My Cousin n Me!Part 1

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My cousin Chase and I were always really close.We had been this way since I was 2 and him 4.He was probably the one I was closest to in my family since I had no other sibilings and the rest of my cousins way younger than us.I was so excited on the first day of July when I recieved news the Chase was coming to spend a few weeks of the summer with us,and he would be arriving the next day.I had always found him attractive,who could not.He had dark blue eyes and chocolate brown hair streaked with blonde highlights.His left ear pierced and a perfect 6 pack.He was around 17,me 15.I was pretty decent looking myself,so I thought.I had dark blonde hair that is straight,but feathery layered.Large baby blue eyes and soft,fair skin.I had large breasts for my age,D 34s,a slender body,a nice firm ass,and long toned legs.The night before his arrival,I shaved my legs ,under arms,and pussy to perfection.I thought to myself as I crawled into my warm,raught iron,four poster bed,just after checking my self out in my full length mirror”Who am I trying to impress?”Hmmm….I dozed off,only to wake up around 10 am which was suprisingly early for me.I went and jumped into a hot shower dumping a handful of berry smelling shampoo.After my hair was washed I lathered strawberry body wash into my hands,slowley rubbing it onto myself.My hands swept over my lucious breast,as I felt my large nipples perk up.I tweaked them,feeling a small heat in between my thighs.I left one hand caressing my breast while I slid the other one down to my burning pussy.I circled it slowley and then rammed in 2 fingers into the tight hole.”Uhh”I moaned at the pleasure as I finger fucked myself bringing myself to a quick orgasm.After my small moment of pleasure was over,I finshed up my shower and shut the water off,wrapping a white cotton towel around me and hurrying to my room.I dug through my drawers and searched my closet.I pulled out a tight black GUCCI micro mini,slipping it on over my tiny hot pink thong.I placed a white push up bra and pulled over a tight,see through,white blouse.It had cut off sleeves and a plunging cleavage opening.I strapped on a pair of wrap around white chunky sandales also by GUCCI.I looked myself over in the full length mirror after flipping out my hair and applying my makeup.I thought aloud”A bit slutty,but hey!”I gave myself a small smile just as I heard the doorbell ring up the stairs of our two story.I raced down the stairs,Mom and Dad had left for work obviously.I opened the door and grinned at the sexy face of my cousin.He smiled back as I let him in.”O my god!”I screeched”I have missed you soo much!”I embraced him in a tight hug,feeling a slight bulge coming from his pants on my lower body.I pulled away as he replies”I missed you tooo…”his voice trailing off as his eyes darted up and down my body,his eyes landing on my chest.He thought to himself”Damn she looks hott.She has changed ALOT since the last time I saw her.”He noticed the bulge growing in his pants as he tried to hide it.”Cmon,I’ll help you bring your stuff up to the guest room!”She tweeted,grabbing one of his suitcases and beginning to drag it up the stairs.One of her loose braceletes fell of on their way up the stairs.She put the suitcase down and bent down,giving him a full veiw of her almost naked ass.He rubbed himself quickly before she stood up and started to the top of the stairs again.Once they reached the guest room,which was right next to hers,she lay his stuff inside and sugested”Wanna watch sum tv?”As she gestured to the large tv in the guest bedroom.”Sure”he shrugged,trying to keep his excitment under control,as she grabbed the remote and flipped it on,flipping to mtv where suprisingly the show was”Music Videos to Have Sex To..””Weird…”she thought to herself.They sat back down on the bed and continued to watch,she thought it over how SEXY her cousin was.He was so hott!She glanced over and met his eyes,her eyes darting to his bulge and back to his.She gave a seducing smile and mustered up the courage.She leaned over and placed burgundy colored lips on his.He kissed back,slipping his tounge into her mouth,and vice versa.They eagerly explored eachothers mouth as she kicked off her shoes.They started to kiss more intensley as she pressed her body against his.His hands reached underneath her shirt slithering up to her chest.He reached behind and unhooked her pushup and pulled it off ,along with her top.He gazed at her ample breasts and large,erect nipples.She pulled of his loose shirt revealing his tan,hard chest and stomach.He reached a hand over to one of her nipples and tweaked it until it was sensitive,he placed his warm mouth over it and sucked it gentley,and then harder,circling it with his tounge,while his other hand was busy caressing the other.She moaned out in pleasure.After about 10 miniutes of this he pushed her back on the bed,pulling her legs apart.He licked her pussy letting his tounge linger on the flaming pussy.He jutted his tounge far into her pussy and pulled it in and out constentaly,resulting to her bucking his face.When she was on the peak of an orgasm he pulled out as she groanded in protest.She decided to take control,she sat up and pushed him down,straddling him.His 9 in long,3 in wide dick was rock hard,she let the head linger outside for a minute before forcing it into her tight small opening.She moaned loudly as he did.She grabbed his heavy balls as she road him hard,as he bucked his hips,his penis growing with every thrust.She road him as hard as humanly possible until they both exploded,wave after wave overcoming the both.She pulled out and lay untop of him breathing heavily.After they both regained control of them selves they exchanged a passionate kiss before Chase ordered”get on your hands and knees babe.”She did as she was told.He rimmed the outside of her virgin ass hole,using some of her cum on his hands to lube up.Suddenly,and unexpectantly he trhust him.She cryed out in obvious pain,except it was slightly pleasureable.He rode her hard from behind bringing them both to another powerful orgasm.They looked at the clock,she knew her parents would be home soon.She warned him about it as she dressed quickly going to take a quick nap in her room…….To Be Continued!((Hope you enjoyed the 1st part!))

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