to gently suck on it, his breathing was getting heavier. His hand reached up and grabbed my breast, the cake mixture was cold and sent my nipples harder. He began to knead my breast like he would have done to the bread dough, rolling it around in his palm and squeezing it. The cake mixture made his hand glide easily over my skin and it wasn’t long before that hand was slipping down my stomach and undoing my drawstring chef’s trousers.

The fell to the floor around my ankles, he seemed pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t wearing any panties. He stopped sucking my nipple and drew me close to him, face to face, I could feel his warm breath on me. I reached for his lips with mine and they met furiously. My tongue went deep into his mouth and he massaged it with his. I felt his hand gliding down towards my pussy, he touched it with his chocolate covered fingers and I moaned. He took his mouth away from mine and buried his head into my shoulder where he started to kiss and suck my skin. His fingers began to slide over my pussy lips and the chocolate helped this. He separated the lips and slid one finger gently into my hole. I felt his thumb begin to rub my clit whilst his finger slowly began to pump in and out of me. I could feel my body begin to shiver as he brought me closer and closer to orgasm. I lifted one of legs onto a chair to allow him easier access, he responded by putting a second finger into my pussy and fastened his pace. I began to moan louder and louder, my breath got heavier and I felt my pussy clamp down on his fingers as I let out cry of ecstasy. He slid his fingers out of me and brought them up to my lips. I could smell my own sent coupled with the smell of chocolate, I sucked on them, tasting my own juices and the sweetness of the chocolate.

He pushed me back and sat me on the floured work surface. He pulled his top over his head and revealed his amazing body to me. It was so toned and looked so smooth. He began to undo his trousers and slipped them off uncovering the fact he also did not wear underwear. I gazed in amazement at his cock. It was standing fully erect and the head was a reddy, purpley colour and looked like it was ready to burst. The shaft was so thick and I could see the veins standing up all the way along it, it seemed to almost throb. I reached for it and clasped it in my sticky hands. I began to slide up and down it slowly at first, feeling every inch of it. I slipped my thumb over its head and used the precum as extra lubricant for my hands. He had closed his eyes and was tweaking my nipples with his fingers. He began to moan and I felt his cock stiffen even more, I knew he was about to cum so I got on all fours and took his massive member in my mouth. Cum pumped into my mouth and tasted wonderful and warm, it mixed with the chocolate and made it taste sweet. I swallowed it all and by now could feel my pussy getting hot again and felt a tiny drizzle of pussy juice trickle down my leg.

He looked in my eyes with a kind of rabid sex crazed glare and I knew he was horny as hell. He pressed me to the table with one strong arm and roughly parted my legs. The apprehension was amazing, I ached for his cock to be inside me. He seemed to be planning something. His other hand reached over to something on the table behind me, when it returned it was holding a largish plastic rolling pin. I knew what he planned to do with it, I braced myself. I felt the small handle enter me first and then slowly the rest was being pushed inside me. My pussy was being stretched like it had never been before, I felt pain and pleasure at the same time and it felt so good. He started to pump it slowly in and out of me and then he got faster and faster. The handle of the rolling pin hit my G-spot in just the right place and a wave of sexual euphoria pulsed through me. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore he stopped and pulled the appliance out of me. I was exhausted but he took no notice of that climbed on top of me and plunged his cock deep inside my cunt. I wrapped my legs around him as he bored into me with animal ferocity.
My fantasy had come
true! He grunted in my ear with every stroke and kept getting louder and louder. His body rubbed against my clit and I felt the burning sensation of an orgasm arriving. I grabbed his ass and clenched it with all my might as I came and gripped his cock with my cunt. This sent him over the edge and he cried out as he filled me cum. We were both exhausted. As we lay there he suckled on my breast again and I wrapped my arms around him felling his warmth and it was then I fell asleep.

The next morning I was woken by my mystery lover early. I got up and dressed and suddenly thought how angry my boss would be that I still didn’t get any work done. I looked around in a panic and found everything had been done and cleaned up. “Would you like me to drive you home?” the guy said. I nodded and we left together.

My next shift started the very next night. My boss came straight up to me as I walked in. “Good job Josseline, everyone loved the bread and the fabulous chocolate cake. All the customers said they tasted different, did you put any special ingredients in them?” I thought for a bit and realised with our night of passion there had been so much cum spread all over the work surface that some of it must have got into the bread and cakes! I answered “Yes sir, I used a secret ingredient, just call it the chef’s special sauce”. He looked at me strangely and said “Well whatever it is it’s improved my business so carry on doing whatever you’ve been doing”. I looked over at my gorgeous chef lover and we grinned at one another, “Yes sir, I will”.

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