More Crazychick Fantasies

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I love men who know what they want and my crazy boyfriend is one of them. Yes he is jealous and aggressive but he is a man’s man and loves the pussy. I love the fact he is in charge of the bed.

Once when we were fighting, he grabbed my arm and his hand slipped and hit me in the mouth causing my lip to bleed. He was so sorry but I told him to put it in and the taste of my blood in my mouth while he was banging me hard was unbelievable. Sometimes I think of a fantasy where he catches me kissing another guy and slaps me around while taking what is his. I fake fight him off but he ends up pounding me hard. I am certain I would cum over and over again. I would not mind if I woke up with a few bruises and a sore pussy.

Even if he caught me kissing another guy, he would never dump him. I am young and hard with a pussy and asshole that he could never give up.
A famous actress once said that women are in charge because we have the pussy. So true.

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