Lost In A Dream

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Lost In A Dream

It happens every three nights, the same dream, the same girl. I don’t know her name but I know I love her.
Now it all started when I had just moved into my new apartment. At first I thought it was just a wet dream, but it happened again three nights later,
with the same girl. At first I wrote it off as I was just horny, but after the fifth time with same girl I thought something might be wrong.

After the sixth night I went see a doctor about my sleep problem, what a waste of money that was, all he told me was that it was normal.
But the same girl every night, there had to be some thing up with me. So I decided to talk to a friend of mine, Mandy, She’s into the whole
psychic thing. She told me that in dreams our brains are more like a two-way radio, sending and receiving meassages from god knows who or where.

Well that night was one of the nights that I would be having the dream with the girl in it, because like I said they happen every three nights.
And mandy told me to see how it all plays out, and to finnish the dream. So after about an hour of TV I went to bed, be it I was still worried
about what might happen. But I had no trouble getting to sleep It was like I had taken a sleeping pill or something.
It starts the same, I am in a white room with no walls and no celing, just light everywhere. There is a cherrywood four post bed with white sheets,
in the middle of it all. I walk to the bed she isn’t here yet, I look around but nothing. I sit down on the bed, and just as I look up I see her walking out
of the mist. God she is beautiful about 5′ tall slender body gorgeous legs that travel all the way up to a beautiful waistline that bends into the most
delicate breast I have ever seen. There are no words to decribe her face, she is simply beautiful.

As she walks over I notice that she is wearing a black nitie with black bra and panties. As she gets close to me she kisses me, it si the deepest kiss I have ever
had. I try to say something but I can’t it is like I can’t speek at all, but am in control of all that I am doing to her, and I can’t stop nor do I want to.
It feels so good, first I kiss my way down to her shoulder and I remove her nitie, I come up and kiss her again, long and deep. I reach around and take off her bra
letting fall to the floor I step back and admire the beauty that she is.

I embrace her, holding her tight to my bare chest I lie her down softly on the bed, and start kissing my way down to her waist.
I tug her panties off and throw them on the floor as I place my head between her soft legs, I slowly kiss my way to her soaking wet pussy.
I inhale her sent, it is intoxicating, slowly I lick all the way up her area, she moans with pleasure. I take the tip of toung and rub her clit hard but slow.

As I am licking her she starts to buck her hips but I hold on. She is squezing my head with her legs, to the point that it almost hurts. She screames
as she reaches her peak she falls limp. I wipe my face of her juices and kiss her, she wraped her arms around my neck and held me close.
She gets up and sits me down on the bed and pulls off my pants exposing my throbbing cock. She kisses it gentily on the head, and licks slowly up and
down the 7″ shaft. She smiles at me just before she puts me in her mouth, taking me all the way in to the base of my cock. DAMN it feels so good, she
knows just how I like it. I can feel the pressure building, and it is as if she knows it she begins to suck harder and I cum deep in her throat.

She sucks me dry as I lay there. Once my head stoped spinning I got up and laid her on the bed I start kissing her from the feet up. I pause at her breast,
I nibble on her nipples for a little while. I continue on kissing up her neck, I get to her lips and I kiss her hard and deep. I break away from her look deep
into her eyes, as if I could get lost in them and never be found again. I position myself on top of her I enter her slowly inch by inch. She is going crazy,
breathing hard she screams with pleasure just as I get all the way in. I stay there for a little while kissing hard on the lips. she bucks as I start to back out,
going crazy with ever inch. She is bitting her lip as I get to the tip, I hold it just at the opening. She is bucking and moaning, she screams FUCK ME!!!!!
And I do I ram it all the way in up to the base and out again and again and again. She screams with every thrust. She is squeezing me as I get to the base and
I can feel the preasure building again, we both scream with pleasure and release we both lay there for a while then she leans in and kisses me.

I wake up in my bed alone to the sound of my screaming alarmclock. I get up and get dressed.

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