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I was crossing the Atlantic en route to Brussels, but I was also crossing from the vague, ill-defined gulf between drowsiness and sleep so familiar to long distance travelers. So far, I had not been able to make it all the way across. Of course, it didn’t help that my ass was twitching, longing to be filled. I gave some thought to going to the lavatory to relieve myself, but that wasn’t all that satisfactory. I had a layover of 26 hours in Brussels before my flight to Dubai, and I planned staying overnight in an airport hotel and visiting a great gay spa where my ass would certainly get a good workout and finally stop the twitching. That pleasant thought set me to sleep.

I woke up as the flight crew began serving breakfast and discovered a pillow and a blanket on top of a very swollen member. The man next to me, older by 30 years, gray and dapper, reached over and patted my arm, smiled, and said, “I thought it better the flight attendant not notice.” I thanked him.

We began to talk. Gary was 62, from Portland, en route to Mumbai, with a 12 hour layover. He was planning on showering and staying in the lounge. I invited him to my room, not really expecting anything, and he accepted.

I showered while he took some clothes to the desk for pressing. I slipped into a hotel robe, and checked my e-mail. Gary took his time in the shower, finally coming out without even a towel around his middle. He was tanned, well-toned, sun-bleached hair on his chest and obviously trimmed pubes surrounding a magnificent 8″ dick. Without saying a word, he walked over to the bed, pushed the computer away with his left head, and guided my head to his dick. His dick was velvety smooth and smelled faintly of aloe. I took a small amount in, began wrapping my tongue around him, and he slowly methodically began pulling in and out, moving his hips toward me and pulling my head toward him in a wondrous rhythm. As he began to harden, the rhythm became a full-blown face fuck. It seemed Gary was reaching the back of my throat, and a gag reflex began to kick in. I was getting hard.

Gary stopped and told me to move over. He laid down on his back and told me to get into a 6-9 position. I did, rushing to get that fantastic dick back in my mouth. Gary bent up slightly, and began licking all around my ass, moving his tongue in and out in slow, warm, wet motions. He’d pause and do a little tongue twist. I got harder, as did he. Gary told me to get him nice and wet, and he began spitting in my ass and working first one finger then another in and out. I knew what was coming, and I wanted it at once. But, Gary took his own time. Finally he asked me to roll over on my back. When I did, he pulled me to the end of the bed by my ankles. He then spread and lifted my legs in the palm of my hands and entered me, not in the stop-and-go fashion usually favored, but in a slow, continuous motion. He seemed to keep at it for some time until I felt completely filled and could sense his shortened, coarse pubes up against me. I was loosening and tightening my sphincter, grasping his dick and trying to pull it in ever more. Of course, it wouldn’t go in any further.

I expected him to begin to pound me, but instead, he begin a spiraling bump-and-grind motion. This continued. Gary placed my legs on his shoulders, then reached around and lifted me up slightly, as if I were in the middle of a crunch. As he did this, I could feel his dick go in even a bit poor, and I also felt his pubes against my sac, then the lower portion of my stomach. So effective was Gary’s bump and grind, that my erect dick seemed never to be touched. This delayed my cumming for a short time, but eventually, the prickly rubbing of my sac and my stomach began to have the expected effect. Before I could say I was cumming, Gary said please aim at his face. I did, although the first surge hit his chest. Soon, Gary’s face was soaked and dripping onto my chest. Only then did he begin to withdraw, then re-enter and begin pumping. Hard. Very hard. The bed was shaking. My legs were quivering. Finally, Gary separated my legs as far as they would go and made a final big thrust. Then I could feel his legs tighten. In the mirror behind him, Gary’s ass was as tight as mine was loose. With a couple of stabs inward, I began to fill with Gary’s cream.

Gary slowly withdrew.

When he was finally out and before he lowered my legs, he lingered a bit and kissed my ass. That mere action made me cum again. Gary lowered his head and drew me in.

We were spent and soon asleep.

I was vaguely aware of the shower running.

After a while, I woke up, tired, a bit sore and ravenous, but with the feel of Gary’s cum running out my ass, down my legs and onto the sheets.

I found a note thanking me for the facial and telling me he had left some face cream for me in the bathroom. I luxuriated in it, rubbing it all over my face and my nipples. When I had run out, I stuck a finger into my ass and withdrew more. I rubbed that all over my sac and my dick and came once again. Reluctantly, I showered, went downstairs for a bite to eat and then journeyed to the airport, ever so glad my spa plans had been changed.

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