Mother n law and our 2nd enocounter

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I woke up and the first thing on my mind was the amazing handjob my mother-n-law Mrs Brown had gave me yesterday afternoon. I could’nt believe it actually happend! After being obssesed with this woman for so long something happend between us and I was blown away by it! As I laid there thinking about all this my cock started getting hard as fuck and then the wifes phone rings and she wakes up, talks on the phone for a minute then hands it to me. It was Mrs Brown! Jamie, she asked me, will you come take me to get some grocries, the roads are still bad and I am afraid to drive. Sure I said but in my mind HELL YES! was the answer.

I make it to Mrs Browns house, she gets in the car, says hello and thank you for doing this and then we head to the store. As we pull in she tells me to park over on the side of the building so I do. She slides up beside me, puts one hand on the back of my neck the other on my thigh OH SO CLOSE to my happy area, looks at me while lightly rubbing my neck and asks “did you enjoy yesterday Jamie” OH YES I replied back… Good she said, I did too and I would like to continue this little affair but first let’s get a few things straight. FIRST, we have to keep this to our selves but you know that don’t you…. 2nd..I still don’t really like you and I know you don’t like me and that’s what makes this fun, do you agree? Yes, I do agree with you on that I said… 3rd.. what I say goes in this little affair we are about to embark on, agreed? Yes I said to her. Good she said to me, then we have an understanding now, kiss me…

We started kissing and as I had described about her before, her lips are so SO HOT and they felt so good on my lips. Her hand went right to my cock and she started undoing my pants. She stopped kissing me and told me to pull down my pants and underwear so I did. She grabbed my cock and while looking at me, slowly went down and took my cock into her mouth. Remember the lips?? OMG I nearly busted as she took my cock all the way in her mouth and it was even more of a turn on that she looked me in the eyes the entire time…Then without missing a beat, she started going to work and it was the best damn blowjob I had EVER had…I started lightly thrusting and she started sucking harder… OH SHIT I said outloud… and she giggled a little bit then started sucking even harder…. OH FUCK I said this time… Mrs Brown, im not gonna last, oh shit, OH FUCK, I AM GONNA CUM… she did’nt stop, she kept going, it felt so fucking great. I usually last for a very long time while getting a blowjob but she was less then 5 minutes into it… here it cums… OH FUCK, HERE IT CUMS… and it did… I blasted a huge load into her mouth and she never stopped… she fucking swallowed it… I could’nt believe it! I tried pushing her away because the feeling was so intense but she would’nt budge! She finally stopped and when she did she started kissing me again… she smiled and I could’nt believe what she asked me… So, who is better, daughter or mother? I was honest and just said, “mother by a longshot” Good answer she replied then said let’s go get some grocries.

We went in and got some things in the store, I took her back home and as she got out of the car she said to me… I owe you… you owe me also, but I owe.. she winked and went in her house.

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