Mother N Law, The 3rd Encounter

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I was on lunch at work when the wife called me and told me to stop by her mothers, she had something for me for picking her up from work in the snow and taking to the grocery store in the snow. Of course if you have read my first and second encounters you know what happen ;) After getting off the phone with the wife of course I was VERY excited to what she had for me (and I am not talking gift/thank you wise).

As my work day was coming to an end I get a text from Mrs Brown (the mother-n-law), it simply said “wear a bib” “DO NOT RE-TEXT!” Okay, what the fuck?? Wear a bib, why would I wear a bib and where the fuck would I get one? Anyhow, my work day was over and I hurried to my car, jumped in and headed Mrs Brown’s way. The whole way there I was still wondering what the fuck the bib thing was all about? I make it to Mrs Brown’s, I head to her front door, she opens it before I had a chance to ring the door bell, tells me to come on in and ask if I had the bib? I was like.. ummm, no and why would I need a bib? Well she said, you better take your shirt off then… Go down to the end of the stairs in the basement and I will be down in a minute AND, make sure you take your shirt off. I walked down the stairs to the basement, took my coat and shirts off and stood there waiting. It was longer then a minute, more like 5 minutes and then here she came… At the top of the stairs stood Mrs Brown in a bright red silky nightie, with matching red stilleto high heels, and black thigh high nylons. Her hair was pulled back tight in a ponytail, her glasses on (love a lady in glasses).. she looked at me and said “get down on you knees, right where you stand” I dropped to my knees and as she slowly walked down I could see she had no panties on and her pussy was just as I pictured it.. it was hairy but trimmed very tight and nice… she got to the third step from the bottom, pulled up her nightie, sat down, grabbed the back of my head, pulled my head to her pussy and said.. “EAT MOMMA’S BLACK PUSSY” I fucking dove right in… and I could not believe how wet, how hot, and how good that pussy taste! She let out an “OMG” as I started licking on her pussy lips which were sexy as fuck!! She is very light skinned but her pussy lips were dark…SO HOT! As I tounged her, she let out another “OMG” followed by telling me it’s been over 7 years since she has had her pussy ate… I stopped to look up at her and say Really?? But before I could she shoved my face back down and told me not to stop! After a little work on her lips and in to her wet hole, I moved to her clit and she thrusted her hips upward and let out a load moan followed by “OH SHIT YEA, TOUNGE MY CLIT, DON”T STOP” She was so fucking wet, her pussy so hot, my face was covered in her juices. My cock was throbbing hard so I had to reach down and pull it out and start stroking it… Her hip thrusting got faster, her moans more high pitched so I tounged, licked and sucked that clit faster and faster and then it was time…. she screamed out OH SHIT… pushed my head back with one hand then started fingering her clit with the other and she told me to open my mouth…. she let out a LOUD GRUNT and just like the wife, she fucking squirted her pussy all over my face and in my mouth… actually she squirted alot more then the wife! She covered my face, moaning, breathing heavy… I started stroking my cock faster, I was so fucking turned on and I was about to cum…. OH SHIT I said, and she told me to stand up,” CUM ON MY FACE” I stood up, stroking my hard dick fast and hard, pointing towards her open mouth and then I fucking BLASTED her! I cum a decent amount but I guess from being so turned on I actually BLASTED her face, 3 huge streaming shots.. one of them hitting her glasses onto her forehead and the rest she fucking swallowed and then she started sucking on my cock! I am so sensitive after cumming… I could’nt handle it, I had to push her away, but she kept going back for it.. she then took it in her hand and stroked on it while she looked at me with that “I WANT MORE LOOK”… then she just stopped, looked at me with a big smile and said…” I think I need a towl” Lauging She stood up, started walking back up the stairs, telling me I better get going and my thank you gift was on the kitchen counter. I pulled my pants back up, put my shirt back on and headed up the stairs.

I got to the kitchen and there on the counter was a 5th of my favorite whiskey and a 50 dollar bill under it.. I looked at it, laughed then said outloud for Mrs Brown to hear it ” So does this make me a male prostitute now?” She had snuck up behind me, wrapped her arms around me and replied with ” YEP, you are my little whore now, is that okay with you?” OH YEA I answered… then she turned me around, gave me a long hot kiss and said, “NOW, get the fuck out of here you SLUT!” I smiled and went on my way.

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