little dick

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Suzanne looked at dumbo, “Look shrimpy look at Stevens big hard cock, i love it”, Steven said.

“Shut up and suck it”, Suzanne done what she was told.

Then after a while he started to fuck her. Suzanne loved it , he fucked her over and over. After a couple of hours he was finished with her. “Right now your my little cock sucker, and i can do what i want with you when ever i want.” Suzanne said, “Yes Steven, as long as i can have your big hard cock.” Steven then left.

Suzanne looked at dumbo and said, “Did you like watching him fuck me little dick?”

“Yes Suzanne.”

“You wimp. Come here and lick my boots.”

Suzanne picks the phone up. Suzanne called Claire her friend.

“Hello Claire, i have just had a real man with a massive cock… Oh shrimp dick we made him watch! Ha ha ha! I know it’s so funny… He’s just a boot boy now. Why don’t you pop round, and he will lick your boots… What, they are dirty? That’s ok, see you soon.”

Suzanne turns back to Steven, “Well dickless, Claire is coming ’round to pull your big dumbo ears and spit in your face while you lick her boots, ha ha ha!”


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