Love in an Elevator

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His name was Jared, I met him in the club where I worked. He came in with his buddies to celebrate their last weekend of freedom before being shipped off to somewhere overseas in a desert. He was tall and lean, with muscles rippling across every inch of his skin. I’d noticed him watching me from across the bar, and every time I brought his drink, I felt an extra 20 being pushed into the side of my G string.
He watched me with such intensity, I could feel his green eyes blazing right thru my skimpy waitress outfit. In my mind, I felt those tanned hands slowly peeling up my tank top, freeing my large, round breasts for his admiration. It was getting close to last call when I brought his final drink of the night, and instead of the extra tip, he slipped a napkin and winked at me.
When I was counting my tips for the night, I saw I still had the napkin crinkled up, and automatically I felt the heat flood between my thighs. Aw Man! I could tell this guy was gonna be trouble! Good thing I enjoy trouble…
I waited until I got off early that next night and called the number he’d written down. He wanted me to meet him at the Casino down the road from my club. I stopped to freshen up in the bathroom, and reapplied my makeup.
He met on the corner outside with a big hug, and grabbed my hand. We made small talk as we fell into a casual stride heading towards the bright neon lights of the huge casino.
In the lobby we waited for an elevator to ride upstairs. A carriage at the far end opened up, and everyone emptied out. It was just myself and Jared in the elevator, I turned and leaned against the rail to look out at the city through the glass wall. As I watched the people getting smaller and smaller, I heard Jared fumbling with some buttons. “What are you doing,” I asked him. He answered me with a wicked grin “Ensuring that we have some privacy to enjoy this ride,” and with that he closed the gap between us and pressed my soft lips against his. The elevator continued to rise as he twisted his fingers in my long, wavy, brown hair, and roughly assaulted my mouth with his teeth, lips, and tongue, My head was spinning from both the dizzying heights, and the intense arousal. I was just thinking “What if we got caught?”, then he roughly pushed me face first against the railing, facing the outer glass wall, and pressed his long, full erection against my back, grinding his hips into my ass, and my hips into the railing. He planted tiny wet kisses at the base of my neck, running his tongue up the side of my neck, and sucked gently on my earlobe, nibbling and biting. The cab had finally reached the top, giving me a full view of the riverfront and downtown, I heard it ding and thought we were about to get off. Little did I know, the cab automatically began to descend again.
“You didn’t think it was gonna be that quick, now did you?” He whispered gruffly in my ear. He still had a fistful of my hair, and all I could do was whimper. “I want to taste you” he said. And I felt one thick finger reaching up under my skirt, pushing my lace panties to the side. His other hand released my hair and slowly roved over my leg, down to my ankle. Kneeling behind me, he propped my leg against the railing and suddenly I felt his mouth kissing against my aching core. I was so turned on, I could feel my juices flowing as he swirled his tongue up, down, and around my clit and the surrounding lips. I felt his lips surround my clit, and then he began to suck fervently and flick his tongue back and forth over the sensitive bud, sending waves of pleasure coursing through my entire body. I could see that we were nearing the top level again, but I no longer cared if or when the elevator would be done with its run.
He lapped his way up from my dripping pussy to the crack of my ass. As he pumped another finger in my hungry box, I felt him slowly violate my ass with his tongue. Now I ain’t never tried that freaky mess before, but apparently I should have done it sooner because at that moment I lost control, screaming out as I came all over his hand. My knees buckled, now unable to support my own weight. I turned around to press my butt against the glass wall, and saw that he already had his pants off, and was stroking his impressive length. All I saw was that grin, and he’d pulled me up against the wall, supporting me against the railing as he plunged so deep and hard, I was sure he was hitting some vital organ down there… I gripped his broad muscular shoulders as he pumped in and out, grinding his hips into me, driving me more and more over the edge. I gripped him with my core, my walls clamping down on him as hard as possible. I could tell by the way he was thrusting he was almost there. Harder and harder he pumped, I tried to hold on, digging my nails deeper into the flesh of his back. “I’m about to come,” he cried out, and I dropped to my knees, forcing down every last inch of his shaft, one stroke, two strokes, and then he came, squirting what felt like a gallon of cum down my thirsty throat. Staring up at him I smiled, and he collapsed against the wall. We got dressed to leave, and he fumbled with the buttons some more, as he stepped out into the night he offered me his arm as he said “I don’t think I feel like gambling anymore, how bout we get a drink instead?” I merely nodded as I walked with him on shaky legs out into the cool evening.

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