Lost In A Dream Part 2

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The next day I wasn’t tired at all, in fact I was doing pretty good, inspite of last night’s activities. I went in to work with a big smile on my face, and people noticed. Mandy was first to ask what was up. I told her that I finished the dream last night, but that I could not say any thing at all in the dream and I found that weird. And she said that it is probably because she didn’t want you to not yet.

After work Mandy and I went to get a drink, well she drank I don’t so I didn’t. We sat and talked until 5o’clock, and then I walked her home. With the gas prices these days who can afford to drive any ways. But on the way home I had a funny feeling that I was going in the wrong direction the entire way home. That night I a normal dream that I was an Indy car racer, needless to it didn’t feel as real as the one the night before.

On my way in to work the next day I had that funny feeling again, but not that I was going the wrong way, but like I was being pulled to work and not going. When I got there I kept smelling something familiar but couldn’t put my finger on it, and it was driving me crazy. It was a sweet smell of flowers and spring water, and I didn’t know where it was coming from.

Well the day went on and that smell was every where I went. On the way out it started to get stronger it was intoxicating, I followed it as I get to the elevators I saw her, the girl from my dreams. I ran toward the elevator but getting there just too late, but just in time to look into her lovely green eyes, I looked at her, she looked at me. It was as if someone had shot me with 10,000 volts. Just before the door finished closing I ran to the stairs, down 7 flights I ran, praying that I get there in time. Finally the bottom floor I rush to the elevators, I get there just in time to catch her getting off. I stop look her in those beautiful green (emerald like) eyes and say hi. And she said hi my name is Kathleen, what is yours? Zack, I replied. Well very nice to meet you Zack, she said.

My GOD she was even more beautiful in real life than in my dreams. Do you want to go get some thing to eat, I asked? I know we just met but, I have to ask. Sure where do you want to go? How about Italian? Sounds good to me, Italian is my favorite, she said. All throughout dinner we really got to know each other. After desert we left and I walked her home, once we got to her place she asked me up. I enter her apartment the smell hit me, flowers and spring water, she offered me something to drink, but I declined.

She came and sat down next to me on the couch, she told me that the first time she saw she was surprised. When I asked why she said, it was because she had been having these dreams lately, me to I said. I didn’t want to bring it up because I was scared you would think I was nuts or something. We sat and laughed about it for a while, then I looked in her eyes and kissed her long and soft, it was like an eternity passed us by before we broke. I looked deep into her eyes again, she grabs my head and pulls me in and kisses me hard. After that I couldn’t help myself I had to have her for real this time, I started to kiss her neck, a soft moan escaped her lips. I nibbled at her shoulder leaving a small red mark, I pulled off her shirt and
Started to kiss down her chest, as I reach behind her back and unhook her bra. I drop it to the floor and I slowly make my way down to her hips.

I stood up and admired her beauty. As I went back to work I started on her breast, even better in real life, I kissed them and bit them softly. I slowly moved down her stomach licking her navel gently, I hear a low moan escape from her lips. I kiss my way down to her pants, I unbutton them slowly and pull them down and kissed just 1 inch above the beltline all the way down. I stood up and I striped naked and as soon as I got my pants off she grabbed my hips pulling me into her mouth she takes me all the way in. In no time I could feel pressure building up I warned her but she didn’t stop sucking, I let go deep inside her throat, she doesn’t let a drop get away.

After she was finished I went to town on her pussy. I started by licking her slit up and down slowly so I could taste her sweet juices. Then I started to massage her clit hard but slow, ever so slowly, it was driving her crazy. I could tell she was about to cum so I started going faster, she was screaming her lungs out, and bucking wildly but I held on. Her juices explode all over my face as she falls limp on the couch. I continue to kiss her all over and make my way back up to her face. As I look deep into her green eyes, she looks into mine and gives me a little nod telling me I can continue on. I position myself on top of her I penetrate her slowly going all the way in.

I start off with a slow rythem in and out, going so slow she is going crazy. She is moaning and shaking, I can her eyes start to roll back, she is close I can feel it her muscles start to squeezing me tight. She is starting to shake hard, she screams loud and falls limp at the same time I finish. I fall down on top of her, we lay there for what seams like hours just holding each other, kissing oneanother any where and every where until we both fall asleep. The next day we walk to work together. Mandy is the the first to notice my huge smile, she asked me what was up I told her the whole story.

The dreams are still there but I also have the real thing to make them even better.

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