my crush

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let me begin the story by saying that this is my fantasy which i hope will someday come true. as the story goes let me tell you about my self i am 21 , pretty and i have a nice body .( as i have been told)anyways lets get to the good stuff. theres this guy and well yes he’s married as i myself am invloved with someone.**** well we know that this couple is quite open ,they have had 3 somes and the wife has even been with another women. well me and my mate arent as open well he isnt. for the story i am going to call my crush (brad) *****************brad is quite tall well atleast in my eyes he’s around 5’8 ,5’9 he’s a slim guy with an ass that could melt butter. he has light brown hair , brown eyes .as my dream starts i drive to his house , knock knock on the door intill he opens the door he’s wearing nothing but a pair of shorts as if he has just awaken , i smile as i say”hi” ******************** i come into the house to to my surprise his wife isnt home , she just happend to have left town for the weekend. He leads me to the couch and asks me if i would like something to drink i repley “no thank you” as he sits down on a chair ,as i sit on the couch . we talk a little you know small talk. as he talks i look at his face so handsome his lips wishing that at this moment that my lips were on his ********** kissing him so softly , i look down to his shorts and fantasie about how wonderful his cock would feel in my ever wetting pussy. at that moment it seems as if something just pops in me. i get up off of the couch and start walking to the chair as i get there i sit down on to his lap. he looks at me , and smiles before he can say anything i kiss him at first on the lips ever so softly then as we keep going i make my move and slip my tounge into his mouth ** i almost cum when he intwines his tounge with mine . we sit there stuck in a passionate kiss as he moves his hands up my shirt as i now start to blow in his ear .i unlock my tounge from the kiss and start to move down his body as my knees feel the carpet underneath them *** he lifts his body up as so i can pull his shorts off***i start by licking his entire cock teasing it with my tounge , cupping his balls as i move my mouth in i put his cock in my mouth i push my head in closer as so i can get all of his cock into my warm wet mouth. i contuine sucking his beautfuil cock into my mouth , twisting and turning my tounge all around his cock . tickling his smooth balls with my fingers. he moves me up as so i can sit on his lap i move my body back n forth as so i may rub my clit on his hard cock as he sucks my tits playing with the nipples pulling them ever so gentley and rough at the same time. i can feel my self trying to cum i just cant take it anymore as i ease his cocks head into my waiting pussy as i lower myself on to him******************* i feel his cock go deeper and deeper into my tight pussy. fuck it feels so good i can feel my pussy full of his nice hard thick cock . i start to bounce up and down on ***************************************his lap as he rubs my tits with one in his mouth *********************”god i love this mans cock” is all i can think as he grabs a hold of my hips as he thrust his cock into my pussy as i feel myself cumming over and over****************i can feel my cum running out of my pussy down his cock as it makes its way down to his balls. he yells out “shit i am cumming” as i feel his cock emptying it’s load into my pussy . my pussy givers as he contuines to shoot his load into me. we start to relax and our breathing slows down as he lays on top of my body . he kisses me . i kiss him back wishing that this moment could last forever.we lay there in eachothers’ arms loving every moment . as i am at the door i kiss him goodbye to my surprise he looks me in my face and says”i luv you baby” as we make plans to get together again very soon . we kiss once more . i get into my car not really beliving what has just happned . beep ,beep goes my alarm clock as i awaken i realize that i had my crush dream again.

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