Kari Part 2

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I knew I was in for it now. After all that fucking and sucking, I was still hot and ready to go. Mark just told me that this is his poker night, and 3 of his friends will be here in about an hour. Four cocks that would be all mine…how could I pass this up?

Pulling Mark’s cock out of my mouth, I agreed to stick around and see what developed. We both needed a shower, so he took me upstairs to his master bath. In the interest of saving time, we showered together, washing each other’s backs and intimate areas. He was getting hard again as I rubbed my soapy hands on his rod, so I rinsed him off and dropped to my knees for a quick suck. He immediately put his hands on the back of my head and started pumping his cock into my mouth. I had my hands on his ass, squeezing, pulling him into me while I deep throated him. I slid off his cock long enough to lick his balls and jerk him off, which he seemed to like before. This time though, he grabbed his tool and shoved it right back into my mouth, fucking my mouth like a cunt. Pounding it all the way down my throat he started moaning as I slipped a finger up his ass. I felt his balls rest on my chin as he slammed his cock all the way in, pumping his cum down my throat in hot spurts.

Pulling his rod out of my mouth, he pulled me up to stand in front of him. He just looked at me for a second, then started to grin.

“Fuck, Kari. You can’t get enough cock, can you?” As he was talking to me, he was reaching behind me, grabbing my ass cheeks. He spread them apart and started to finger my ass, while rubbing his cock against my clit. I was moaning, and humping his finger already, remembering the assfucking I’d gotten in the kitchen.

“Mmmm, your ass is so tight. I’m going to fuck your ass again Kari, get you loosened up for my friends.”

Not that I needed loosening up, but I wanted that cock back in me. He turned me around and pushed me against the tiled wall, kicking my feet apart to spread my legs. I turned slightly to see his soaping up his cock, and felt his push against my asshole. He slid in slowly, and I savored the feeling of his cock pushing deep into my ass. He was fucking me slow, and reaching around to play with my clit.

“God Mark, fuck that ass! Fuck my ass hard!”

He laughed then, and slowed down even more. It was exquisite torture to feel him sliding in and out of my ass so slowly, all while he was pinching my clit between his fingers. Finally I couldn’t take anymore, and started grinding my ass into him, forcing my ass down on his cock. I started moaning, and I could feel myself starting to cum. Mark reached the point where he couldn’t hold back, and started furiously pounding my ass, fucking me so hard I could feel his balls slapping my pussy.

He let out a groan and buried his prick up my ass, shooting his cum into me. He pulled out, and while he was getting his breath back, he just shook his head in amazement, and started cleaning up again.

After we finally left the shower, he instructed me to wear only my skirt and blouse. We went downstairs and prepared everything for the party, and I could see his cock was getting hard again, probably thinking of what was to come.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang, and the first of the guests had arrived. His name was Scott, and I could tell he was surprised to see me.

“Who’s your friend, Mark?”

“This is Kari. I’m a little short of money for this week’s game, but I think I’ve found a way I can still play and keep things fair.” He winked at Scott, who had a sly smile on his face.

When Dave and Jeff arrived, the conversation was similar, and finally, the guys sat down to play. Mark invited me to come sit on his lap during the game, and I watched as the betting went on. Mark, being low on cash, anted a blowjob in lieu of money. The guys laughed like hell, and Mark just pointed to me. As the hand played out, I felt Mark’s hand under my skirt, reaching up to my pussy. He was rubbing my clit again, and I was trying not to moan out loud. He lost that hand, with Jeff being the winner. Jeff looked questioningly at me, and I just smiled.

I crawled under the table, and unzipped his fly. His quickly hardening cock sprang out, and I immediately began to lick the tip, tasting his precum. He let out a moan, and slid down in his chair to give me better access.

I parted my lips and slid him slowly into my mouth, just a little at a time. I started moving fast, sliding him in and out of my mouth, pausing to lick his tip. I could feel his hips start bucking, trying to hump my face. I grabbed onto his hips and started deep throating him, sucking hard. He let out a groan, and suddenly my mouth was flooded with sticky cum. Coming out from under the table, I saw a strange sight. The guys had been watching, and they were all playing with themselves now, hard as a rock and needing release.

Mark spoke up, saying that perhaps we needed to take a break from cards, to solve this little problem.

I could see the hungry stares fixed on me, and I just knew this would be the night of my life!

Part 3 to cum soon! (It’s still on it’s way…just delayed a little. )

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