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Our Story
By Loverboy & Babydoll
I know you have heard of all the different sex positions, and let me tell you, me & my girlfriend have tried them all… but have you ever tried “All-In”? That’s what we call it anyway…
It started out as just wild sex, with both of us wanting more, more, you know how that goes. My cock was all tied up with rings and hard as a rock. Her pussy was dripping when I did something I have never done before to a woman. I lubed my hand up and started pushing it up into her, deeper, her moans and cries letting me know this was being well received so I pushed harder and my hand pushed thru into her womb. She was screaming and moaning as I fisted her harder and faster. “What are you doing to me?” she whispered, “Fisting you”, I replied and pulled my hand out causing her to shriek & climax all over me. See, she’s a squirter. And I love it. There is nothing like bringing your woman to a climax while shes screaming and squirting all over you. It’s so hot.
I think that’s what started it, a few times later she was riding my cock, sliding her wet pussy up and down my shaft, my balls were tight with rings around them, seperating them from my cock when she slid back onto them and they went up inside her. Wow! We both were a little stunned by the feeling of my balls buried inside her pussy, her muscles squeezing them as she continued to rub her clit against my incredibly hard cock. The feeling was insane. And I wanted more, I wanted my cock to be inside her wet walls. “Do you think my cock would fit as well?” “I dunno”, she replied, “Try it.” So I reached down between us as she leaned back and grabbed the head of my cock, pushing it into her pussy. We both gasped out loud as we felt my hard cock sliding up into her, filling her. And then she began to ride. Harder and faster, her muscles squeezing my cock and balls as she fucked me. Her moans getting louder and deeper. I could feel her cunt lips wrapped around the base of my balls and her pussy getting wetter as we fucked wildly. Our breaths getting harsher and I could feel her pussy beginning to tremble, the way it does when I know she’s about to cum. I slammed into her harder, my ass coming up off the bed with each thrust. I could feel her orgasm start, the warmth, the wetness, her pussy clenching and sucking at my cock as she screamed, her head thrown back as the orgasm rolled over her.
My God, what an amazing sight. Have you ever watched your lovers face as they cum? So Hot. My dick grew 2 sizes just feeling her cum running out around it. She collapsed on me, breathing raggedly, completely drained. I reached between us to feel the wetness and as I brushed up against her clit, she jumped, she was so sensative she couldn’t stand for me to touch her pussy. So, of course, all I could think about was licking all that sweet cum out of her pussy and sucking her clit into my mouth and chewing on it. She was having none of that, so I pulled her up so she could sit on my face, promising to be gentle and licked her pussy. Mmm, it was so sweet, My cock jerked with each lick, my tongue going deeper into her. I pulled her down, licking and sucking and as she stopped resisting her body responded to my touch. She began to press her pussy down onto my face. Then, holding onto the headboard she started really fucking my face. God, I loved it. I shoved my tongue as deep as I could into her as she rode. Her juices beginning to flow, and as she screamed I felt a flood of her cum wash over my face. Groaning I sucked as much of that sweet tasting cum as I could.
When she relaxed I flipped her over and straddled her ass, guiding my now rock hard cock into her wet puss from behind. She was so wet I slid in all the way on the first push. Ohhhh Fuck yeah. Thats what I’m talking about. My cock so deep in her I could feel her cervix fighting it for space. I pulled back and rammed into her again. Yes, thats what I wanted, to fuck her hard. Again and again I slammed into her. My cock so hard and huge. She raised her ass up to meet me, thrust for thrust, I was fucking her as deep and as hard as I could. My balls slapping against her as they grew, my orgasm getting closer and closer. She was shrieking by this time, telling me how she loved it, she wanted my cum, give it to her. Her pussy taking every bit of my abuse. I could feel it building, I wanted nothing more in life than to fill her full of my cum. Slam, slam, slam oh God yes. My orgasm rolled over me like a wave as I emptied myself into her. Her pussy squeezing every drop out of me. I collapsed onto her and we lay there gasping. Our eyes met and her smile told me everything I need to know.

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