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lisa is a sweet woman who had never been ass fuck she came to me and ask if i would unvirgin your ass for her i said yea get naked she did and there was this big hairy ass in front of me she look like she just shit and didn’t wipe her ass so i till her to wash it so she washing her asshole and getting hard with my nine inch cock i see that there some soap on her ass so i walk up and bent her over and said hold on to the sink sweet because this is going to hurt just at that time she said wait but i didn’t as i push my cock deep into her virgin ass she screams as i ripped her asshole open and blood started to run out as i shove all nine inchs in her ass pounding her hard as she crys i fuck her ass and i cum in her four times filling her ass full of my hot cum i look and see lisa puff up pussy lips i knew i was going to fuck her pussy to as i was pounding her ass i pull out and shove my cock in her hot wet pussy as it clamps down on my hard cock i fuck the hell out of her that day oh her pussy was hot and wet as i fill her pussy up with cum i shoot three more loads of cum in her cunt and she said to me that she not on the pill as im ready to shoot more cum deep into her hot wet pussy i pull out to see all my cum run down her legs damn she a good pick of ass can’t wait till next time for that hot pussy

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