Much Younger Friend Turns to Mistress

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Friend Turns to Mistress (true story)

Ì knew she loved to shop, that’s for sure. Plenty of times we had gone travelling somewhere and ended up in a mall or a big store to go shopping. She loved having me right there with her while she picked out clothes, it was fun for both or us actually. It started to happen more and more what made it really fun for her was that I usually paid for the stuff, which was almost entirely clothes for her and what made it fun for me was the fact that this girl was an absolutely gorgeous girl who I couldn`t take my eyes off of for a second. That was part of her game though too I guess since she would always flirt and tease me which usually led to me paying for her things. After a while it turned into something a little different though, it became more about this tiny, half my age (and then some) perfect little tease actually starting to dominate me and demand things from me and just plain boss me around which was secretly a huge turn on and lifelong fantasy of mine. Our shopping trips now would often end up with her trying on an outfit in the change room of some really upbeat and trendy teen girls clothing store while she had me pick out some new panties for her or something similar. It was often quite embarrassing since I was alone it seemed to some of the girls in the store and I was searching through piles of girl`s underwear in the busiest stores around. She always had the biggest smile on her face when she came from the change room and saw me totally blushing with a group of teen girls giggling at me. One day she told me that she was going to make it a bit more fun, she announced that she was going to start making me pay for whatever we bought alone so it was a little more embarrassing for me, plus as she said; then she could go get a head start in the next store or else if we were done shopping, she could go relax in the car and have a smoke or change into a new outfit. Usually she would wait to change though until I was back in the car though because she was so fond of teasing like that. I was never allowed to look, she always kept her eye on me and honestly, I never did get a peek. Sometimes she would even tell me a couple of times not to look over since she was going to change into the panties I bought and would be completely nude. Of course a little giggle would follow, especially when she could see the frustration on my face and I`m sure she was checking the bulge in my pants as well.
To this day, I`ve never had sex with this little hottie or saw her naked but continuously fantasized about it. As we drove along one day, I mentioned something that had happened to me on the previous weekend. I told her about this girl I was talking to, a mutual friend or ours who turned out to be a very sexually active girl but as well a completely dominant one as well. I thought since we had grown into this same sort of thing at times she would be interested in hearing about it and I think she did but was fairly quiet through the conversation. The only time in fact, that she really reacted was when I told her that this dominant friend of ours had actually made me undress for her while she took some pictures with my cell phone after I mentioned being a bit of an exhibitionist myself. Things got pretty quiet for a while in the car since I guess this was a bit of a shock to my young, innocent friend but it wasn`t hard to tell she was very turned on by hearing it and very curious about the part of the story I told her about me being quite large down there and how amused this other girl had been by it. Nothing more was said about it until much later but about a week or so afterwards, we went to a quite large party in the country a friend’s home. After being there for a few hours, chatting with friends and just mingling with everyone; I wondered where this girl had gotten too since I hadn`t seen her in a half hour or so. I looked around inside, around the back or the house and then from a distance I found her sitting in the car. Her face was entirely lit up by the light coming from my cell phone. I asked myself, could she….no, probably just making a call I thought. Well she wasn`t it turned out, she was going through the pictures on my phone without a doubt. When she came back to the party, her face was the brightest shade or red and she was sweating and acting kind of nervous around me. I had to know for sure though so a few minutes later I slipped up to the car to find some tell tale signs. Sure enough, the phone was in a different spot then I had left it but my phone would also give me the proof I needed. The way it is set up, when I open my picture folder it will automatically open the last picture that was being viewed. I nearly fell over when I opened the folder and there was one of my pictures, a picture of my rock hard cock, taken fairly close up but it was also zoomed in so it filled the viewfinder on my phone completely. I guess we both got off in the car that night, I was so turned on by the thoughts of my little goddess looking at my naked pics like that, it wouldn`t take long for me to get off as well.
Nothing was ever said about it and didn’t need to be I guess. I did notice an increase in the amount she wanted to borrow my phone for the next few weeks and I know now that she finally transferred the pics to her own phone as well but she still denies ever seeing them. Getting back to our shopping trips though, something very interesting happed to me one day. We had to go meet one of her friends who was in a bit of a bind. She had been away and ran out of money and just needed twenty bucks to get home. She asked if I would give it to her and I said yes but on the way to meet this friend I suggested we make it a bit more fun. I explained that for some reason, I liked the thoughts of her ordering me to give the twenty dollars to her while her friend watched, something we had never done before. I only had five dollars in my wallet and knew that but we decided to meet at the bank anyways. I wasn`t to let on I knew about loaning her friend the money since she was a bit embarrassed by having to ask. We stood chatting for a while when out of the blue I heard the stern words, `give me your wallet` followed by an open hand being held in front of me and a bit of silence from the friend. I quickly handed over the wallet and watched as she just yanked it open and grabbed the money. `Go get some more, five bucks isn`t enough`. Her friend was a bit shocked but soon had a smile on her face, my face however turned bright red but I quickly did as I was ordered to show that I would obey. I wasn`t twenty feet away when I heard the whispering and giggling start so I knew the plan had worked so far. I was seeking a little embarrassment and I got it. I quickly slipped into the bank and took out $40 dollars just to see what would happen. I should also say that this was very new to me, I had never in my life been turned on by being financially dominated and had always thought it was a weird fetish but I was about to see a different side of it. When I got back, the girls were talking away and didn`t really say much to me. The five dollars was still in her hand being waved around. Very suddenly again, the conversation became stern again and I was again ordered to give her the money. I started to open my wallet but she just grabbed it from my hands and said `never mind that, I`m taking whatever you have in there`, in fact…she snapped, this five bucks; I`m keeping for myself. With that I watched as she quickly stuffed it into her bra while giving me a look I`ll never forget, she was loving this as much as I was and was really feeling powerful at that moment. She ripped the money from my wallet and was quite pleased to see the extra twenty. `She just giggled proudly and handed it to her friend with a little tiny, girly voice saying here you go sweaty, take it all. Her friend thanked her and never even looked toward me or thanked me or anything. The two of them just walked away hugging and saying goodbye to each other. I said goodbye to her a couple of times but they didn`t even acknowledge that I spoke. My wallet was still hanging open and some of the cards started to fall out so without a pause in the girly conversation, she just threw it on the ground at her feet so I would scramble to pick it up before her friend drove over it. Still not a word to me but she thanked my friend again and sped away. We jumped in the car and I looked over with a huge smile on my face and just started to speak but was interrupted by the words…`shut up, and don`t even think about asking for that money back. If she pays it back, which I told her not to…I`m keeping all of it and if you ever ask me to pay you back it`s going to cost you double…GOT IT`. I was speechless, completely turned on and like I said before, I don`t know why but it was as horny as I`ve ever been in my life right then. I have never seen the money and didn`t dare ask about it until just recently when I questioned it. I was told that she never paid it back but she tried to and they decided to just go spend it, which they did. There was a small suggestion one day though that I might owe quite a bit of interest on that loan since it`s been several months now and I still haven`t paid her. Ummm does that work I thought to myself. I haven`t questioned the fact that I`m paying interest on money that I loaned out but I like the thoughts of it and our new rule is; any money that goes in my wallet is up for grabs so I have to be very careful to put it in my pocket or it soon disappears.

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