Kate Throws A Great Party

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This year Kate and Jake threw another one of their wild 4th of July parties. The highlight is usually Kate, prancing around their swimming pool in a skimpy bikini that showed off 99% of her sexy body. Last year my girlfriend and I ended up back at my place after the party with Debbie and her husband. We were feeling no pain and started playing strip poker. After seeing Debbie without any clothes on, especially those big tits, I completely forgot about Kate. My girlfriend started to kiss Debbie’s husband and when her hand started to stroke his cock, Debbie drug me into the bedroom where I got a sexual awakening. No woman had ever sucked me and fucked me like Debbie did that night. All of us had such a good time that we did it again 2 weeks later, this time my girlfriend taking her husband directly to the bedroom leaving Debbie and I alone in the living room. We had sex from 11:00pm until 4:30 in the morning. We blew each other minds and admitted that each of us were the best fucks either of us ever had. Both of our other halves could sense something between us, and they both became extreKatey jealous. When we got together after that, there was barely a time when Debbie and I were alone, but in those brief moments Debbie would flash her great tits at me and I’d expose my cock to her. Then, one evening Debbie followed me to the bathroom. We thought we were being clandestine, and as soon as the door closed behind us, Debbie was on her knees saying, “I love your cock”. She gave me her expert head, and out of nowhere her husband burst into the bathroom and caught us. That was the end of that, until this year’s 4th of July party when I noticed Debbie there. And she saw me. And both of us knew, without having to say it, that we had to get together again. But the one thing that really pissed me off was when my girlfriend talked to Debbie’s husband, smiling and laughing, yet both of them giving me and Debbie the evil eye as if to say, “Don’t even think about it.” I kept my distance from Debbie, but thought what a fucking double standard.
My girlfriend had to work that Saturday evening. At 3pm I took her back to her place to change clothes, and when she left I went back to the party. As I pulled up, I noticed Debbie’s van pulling away and thought that there went my chance with her for tonight. It would’ve been nice just to talk to her. I went to the pool where everybody was at and thought I would mingle for a while. I got a beer and felt someone tapping on my shoulder. It was Debbie. I was freaked out that she was still there. “I’ve been dying to talk to you,” she said, “My husband left with Jake to go pick up some pot. Quick, come on, let’s go inside so no one will notice us together and tell him.” There was nobody in the house and Debbie suggested we go into one of the bedrooms to talk, making sure we wouldn’t get caught because her husband would go ballistic. Unknowingly, we went into the master bedroom, it felt safe there. Without any hesitation, we started making out and our hands we all over each other. Sitting in the edge of the bed, Debbie was rubbing my cock and I was groping her tits. “God I’ve missed your cock” said Debbie and I replied, “I never thought I’d see you again.” We rolled on the bed and Debbie landed on top of me. She straddled my waist and sat up, taking off her tank top and bra. There were the objects of my desire, my what great tits she has. She rubbed them all over and I lifted myself up on outstretched arms. I moved my head forward to suck on her nipples as Debbie held out her big boobs for me. Just as my mouth was about to devour her flesh, we heard the master bathroom door open. There was Kate, she had caught us in the act. Debbie and I just froze in place, Debbie didn’t even try to cover up her chest. Kate said, “I thought there might be something going on between you two.” She said it matter-of-factly, and in a manner that said she didn’t disapprove. And, she was wearing that skimpy, bright red bikini. Her tits were even bigger than Debbie’s. Debbie turned to her and said, “Please don’t tell anybody. My husband will make it living hell for me if he finds out.” Kate came over to us, smiling, and sat on the bed next to us. “That’s ok, don’t you even worry about it.” She gave Debbie’s tits the once over, then grabbed one in her hands. “My Debbie, you do have really nice tits.” I had heard through the grapevine that Kate and Jake were swingers. Several times I thought about what it would be like to do that, it was kind of like what the four of us did a year ago, only with more people. And Debbie was enjoying the attention Kate was giving her.
Kate picked up her cell phone and made a call. “Hello Jane? I need a big favor. I need for you to keep a look out for Jake. He left in a van. Call me as soon as he gets back.” Kate looked at us and said, “Go ahead, I just made it safe for us.” At that point it made no difference that Kate was there and I could tell that Debbie was excited that an almost naked person was in the room with us. Debbie moved over on her side and unbuttoned my shorts, pulled them down my legs, and started giving me head. “Oh wow,” Kate said, “that is a nice one. Don’t stop, this is really turning me on!” Kate was on the phone again. “Hey Jake. Where are you at?” Kate’s hand was between her legs while Debbie went down on me with a passion. “I just talked to Jane, she wants some pot also. Pick up a little extra and she’ll pay you when you get back. Cool, she says she appreciates it. Ok, see you later.” Kate closed her phone and said, “We’ve got about 45 minutes until they get back.” It was the way she said ‘we’ve’, as in the three of us. Debbie seemed to sense the same thing and she really went at my cock like she’d never suck another cock in her life again. It was almost like she was showing off to Kate how good she was. Kate watched for a while and took off her bikini top. I reached for her tits and she bent over so I could manhandle them. “Honey, you can do anything to these babies that you like.” Debbie was watching and took my spit covered cock out of her mouth and said to Kate, “Here Kate, you want to try some of this?” Kate moaned under her breath and squirmed out of her bottoms, staring at my prick and placing her lovely lips around the head. Debbie took off her pants and then started rubbing Kate’s hairless crotch, spreading her legs apart, and moved her head in between. Kate moaned under her breath, getting hotter and hotter, and deep throated me. At that moment I knew that Debbie had eaten pussy before, she knew exactly what to do on Kate’s clit. Kate took my cock out of her mouth and yelled, “Yes Debbie, yes. Eat it, lick my clit. Yes, that’s it. Suck me, suck me. Oh yeah, right there, that’s it. Oh fuck, I’m going to cum, you’re going to make me cum.” With one hand pressing Debbie’s face harder into her pussy and her other hand jacking off my massive hard on, Debbie tweaked on Kate’s nipples and she started to get off. Her head slammed back on my cock and the vibrations of her groaning made my balls suck up towards my body. I thought for sure I was going to cum. Debbie’s head never left Kate’s twat as Kate screamed out, “Suck my cunt you bitch, suck my cunt.” Finally Kate had to push Debbie away and now the only sound was Kate trying to catch her breath. Debbie had the most wanton look on her face, pleased that she made Kate have a mind blowing orgasm. She crawled over Kate and straddled my waist, lowering a very wet pussy down on my rod, saying “I need some cock, I need your big hard cock inside of me.” As Debbie gyrated her hips, her clit popped out and was rubbing against my pelvic bone. Kate kneeled beside us and started to suck on her sensitive nipples as Debbie’s breathing became more rapid. I thrust my hips up and Debbie was rubbing against me harder and faster, and it didn’t take long for her to cum either. I could feel her cunt muscles squeeze around my cock with every wave that swept though her. Kate then kissed Debbie as she started to come down, still rubbing her tits, and Debbie looked like she was in heaven. She removed my dick and just sat down with a cat-ate-the-canary look, and smiled at me. Kate remarked that I hadn’t cum yet, and she laid on her back saying, “I want to feel that big cock inside me.” Jesus, did I ever slam her. Debbie was rubbing her tits all over my back and bringing her nipples to my mouth to suck on. Kate reached up and fondled my nipples and that was all it took. I announced that I was going to cum and pulled out of Kate. I jacked off more sperm than ever in my life all over Kate’s torso. A dozen full, thick, creamy white globs streaked across her body. Both of them watched in amazement and remarked that it was the biggest load they had ever seen.
Kate got out a pack of cigarettes and we all had a smoke. It may have lasted only 30 minutes, but each one of us said how much fun that we had, how good it felt, and the spontaneity of the whole situation was pretty incredible. Just looking at a naked Debbie and Kate will be forever etched in my brain, it still gets me hard thinking about it. Kate’s phone rang, Jake informed her that they had just picked up the pot and would be home in a little while, giving us 15 minutes before they got back. I decided that it would probably be better for me to leave before Debbie’s husband saw me and very reluctantly we put our clothes back on. Kate said she was going to jump in the pool to cleanse off, making sure to say to us, “We need to do this again.” Debbie walked me to the back door so I could sneak out without anyone noticing that I had been there. We kissed each other with so much passion and it was just now that we both realized how much we meant to each other. I left, went home and jacked off two more times just thinking about it. I drank several scotches and realized that I wouldn’t last with my girlfriend too much longer. I needed a woman like Debbie or Kate.
A couple of weeks ago I was officially single again. Debbie found out and called me to congratulate me and she also informed me that her husband was going to be out of town. I took a day off of work and we really took out some sexual frustrations on each other. When she showed up at my place at 7am, she just took off her clothes and jumped me. It was a raining and we fucked all day long, exploring our most deep and secret desires. She must have told Kate, because on Saturday when Jake went up north to visit his family, she showed up at my place unannounced. It was another day of non-stop sexual escapades. After both of us had cum twice, we wished that Debbie was with us. Kate even called her, but her husband had returned the day before. When I talked to her I could tell she was a little jealous of Kate, but she insisted that we have fun. When Kate left the next morning, I casually asked her if she had any sisters. It was like a light bulb went off in her head, she does have a sister who is single and looking. Jane lives in Los Angeles, and Kate assures me that I will really like her. Jane is coming home for Labor Day and this should be very interesting.

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