My Cousin in Law

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I was 18 and i was staying the night at my cousins house with his wife. Me and my cousin are going to the game in the afternoon tomorrow, but he had MBA classes tonight and won’t be back till the morning. So it’s just me and his wife. His wife was indian, big breasts, nice ass, and overall very sexy. Back when i was sixteen i remember that i used to go to their closet in the bathroom and sniff her Victoria Secret g string and cum on her 34DD lace bra.
Tonight we were very hyper for some reason, and i felt me and her were always good friends. I walked in on her changing once but she didnt mind. So i sat down, playing some video games, and she was doing dishes. A couple hours later it was midnight, and everything was quiet. She walks out in her robe from her room and asks, “Hey do you want anything to eat? No im alright thanks though.” she walked back and as she closes her door i see a glimpse of her robe coming off.My pants started to grow.
“Hey, you have to eat some of this. It’s so good and juicy.” i was like, “Uhmm, what is it?” “come in here.” As im walking toward her room, im wondering, “What is there to eat in her room. I thought she was going to sleep.”
I open the door and there she is. Laying on the bed with her legs stretched to the corners of the room. She let everything out except for her black lace bra. Her chocolate skin completely exposed. I try to turn away before she calls me again. “Come eat some this. I know you want to fuck me. I’ve seen the cum on my bra, and do you know what i do? I lick them like its candy. The taste of your young cum is just too good. ever since then your cousins come didnt satisfy me. That’s why i always invite you. And every time their is cum somewhere. Those are my best nights.” I was in shock and i said, “But what about Zee?” She replies,” Ive seen your boner in your jeans before and it looks larger than his. Come here now.”, she said gently. Right now all im focused on is ther wet spread apart pussy, that has droplets all over it, and her asshole looks like it has been messed with. “Okay, but this stays between us.” I walk toward her and she pulls my head straight to her wet pussy. This was my first time ever, but i dreamed about this so much, that i pictured everything i need to do. i start from licking around her pussy and pinching her lips with my lips. I pull them towards me and i hold it between my fingers. i lick the entire lip as if im painting a wall, getting every millimeter. I then move to her clitoris and lick vigorously. She is screaming and i feel i am doing great. My cock has been the hardest i ever felt. And then something happened that i never suspected. a water fountain of her juice sprays in my face, getting me wet everywhere. I get a lot of it in my mouth and swallow. It was beautiful.
“Turn around.” she says. I pull out my cock in her face but keep my head indulged in her soaking pussy. she puts my cock in her mouth, licking and then swallowing. She put all 8 inches of my rock hard cock in her my. I couldnt handle it, so i gave her my biggest load of my life. it was all over her face. from temple to temple and forehead to chin. with the cum still covering her face, she unhooks her bra in the front, and it was the first time ive seen her big chocolate tits. the were perfect in shape. round and firm but still had a little floppyness. she took her DD tits and wiped the cum off her face. then she took it and put in in a cup. i was confused but i didnt ask. My cock got hard right away. “Sit on the couch.” I did as i was told. She took her large breasts and folded them over my cock. it looked like a toothpick compared to her tits. She sucked as she thrusts her big tits up and down my cock. This was unbelievable. My cock disappeared into her cleavage. I couldnt handle this either and in 10 min. i let out another load all over her wonderfull tits. the cum looked like giant white chocolate drops on chocolate cookie pizza. she then the cum in the same cup. Then she jumped and in a single motion hopped on my still hard dick. It was unbelievable how she wasnt tired. it was amazing her hot wet pussy going up and down my hard cock. She was so wet it was like we were fucking in a pool. Her cum was all over my crotch, soaking my hair. She was on her toes, knees bent to her side, legs and pussy wide open, facing so i can see everything. It went on like this until she got off and walked into the bathroom. She grabbed my cock and pulled me with her in the shower. she turned on the water and leaned against the wall and stuck her ass out. I didnt hesitate a stuck my cock in her wet pussy. “No. put it in the other hole.” “Are you sure?” “Yes. Hurry i want your cum.” “Can i lick it first?” She nods and i bend down and lick her tight asshole. as i do it i finger her pussy and add a finger every couple of seconds until im fisting. she screaming but i keep going. I plunge my tongue in her ass and lick it clean. I get up and say, “You ready?” “Fuck me!” i stick it right in. It was so tight. my dick was suffocating, but felt so good. her ass was wet from the water so it helped. “Im going to cum!” “No”, she says. she grabbed my cock again and pull me to the bed. She gives me a bottle of oil and asks me to put in in her ass and around her tits. as i pour it in the oil heats up and then cools. Now that her ass is entirely socked it is easy to fuck. I thrust my penis in and the oil makes my cock so sensitive. i plunge her ass very hard. She screams me to go harder and faster. The she squirted again. the spray went high in get air and got all over my naked body. I stopped and pulled my cock out and came all over her body. Both of us breathing very heavily. She take my cum from her body and takes her cum from my body and put in in the cup. She then shakes it up, like a martini. I am confused. She then takes the mixed cum and puts it all over her body like its lotion. she’s now very slippery. “take a picture so you remember this.” I do as she say. and then she takes her slippery body and rubs her larger tits and beautiful body all over me. “That was good practice. Ready to begin?”

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